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Genshin Impact

Act 1: The Oni's Pride

Shane Williams

This is a walkthrough for Arataki Itto Story Quest The Oni’s Pride which is the third quest in the Taurus Iracundus Chapter. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to tracking down the Blue Oni and how to navigate the Crumbling Guilt Domain.

Arataki confronts Takuya.

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Requirements Next Quests
Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Primogem_Items_Genshin_Impact.png heros_wit_Items_Genshin_Impact.png Genshin Impact Screenshot Guide_to_Transience_Materials_Genshin_Impact.png Complete The Oni’s Justice


After Daisuke points out the inconsistencies in his story, Arataki Itto is forced to reveal to you that he is currently acting to protect the blue oni. To ascertain the truth, you agree to set out with Itto once again.


  1. Lie in wait at Nazuchi Beach for the ronin to show up
  2. Defeat the Ronin
  3. Defeat the Tenryou Commission members
  4. Follow the footprints and chase Takuya
  5. Defeat the ronin guarding this place
  6. Tell Granny Oni everything that happened

Lie in wait at Nazuchi Beach for the ronin to show up

Take the Yashiori Island Fast Travel and head up into Fort Fujitou, then speak with the local merchant, Masato. He mentions that there was a different oni causing issues recently. After the scene, make your way over to Nazuchi Beach and wait for a while until several Ronin walking about alongside a Blue Oni.

Defeat the Ronin

Here Arataki Itto will join your team, so make good use of him whilst taking out the two ronin. After you’ve defeated them, some reinforcements will show up, so defeat them and then a scene with the Blue Oni will begin.

Defeat the Tenryou Commission members

Unfortunately, your conversation with Takuya is cut short as the Tenryou Commission decides to show up. Your primary objective is to take down Ishizaki, so focus on him whilst hitting the others with his burst attack.

(1 of 4) Head to Nazuchi Beach and defeat a few Ronin

Follow the footprints and chase Takuya

Thankfully, due to the assistance of Arataki’s friends you’ll be able to focus on finding Takuya, so look for the footprints sitting beside the water and follow them until you stumble across a broken transport cart. Interact with it and you’ll find yourself being surrounded by multiple Ronin that you’ll need to take down. Once they’ve been dealt with, continue following more footprints, then eventually you’ll notice an opening in the side of the mountain which leads to their hideout.

Defeat the ronin guarding this place

Proceed into the domain and drop down through the hole up ahead, then defeat the Ronin before continuing onwards to find one more Ronin taking short rest which you’re about to interrupt. Interact with the lever that was opposite him, then follow the path up until you reach another lever. Interact with it, then drop down and use the first lever again to rotate the stairs which will allow you reach the room on the right,

Climb back up the ladder and follow the path along until you reach a room with more Ronin which are strengthened by the statue at the back of the room. Destroy it, then defeat the Ronin before collecting your reward from the Exquisite Chest and heading through the now open door. Follow the path along and you’ll reach a third lever that will move the other platform, so position it to reach the room at the top.

(1 of 4) Use the the first lever

Use the nearby door to reach the first lever and interact with it to allow you to reach the room at the top. Follow the path ahead and you’ll find a few more Ronin that you will need to take care off before a scene will play out. Following the scene, collect your reward from the Precious Chest, then interact with a lever outside which will raise the two platforms.

Head through the unlocked door and go to the ground floor, then interact with the first lever to rotate the first platform. Go back over to the third lever’s location and climb up the nearby ladder to reach the platforms. Make your way up to the room at the top floor and you’ll find a group of Ronin that are being strengthened by the two statues to the sides of the room, so close them and then focus on taking out Nogata.

Tell Granny Oni everything that happened

Use the Formation Estate Fast Travel, then head northwest to find Granny Oni, then you’ll want to speak with her to bring Act 1 of Arataki Itto Story Quest to a close.

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