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Genshin Impact

Dishonorable Trial

Matt Chard

How to complete the Archon Quest Dishonorable Trial

This is a walkthrough for the Archon Quest “Dishonorable Trial” which is the first quest in Chapter I - Act IV: We Will Be Reunited. You’ll find the quest rewards, as well as directions on how to complete the quest.

The Abyss Herald mocking Boreas and Razor.

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Requirements Next Quests
Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot AR 26, Complete The Meaning of Lupical A Soul Set Apart

To investigate the plan that the Abyss Order’s talisman speaks of, you decide to head to the Cathedral in Mondstadt to consult the members of the Church.


  1. Go to the Favonius Cathedral
  2. Talk to Barbara
  3. Talk to Dainsleif
  4. Go to Wolvendom
  5. Look for the Great Wolf King of the North
  6. Talk to Razor
  7. Defeat all opponents

Go to the Favonius Cathedral

As the new quest begins, you’ll need to head to the Favonius Cathedral in Mondstadt, teleport to the upper waypoint and head north. As you approach the stairs, you’ll get a scene. Dainslief will explain to you that he’s not a big fan of the Gods and lets you and Paimon do the investigating.

Talk to Barbara

Once the scene ends, head inside and talk to Barbara, who can be found praying at the front, and you’ll get a scene. Paimon will ask her if the Church has ever lost a Statue of the Seven, Barbara seems surprised at the question, but she’ll tell you about an old story in the Church’s records about “The Lost Statue of the Seven”. Paimon will then ask her if there is anymore weird stories related to that subject and Barbara will mention “The Tyrant’s Final Fury” but then brushes it aside, saying it was from a different time, but tells you it anyway. Rosaria will interrupt the conversation saying that the Abyss Order has been spotted at Wolvendom and that Jean and the Knights of Favonius have already left for there. Paimon persuades Barbara that you’ll help her out and the scene will end.

Talk to Dainsleif

Exit the Cathedral, and head down the stairs. Dainsleif will be waiting for you on the right, behind the pillar. Talk to him, and you’ll tell him what you’ve learned about the new Abyss Order operation, a few questions will be thrown around, and then he’ll deduce it must be related to getting information from Boreas.

Go to Wolvendom

Teleport to the eastern Wolvendom Waypoint and follow the path southwest, and you’ll notice a group of the Abyss Order, take them out, and you’ll get a scene. Paimon will suggest that you hurry to Lupus Boreas but Dainsleif tells you that he won’t becoming with you as he has no respect for an ancient God that willingly became a servant of The Seven, he’ll give you some advice regarding the Gods and then leave. As soon as he leaves, Jean will wander by and notice you and Paimon. She asks what you’re doing out here, and you’ll explain that you’re here to help her, she suggests that you check if Boreas is in any danger.

You can break the Pyro Abyss Mages shield easily by using Hydro attacks against it.

Look for the Great Wolf King of the North

Continue following the path southeast, attacking or avoiding any enemies that you pass and when you get closer to Boreas, you’ll notice something awry is going on, and you can see Razor protecting the Great Wolf King.

Talk to Razor

Head towards Razor, and as you approach him, you’ll get a scene. The Abyss Herald is taunting Boreas, but it’s way too strong for that and won’t tell it anything, after a bit of back and forth, a battle will ensue.

Defeat all opponents

Very similar to the first fight with Abyss Herald, other than he’ll have some Hilichurl Shooters, with it. Take them out quickly as they don’t have a lot of health, then battle with the Herald itself. It’ll have the same moves as last time, but as its health gets low, it’ll cast a Hydro shield on itself, which’ll act as a second health bar, negating any damage on it until the shield has been broken. You’ll be able to freeze him with Cryo in this state, which’ll help you take it down easier but be careful, because the Herald will have a new move:

(1 of 2) The Abyss Herald will channel its spell by slashing its swords around itself

The Abyss Herald will channel its spell by slashing its swords around itself (left), then it’ll unleash a barrage of Hydro energy outwards in a circular pattern. (right)

The End is Nigh

When its Hydro shield is present, it will channel a series of spells with its sword before unleashing Hydro energy around itself in a circular pattern, make sure to have a shield up from Zhongli or Noelle to negate the damage or be ready to avoid it with dodging. Once you have defeated it, the Herald will warp away.

Razor will thank you for your help. Boreas will tell you a story about how it fought a human-made machine a long time ago, but it was designed as a killing machine that could only fight, not think. After Boreas hit it with an attack, it fled the proving ground. After a few more questions, the scene will end and as will the quest, giving you the following quest: A Soul Set Apart.

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