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The Second Chilibrew Ingredient

Matt Chard

How to complete The Second Chilibrew Ingredient

This page is a walkthrough for the quest “The Second Chilibrew Ingredient”, it will navigate you through all the choices to get all possible endings using our Timeline images to help you with the navigation.

A stranger asking for Barbara's aid in the Whispering Woods.

Look for High-quality Sweet Flowers

Teleport to the waypoint just outside Mondstadt and follow the path north into the Whispering Woods. Climb up on the small rock to your right and slowly move forward, and you’ll notice a group of monsters which will consist of, one Hydro Samachurl, one Wooden Shield Mitachurl and two Hilichurl Guards, jump down and defeat them, focusing on the Hydro Samachurl first as it can heal its allies.

The Hydro Samachurls can be a pain because they can heal their allies, take them out first!

Talk to Barbara

Now that they’ve been defeated, Barbara will appear nearby, to the west. Talk to her and she’ll say…“ Whew… I guess that takes care of them“. This will lead to two choices but they’ll both have the same outcome, the choices are:

“Piece of cake.”

“Think I slipped a disc.”

Choose either option and Barbara will heal you. As soon as she’s finished, another traveler will come asking for Barbara’s aid. He says he’s a Hunter from Springvale but he looks kind of shady. He’ll then go on and say…“I was lucky to have escaped, but please — won’t you heal me?” This’ll give you four options to choose from, which are:

“You’re not… dressed like a hunter.”

“The leader of the Springvale hunters… what’s their name again?”

“Springvale’s quite a distance away… What is it you’re hunting out here?”

“You’re dressed a bit like a Treasure Hoarder…”

All of these will give you some dialogue but they all lead to the same outcome. He’ll then say to you…“ L—Look here, aren’t these monster injuries? How could I have done this to myself?“ Which will result in only the once choice, so choose that and Barbara will agree to heal the stranger. She’ll eventually say…“Oh… His wounds look difficult to heal. I’ll need some herbs… Can you watch him for me? Which will result in two more options:


Use the Timeline to plan the path you want to take.

This Timeline can help you navigate which branch to take.

“No problem. See what you can find, I’ll take care of him.”

This will end the quest and lead you to a new quest “Healing Is My Job” which can be found as Branch 7-C in the timeline.

“Hold on, Barbara. He’s a suspicious character, we should take him to see the Knights first”

This will make you go into the Branch 7-B, Ulterior Motive path, which will result in having to fight him, he’s just a generic crossbow wielding Treasure Hoarder and you shouldn’t have any problems, defeat him and then talk to Barbara. This will give you Ending 2.


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