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Genshin Impact

Agnihotra Sutra

Jessica Dillon

Agnihotra Sutra is a lengthy quest that is part of the Aranyaka world quest series. This quest is broken up into three parts, and the parts can be a bit repetitive. Below we go over how to complete all three parts so that you can complete the Dream Nursery quest line a bit easier.

Lunja negotiating in Starry Night


A group of Eremites are wandering through the forest, looking like they are up to no good. Approach them and inquire about their intentions.

Starting Agnihotra Sutra

Using for the first time.

To start Agnihotra Sutra, you simply need to complete The World of Aranara. Afterward, you will want to teleport to the Statue of the Seven outside of Gandharva Village. This will put you right next to the quest start location. Simply glide down to where the quest marker is below, and speak with the Eremites.

Starry Night Chapter (Dendro Needed)

Repairing a Dendro Pillar.

Once Lunja and her crew leave, speak with the nearby Aranara, Aranakin. This conversation will lead to you receiving a new key item called the Kusava. Pop into your inventory and equip the device. You will be using it throughout the entirety of Agnihotra Sutra.

Once the Kusava is equipped, activate it and use it on the nearby broken Dendro Pillars. Once Aranakin repairs the Dendro Pillar, use a Dendro attack to activate it and proceed into the now-opened cave. Once inside, you will find a huge open cave and several Dendro Pillars scattered around it.

Use the Four-Leaf Sigils to quickly go to the forest patch of land and activate the Dendro Pillar. You will activate a Seelie here and follow them around the room to repair and activate the remaining Dendro Pillars. Once this is done, the water in the room will begin to drain. Drop down to the mushroom’s location. You will learn that you need to head to another cave to find the right mushroom.

The Real Zohrah Mushroom

Head to the next cave, where you will run into two of the Eremites before venturing in a bit further, but they will leave after speaking with you for a bit. Activate the Clusterleaves using Dendro to make getting around the cave a bit easier. You will now want to head to the sealed Zohrah Mushroom. Once there, you will then use Four-Leaf Sigils to make your way to another pillar that will drain the cave’s water.

Using the Kusava again.

Once the water drains drop down and use the Kusava to repair the two seals outside of the mini cave. Use the nearby Dendrograna to get to the last seal.

Activated seals.

After activating it, you will be ambushed by the two Eremites from before.

Confronting Isan and Anqa.

They are easy to defeat. Once they are dealt with, go back to the now unsealed Zorah Mushroom, you will find that it has been stolen.

YOou ll see Lunja escaping from above. Use the Four-Leaf Sigils to easily chase after her. Be careful, as she has set up explosives on the path out of the cave. Use ranged attacks to deal with these from a safe distance.

Lunjas traps.

Once you catch up with her, you can either negotiate with her to get the Zorah Mushroom peacefully or fight the group to obtain it. Either way, you will then proceed to the Risen Moon Chapter.

Risen Moon Chapter (Dendro Needed)

The first set of runes in Chatrakam Cave.

Next, you will head to Chatrakam Cave. Go to the quest marker to find Aragaru and gain a new power for your Kusava. Use this to open the entrance to the cave. Be warned, though. You will need to fight off some Fungi after it opens. Once inside, follow the path and examine the glowing runes.

After this, you will need to find three more sets of runes. This can be done by following the path. These runes are located near the two oversized mushroom patches, and right across the tree root bridge as seen in the photos below.

(1 of 3) First rune location

You will need to use your Kusava to break rocks that are in front of the rocks and then go up to the runes to progress the quest. Once you have investigated all three, follow the road out of the cave. You will now need to head to the next quest marker and head into the Realm of Khab.

Jumping into the Realm of Khab.

To progress through this area, you will need to follow the two Seelie that are in the room, using your Kusava to break rocks along the way.

Following a Seelie in the Realm of Khab.

This will bring down the barrier and allow you to progress further into the cave.

Fighting the Ruin Grader in the Realm of Khab.

Proceed further in and be prepared as you will be fighting a Ruin Grader, and two smaller Ruin Machines to get to the last seal. nce they are defeated, the final seal will break and you can go collect the Barsam Flower.

The Final Chapter

Lunja Grass location.

The final part of the Agnihotra Sutra quest sends you to Mawtiyima Forest. After speaking with the Aranara, you will need to climb to the top of the marked mushroom to try and access the Yajna Grass. The grass will be sealed, and you will need to head to three locations around Mawtiyima Forest to unlock it.

Your Kusanave will once again have a new power. This time though, it can raise seals out of small puddles of water. Use the device to raise and activate the three seals to unlock the Yajna Grass. You will then need to speak with Aranaga at the marked location. Wait until between 23:00 to 01:00 in order to get the elixir.

You will need to use it on a nearby mushroom. This will cause it to grow and unlock a new cave, head inside to continue the quest.

Progressing into the cave.

Once inside, you will be in a large Withering Zone.

Agnihotra Sutra Withering Zone.

Follow the path to find each Withering Branch. The Dendrograna at each location will be deactivated.

A deactivated Dendrogana.

Next to the deactivated Dendrogana, there will be two arrows that point toward a seal. Go to where they are pointing and use the upgraded Kusava to unlock both seals and activate the Dendrogana. You will need to switch to the right Aranara power to activate each seal.

Undoing a deactivated Dendrogana seal.

Once all three Withering Branches have been destroyed, drop down to fight the three Fungi enemies and destroy the Withering Tumor. Afterward, the area will be purified, and you will simply need to talk with the trio of Aranara to complete Agnihotra Sutra.

If you are playing on PlayStation, this will unlock the Journey: “The Jasmines Whisper, the Pomegranates Are Glad” trophy.

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