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Genshin Impact

In Pursuit of a Phantom

Matt Chard

Unlock Criteria

Location Requirements
Liyue Harbor, Liyue Adventure Rank 40, 1 Story Key, Complete “Farewell, Archaic Lord
Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Next Quests
400 27,825 3 6 Friendships, Wishes, and Regrets


When you agreed to help Hu Tao and followed Adventurers’ Guild, you hadn’t counted on becoming part of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor’s “business development” efforts. No topic is too sensitive for Hu Tao - certainly not matters of life and death - and even though some of her points make sense, you find them somewhat difficult to stomach. Then, when you voice your doubts about her approach, she tells you that she has long since moved on from business development to her next objective: finding someone called “Big G”.


  1. Talk to Meng at Wangsheng Funeral Parlor and find out what happened
  2. Go to the exorcism site
  3. Protect the Ley Line Monolith and fend off the enemies

Talk to Meng at Wangsheng Funeral Parlor and find out what happened

Head to the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor which is located in the southwest corner of the upper half of Liyue Harbor and talk to Meng. He’ll mention that ever since he went to Wuwang Hill, he sees “Big G” in his dreams, whilst he’s telling you this, you’ll be interrupted by Luocheng claiming that he’s been cursed. Hu tao will agree to rid the curse of him and tells you to meet her at the exorcism site.

Go to the exorcism site

Run northwest through the Harbor, then climb the mountains to reach the objective, as you approach it, you’ll get a short scene where Hu tao will tell you that she’s not really curing a curse but trying to make Luocheng believe that she is. After the scene ends, you’ll have to activate the Ley Line Monolith, this will spawn seven monsters, and you’ll have to defend the Monolith from them.

Make sure to not let the Monolith to drop below 0% HP otherwise you’ll fail the quest.

Protect the Ley Line Monolith and fend off the enemies

At first it’ll spawn four of them consisting of one Hydro Samachurl and three Hilichurl Berserkers, take out the Samachurl first as it can heal its allies, using Ganyu or Mona can be useful here as they can use their Elemental Skills to taunt the enemies to attack that instead of the Monolith. After they’ve been defeated, three more will appear, these will consist of one Blazing Axe Mitachurl and two Electro Hilichurl shooters, try to take down the shooters first as they have the least health and then defeat the Mitachurl, after all of them are defeated you’ll get another scene and then the quest will end.


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