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Genshin Impact

Gift and Intent

Matt Chard

How to complete Gift and Intent

To begin this quest, go to the Quest menu, then go to the Story sub-menu and then go to the second page. This is where you will find all the Hangout Events in the future. Click on Noelle and confirm, a popup will now appear and ask if you want to spend two story keys to unlock “Chivalric Training”, confirm that, and you’ll get the first quest. To earn Story Keys, you need to complete eight daily commissions.

What are daily commissions?

Daily commissions are the purple quest icon in-game. You get four every day, and they reward you with 250 Adventure EXP for each quest as well as a small amount of Primogems, after eight of these commissions are completed, you’ll receive a story key. The quests themselves are normally short, defeat enemy type quests.

Noelle and the Traveler laying down, gazing into each other’s eyes.


Use the Timeline to plan the path you want to take.

This Timeline can help you navigate which branch to take.

It’s the Heart That Matters

Make a serving of Mondstadt Grilled Fish

Go to the stove at the Good Hunter and cook one Mondstadt Grilled Fish, you’ll need one Fish (which can be purchase from Wanmin Restaurant, Uncle Sun, Uncle Gao in Liyue or they can be captured in most lakes) and one pinch of Pepper (this is sold in the general store). Once you have one on your person, talk to Beatrice and give her the meal, Noelle will worry that she’s doing right by Beatrice and then she’ll speak to you and you’ll get a couple of choices, these don’t change any outcome, so pick what appeals to you.

After the scene ends, head towards the entrance of Mondstadt and you’ll see Beatrice, standing to your left, talk to her and you’ll get a scene. It appears that Quinn isn’t hungry right now and Beatrice feels let down, Noelle apologizes and Beatrice accepts the apology saying that Noelle can’t be good at everything. Noelle looks a little down and decides to go to the library so that she is better prepared for a situation like this in the future.

Look for Noelle in the Library

Head to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters which is situated in the southwest of the City and enter it. Go through the first door to your right and go to the bottom floor, you’ll see Noelle there, approach her and you’ll get a scene. After the scene ends you’ll unlock **Ending 5 - A Conundrum Called Love **

Sincerest of Gifts

Talk to Marjorie

Marjorie is the propieter of the Souvenire Shop, With Wind Comes Glory, this is situated opposite the Adventurer’s Guild. Head over there and talk to her, after some dialogue, Marjorie will say…You must be here to pick out a gift for the Honorary Knight? Choose anything you like. We have a lot that might tickle your fancy! you’ll get three choices that doesn’t change the outcome so pick what appeals to you.

A bit more dialogue will exchange and then Marjorie will say…So, bottle or ornament… which will it be? Which will give you two choices:

“The Frostening Bottle…”

“The Squirrel Wood Carving…”

Pick the first choice, because the second choice will deduct one heart of the heart meter. After you have picked, you’ll be given a Handpicked Gift.

Give the Handpicked Gift to Bea

Head back to Beatrice and show her the gift you’ve gotten and she’ll talk about planning a date. She then asks you about nice locales for the date and Noelle will suggest Cape Oath.

Go to Cape Oath

Teleport to the Cape Oath waypoint and head north to the edge of the cliff, as you approach it, the camera will pan showing you the view of Falcon Coast.

Take a picture of the view of Falcon Coast from Cape Oath

You’ll now have to take a picture so you can show it to Beatrice, stand on the objective marker, go into the menu and choose Take Photo, then in photo mode, click Take Photo to capture the view. Noelle will then suggest Starsnatch Cliff next.

Go to Starsnatch Cliff

Teleport to the Midsummer Courtyard Domain as it’s the closest waypoint to where you need to go. From there, climb up the mountain, head east and then climb up the ledges until you reach the top. Once you’ve reached the top, head north east to the edge of the cliff.

Take a picture of the top of Starsnatch Cliff at night (19:00 - 24:00)

Go into the menu and click on the Clock icon and then wait until at least 19:00 (7 PM) and then repeat what you did for the previous photo. Next Noelle will suggest Windrise.

Go to Windrise

Teleport to the Windrise Statue of the Seven waypoint and head east, when you get to the objective marker, the camera will pan towards the giant tree, indicating that you should take a picture of it.

Take a picture at Windrise that captures the river and shade of the trees

Once again, stand on the objective marker, and repeat the process of the previous photo captures. After you’re done with that, head back to Beatrice.

Talk to Bea

Teleport back to the lower Mondstadt waypoint and head southeast, back to Beatrice, talk to her and eventually she’ll say…Oh, you guys are back. What romantic locations did you find? You’ll get three choices here:


“Starsnatch Cliff…”

“Cape Oath…”

They all lead to the same outcome, so pick what appeals to you. Beatrice will finally pick Cape Oath and then Noelle wonders why Windrise isn’t popular anymore as she read in a book that it was. You’ll then offer Noelle to go there with you.

Go to Windrise

Teleport back to the Windrise Statue of the Seven waypoint and head south towards the giant tree. Noelle will then talk to you for a bit, you’ll have a couple of choices but they won’t change any outcome. Continue with the scene and you’ll eventually unlock Ending 6 - Whisper of the Paper Rose.

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