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Genshin Impact

Seagaze Sunset

Shane Williams

This is a walkthrough for the Archon Quest, Seagaze Sunset which is the second quest of the Interlude Chapter Act 1. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to finding the Sunset Vermillionite.

Speak with Xinqui to find out information on the Sunset Vermillionite

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Requirements Next Quests
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You hear about Sunset Vermillionite from Baizhu and decide to hit up Feiyun Commerce Guild for some information.


  1. Go to Feiyun Commerce Guild to look for Xinqui
  2. Search for the abode around Lisha
  3. Activate the seal on the ancient array core
  4. Find the Sunset Vermillionite
  5. Return to the Jade Chamber worksite to look for Shenhe
  6. Talk to the Cloud Retainer

Go to Feiyun Commerce Guild to look for Xingqiu

After you’ve finishing assisting Shenhe, return to Liyue Harbor and speak with Xu and Xingqiu to get this quest underway. Here Xingqiu will give you and Paimon some useful information regarding the Sunset Vermillionite. Unfortunately, due to its rarity the bidding war has raised its price to a whopping 500 Million Mora and Xingqiu recommends you avoid bidding and points you in the direction of where you can find some.

Search for the abode around Lisha

You’ll now want to teleport to the waypoint southeast of Mt. Tianheng and glide down to the lake southwest to initiate another scene. Here Shenhe will remove an adepti art which will reveal a hidden location and a Seelie will appear. Follow it and you’ll find a waterfall that leads to the Sea Gazer’s Abode which you’ll want to enter.

Activate the seal on the Ancient Array core

You’ll want to continue following the Seelie, but you’ll need to find a way to remove the clouds first. In order to do so you’ll want to visit the three objective markers by walking on the clouds, then destroy the Glowing Rocks and approach the pedestal to activate it. Repeat this at all three areas, then interact with the device in the center of the area.

(1 of 2) Defeat the the rock clusters on to activate the pedestals

Defeat the the rock clusters on to activate the pedestals (left), then go to the center of the area and defeat the enemies before destroying the core (right)

Approach it and defeat the Pyro and Electro Slimes, then attack the device in the center to destroy it and the floor will vanish.You’ll then want to defeat some more Slime along with a Stonehide Lawachurl before destroying the device for a second time.

Find the Sunset Vermillionite

Follow the path ahead until you reach a wall with a strange pattern on it, then you’ll want to interact with it to reveal a small room. Here you can interact with the same from the left and you’ll push it into a room with a Common Chest or you can interact with a wall to the left of the room three times to reveal two more walls. You’ll want to interact with the first wall to reveal another hidden Common Chest, then you’ll want to interact with the second one to gain access to a room with a device.

Interact with the walls with patterns on it to reveal a hidden room behind it.

Here you’ll want to approach it and defeat the enemies whilst gradually destroying the device. After the device has been destroyed follow the Seelie and it’ll lead to the Sunset Vermillionite.

Return to the Jade Chamber worksite to look for Shenhe

(1 of 2) Take Shenhe to the Hotel

Take Shenhe to the Hotel (left), then climb up the nearby cliff and speak with Cloud Retainer. (right)

Open the Precious Chest to claim your reward, then teleport to the Golden House and walk down the path to find Shenhe talking with her Secretary Baiwen. The Traveler and Paimon approach and Baiwen praises you on bringing the finest Plaustrite to them for the Jade Chamber. Baiwen will leave and you’ll want to travel east with Shenhe to find a small shack that she’ll use for some much needed rest.

Talk to the Cloud Retainer

After you’ve left Shenhe in the Hotel, climb up to the top of the rocks behind it and speak with the Cloud Retainer to learn more about Shenhe. Finally, fast forward to the time anywhere past 8am, then one more scene will play out before bringing this quest to a close.

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