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Genshin Impact

Involuntary Sacrifice

Matt Chard

How to complete the Archon Quest Involuntary Sacrifice

This is a walkthrough for the Archon Quest “Involuntary Sacrifice” which is the first quest in Chapter I - Act IV: We Will Be Reunited. You’ll find the quest rewards, navigation through the story Domain: Call of the Abyss as well as directions on how to complete the quest.

Traveler and Paimon listening to Ganyu and Lan’s conversation at the Adventure Guild.

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Requirements Next Quests
Genshin Impact Screenshot650 Genshin Impact Screenshot31,125 Genshin Impact Screenshot3 Genshin Impact Screenshot6 AR 26, Complete The Meaning of Lupical A Herald Without Adherents

You hear from Ganyu and Lan that the Treasure Hoarders of Mondstadt and Liyue have banded together and plan to get involved in some ruins associated with the Abyss Order. Fearing the chaos that the Treasure Hoarders might cause through their involvement, you take up the commission and investigate…


  1. Go near the Adventurers’ Guild Bulletin Board
  2. Go to the ruins
  3. Check out the depths of the ruin
  4. Flee the ruins
  5. Defeat the Abyss Herald

Go near the Adventurers’ Guild Bulletin Board

As the new act begins, you’ll need to head to Liyue’s Adventure Guild. Teleport to the lower Liyue Harbor Waypoint and head east, up the stairs. As you reach the Adventurer’s Guild, you’ll get a scene involving Lan and Ganyu, they’re talking about how the Treasure Hoarders are going after the Abyss Orders treasures, and that they have got their most important people working on it. Ganyu is there to post a commission about it due to being tied up with previous events, naturally, you’ll agree to take on the commission.

Go to the Ruins

Call of the Abyss Completion Rewards

Mora Other Rewards
Genshin Impact Screenshot10,000 Genshin Impact Screenshot2 Genshin Impact Screenshot2

Teleport to the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domain and head northeast, which is where you’ll find a crevice in the side of the mountain. This hosts a solo Domain: Call of the Abyss. Enter it, and you’ll be transported inside.

Check out the depths of the ruins

Bring a Cryo character along as that’s what’s recommended, then proceed up the stairs. As you reach the top, a door to your right will open, head through it and glide north across the chasm, follow the path around and as you reach the **Door of Resurrection, you’ll have to jump down to the room below.

(1 of 3) Make sure to check behind the crates in the side rooms during the bubble parts

Down here, is where you’ll get you’re first encounter. There’s one Hydro Samachurl, three Hilichurl Guards and one Cryo Hilichurl Shooter. Take out the Hydro Samachurl first, because it can heal its allies and then take out the Shooter next, because between the both of them, they will keep freezing you. Once they’ve been defeated, head south down the stairs, past the next Door of Resurrection, and you’ll encounter a corridor full of moving bubbles. If you get hit by one, you’ll be encased in the bubble until you break out of it. Progress through the corridor, dodging the bubbles and as you get to the middle part of it, you’ll have two rooms either side of you, which can use to avoid the bubbles. A little further on, you’ll have another two rooms, this time containing Common Chests hidden behind some crates, open them up and collect your spoils, then get to the end of the corridor and jump down.

Another Door of Resurrection will be activated once you get to the bottom, then head south. As you get to the corner of the corridor, break the chests to your right to reveal another Common Chest, open it up, and then head east, up the stairs. As you reach the top, you’ll get a cut scene. Once the scene ends, you’ll get the achievement The Bandit, the Lunatic and the Pitch-Black.

Flee the Ruins

Be careful when standing on these floor panels, because they will drop after a couple of seconds.

It looks like the place is going to collapse, and you’ll have to flee the ruins. Run northeast, past the small stairs, and you’ll have to run up an incline with purple sigils on the floor, as you stand on one, the floor will shake, then fall, so don’t stand on it too long. As you get a bit further up, you’ll have bubbles coming down which you need to avoid. Thankfully there are alcoves on both sides of the corridor, some containing Common Chests, so make sure to get them. Once you reach the top, there’ll be another Door of Resurrection with a Common Chest beside it. Head up the stairs and the door will open, revealing a mysterious figure.

A mysterious figure awaits you in the next room, who or what is it?

Defeat the Abyss Herald

This’ll be the first time you have fought one of these. It shouldn’t cause you too much trouble, but it does have some attacks you should watch out for:

3-Hit Combo

It will lean forward with one sword raised in the air whilst the other aims towards the floor. It will then perform three slashes that are imbued with Hydro at you.

Abyssal Roar

It will lower its swords to its side, and they will get imbued with Hydro, then it will launch in the air, performing a forward spinning attack towards you, it can do this attack three times in quick succession.

(1 of 4) The Abyss Herald will perform three quick slashes towards you whilst its swords are imbued with Hydro


It will lower one sword towards the floor and then pull it back, before unleashing a ranged Hydro attack at you.


It will raise its swords in the air, and cross them over each other and unleash a hydro attack towards you in a cross-shaped pattern.


Cryo works great against it because it’s Hydro based, meaning you can freeze it momentarily, Zhongli’s Planet Befall can also petrify it. For its attacks, everything is telegraphed and a simple dodge to the side will avoid most of them, it does have some more attacks, but you won’t see it in this battle. The battle will end when you take its health to just under half to 1/3.

Once the battle is over, you’ll be transported outside the ruins, and then you’ll get a scene with Dainsleif, and he’ll tell you why he’s here and he’ll ask the same from you, you’ll explain the events which has just transpired with the Abyss Herald, and then he’ll suggest you catch up to it. This’ll complete the quest and give you the next quest: A Herald Without Adherents.

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