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Genshin Impact

To Each Their Duty

Matt Chard
Mora Primogems Fading Star Might
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  1. Talk to Huffman
  2. Show the Orders to Mack
  3. Persuade Jill
  4. Persuade Will
  5. Talk to Mack
  6. Show the Orders to Harry
  7. Defeat all enemies
  8. Report back to Harry
  9. Report back to Huffman

Talk to Huffman

To start this quest go to the Events page and then into Event Details, Meteoric Wave and then the quest “To Each Their Duty”. This will add it to your Quest log, click Navigate and your objective will tell you to talk to Huffman. Huffman can be found outside the Angel’s Share Tavern in Mondstadt. He wants you to bring orders to the knights who are attending duties outside the City.

Show the Orders to Mack

Mack can be found on a little island by Falcon Coast which is situated southwest of Windrise and north of Dadaupa Gorge. The easiest way to get there is to glide from the teleport waypoint which is north of Falcon Coast. Once you arrive on the island, talk to Mack and he won’t go back until the situation with the children is sorted.

Persuade Jill

Go a little further north and you will see two children standing in front of you by the shore, talk to Jill and explain to her that Mack will take care of her if she goes back to the City and then speak to Will.

Persuade Will

Will is standing right next to Jill so speak with him, he has the same problems as Jill, explain once again Mack will take care of him if he goes back to the City.

Talk to Mack

Head back to Mack and explain to him the situation and he will reluctantly agree. Give him the Orders and then head north to the Stormbearer Point teleport waypoint.

(1 of 6) Huffman can be found outside the Angel’s Share Tavern in Mondstadt

Show the Orders to Harry

From the waypoint, head west a little and you will see Harry. He will tell you that the monsters have been effected by the meteorites and that they have become more violent because of it.

Defeat all enemies

After agreeing to help Harry head a little way north and attack the group of enemies below you. There are five Hilichurls here, one of them being a Hydro Samachurcl. Samachurls are shaman based Hilichurls, one of each element. The Hydro version can summon rain and also make Hydro spout up from beneath your feet and cause minor damage. Electro and Pyro work well here although any other element is fine other than Hydro as Samachurls have a 50% reduction to their own respective element.

After dispatching them, you will have enemy reinforcements incoming. These are a bit tougher because you will be fighting two Mitachurls and one Dendro Samachurl. Dendro is a nature based element so Pyro will trigger Burning on it which will deal Pyro damage over time. Pyro is also good against Mitachurls as it can burn through their shields.

Cryo can also be useful if it’s raining as you will be able to trigger Frozen on them which will give you a bit more time to take them down as they won’t be able to move.

Report back to Harry

After you are done with them head back up to Harry and tell him of your success.

Report back to Huffman

With everything done, the only thing to do is to report to Huffman back in Mondstadt, let him know the outcome and this will end the quest.


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