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Hidden Tears

Matt Chard

How to complete the Archon Quest Hidden Tears

This page is designed to help you progress through the main story quest, known as Archon Quests in Genshin Impact. This specific page will guide you where you need to go, and who you need to talk to.

The Traveler is entering the Hidden Teardrop in the Heart of the Jungle Domain searching for the Hidden Tears.


Dvalin’s footprints are all over Mondstadt, and one of his tears fell upon a ruin deep within the forest.


Adventure EXP Character EXP Mora Primogems Other Rewards Next Quest
Genshin Impact Screenshot250 Genshin Impact Screenshot3,125 Genshin Impact Screenshot6,000 Genshin Impact Screenshot20 Genshin Impact Screenshot7 Genshin Impact Screenshot Stolen Tears


  1. Go to the ruins in the woods
  2. Enter the ruins in the woods
  3. Defeat all enemies in the ruin

Go to the ruins in the woods

For the next Crystal, you’ll need to head to the ruins, hidden in the woods, the easiest way to get there is by teleporting to the Eagles Gate Domain. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, it can be found heading east of Dadaupa Gorge along the path.

Enter the ruins in the woods

When you get to the Eagles Gate Domain, interact with it, and you’ll notice the Hidden Teardrop in the Heart of the Jungle Domain, click on it to enter the ruins.

Defeat all enemies in the ruin

Once your inside, you’ll need to defeat all the enemies. Run forward and glide over the gap to the next platform. There’ll be a Common Chest nestled against the wall to your left, just before the Door of Resurrection, open it, and head east. You’ll see a Pyro Hilichurl Shooter, who will fire Pyro imbued arrows at you, rush it, and take it down. With it defeated, climb the wall behind where it was. When you reach the top, you should see a Common Chest waiting for you across the water, but don’t jump in the water just yet, because you’ll be fired upon by a Cryo and Electro Hilichurl Shooter. If you have a bow user with you, aim to the top left and top right to take care of them, if you don’t, you’ll have to time a dash across the water, after they take a shot at you to minimize the chance of being hit in the water as the Cryo arrow could freeze you if you are wet from the water.

Once you’re across, climb the tower on the right, and take out the Cryo Shooter if you haven’t already and open the Common Chest which was behind him. Climb the next tower, on the left, and take out the Electro Shooter if you haven’t already, but be careful of the exploding barrel at the top if it’s still there. Now take care of the Pyro Slimes on the floor, and open another Common Chest.

Head into the next room, and you’ll notice some Pyro Slimes and a Pyro Shooter to your right, and an Electro Shooter to your left, by the chest. Take out the shooter first, then hop over, and take care of the rest of the enemies, then open the Exquisite Chest where the Electro Shooter was standing. Now that the enemies have been defeated, a wind current will appear, jump on it to reach the platform by the waterfall, and climb over to another Exquisite Chest, open it, and jump over to the next platform which has a Door of Resurrection on it.

Stand on the square block, and after a couple of seconds, it’ll move to a floating platform with another square block. Stand on that, and you’ll be taken to another platform with a lot of moving platforms. If you wait for a few seconds, they’ll all move to form a bridge that you can cross to reach the stairs, where another Door of Resurrection will be. Climb the stairs and go through the door.

In this room, you’ll have to fight one Mutant Electro Slime, one Large Electro Slime, and one Hydro Samachurl. The Samachurl should be your priority, because it can heal its allies, once it’s down, take out the slimes. When you’ve taken care of them, Abyss Mage Alberte will spawn, it will be protected by a shield that you must break before dealing damage to its health, using Hydro Skills will take the shield down the quickest, once the shield is down, using any of Electro, Hydro or Cryo elements, will defeat it. Once it has been dealt with, open the Exquisite Chest, and head through the door, and ride the wind current to the next floor, then open the Luxurious Chest which’ll give you another Teardrop Crystal, and a cut scene. After the scene, the quest will end, and you can leave the Domain.


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