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Genshin Impact

Act 1: The Truth Is Also a Lie

Matt Chard

This is a walkthrough for Kamisato Ayato’s Story Quest “The Truth Is Also a Lie” which is the second quest in the Cypressus Custos Chapter: Act 1, The Firmiana Leaf Falls. Here, you’ll find a complete walkthrough for the entire quest.

Ayato and Matsuura at a standoff.

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Requirements Next Quests
Genshin Impact Screenshot550 Genshin Impact Screenshot31,125 heros_wit_Items_Genshin_Impact.png4 Genshin Impact Screenshot7 Adventure Rank 40, Complete: Omnipresence Over Mortals - Chapter 2: Act 3, Reflections of Mortality, Chisato’s Letter World Quest. One Story Key. The Wind Settles


As you go off to send your well-wishes, Ayato gradually realizes that there is some plot in play behind this wedding. According to his reasoning, you rapidly approach the truth…


  1. Go and save Shinnojou
  2. Investigate the situation inside the cave
  3. Defeat the guards / Talk to the guards
  4. Look for the key the Bake-Danuki made off with
  5. Use the key to free Shinnojou / Talk to Shinnojou
  6. Check the current situation using the city Bulletin Board
  7. Talk to Kujou Kamaji
  8. Go observe the Kanjou Commission informant / Follow Hideo and do not be discovered
  9. Observe from Afar

Go and save Shinnojou

You start the quest knowing that Shinnojou has been captured, and naturally it’s time to rescue him. He is in a cave on the coast west of the Grand Narukami Shrine. If you have access to it, teleport to the Araumi waypoint, and glide southwest towards the cave. As you approach the entrance, you’ll get a scene.

(1 of 2) Teleport to the Araumi waypoint

Teleport to the Araumi waypoint (left), and glide down to the cave on the coast. (right)

Paimon shouts out to the captors to release Shinnojou at once, and Ayato backs her up. One of the captors, Kubo acknowledges that the Yanshiro Commissioner is with you, but disregards it anyway telling him that he only takes orders from their Master. This’ll trigger a battle with them, and offers you a chance to trial Ayato’s fighting prowess.

Defeat the guards / Talk to the Guards

When you gain control of him, use his Elemental Skill: Kamisato Art: Kyouka. This skill will leave an illusion of himself at your original location, and explode for AoE Hydro damage if enemies are near it. The best thing about this skill is it’ll put Ayato into the Takimeguri Kanka state. This’ll make all of Ayato’s normal attacks convert to AoE hydro damage, and allow him to attack absurdly fast. If that wasn’t enough for you, every time an opponent is attacked in this state, his damage will increase.

Ayato is absurdly strong, just use his Elemental Skill followed up with normal attacks, and Kubo will be down in no time!

The Elemental Skill alone is more than enough to win the battle with ease, but if you want to try out his Elemental Burst: Kamisato Art: Suiyuu, it’ll rain down Bloomwater Blades in an area of effect and increase anyone’s normal attacks when fighting inside it. Either way, make quick work of the captors, and put them in their place. When Kubo realizes that they are not at the same level as Ayato, they decide to run. Paimonm suggests for you to stop them, but Ayato decides to let them go, saying “We need bait to catch the fish anyway”.

All you require now is the key to Shinnojou’s cage, and Ayato thought he saw the key drop during the battle. Just as he says that, Paimon notices a Tanuki run past.

Look for the key the Bake-Danuki made off with

It looks like the Tanuki has run off with the key, so you’ll need to find the little rascal to get it back. You’ve most likely had the pleasure of dealing with a Tanuki before, so you’ll know what to expect. The Tanuki will play a melody which’ll give away its location, and you’ll have to head over to it, before it’ll disappear again. Do this a few times, and you’ll get the reward, which in this case, is a key for Shinnojou’s cage.

(1 of 5) The First Tanuki will be just to your left in the open.

When you regain control, turn to your left, where you’ll find the Tanuki near the torch, head over to it, and it’ll disappear. The next place it goes can be quite tough to spot if you don’t look carefully. Head over to the cage, and just in front of it is a rock pile, attack the pile to find the second appearance of the Tanuki. The third time you’ll have to find it, and this hiding place is a bit more obvious. Did you wonder why there was a large random crate in the cave? Head over to it, and attack it to find out. Finally, the Tanuki will head to the back of the cave, and drop the key when you approach it, pick up the key, and release poor Shinnojou from his cage.

Use the key to free Shinnojou / Talk to Shinnojou

With Shinnojou now free, he’ll thank you for your help, and he’ll tell you that they were going to throw the cage into the sea with him still inside! He’ll try to tell you that the wedding is all a scheme, but you’re already one step ahead of him, and you’ll let him know that. Ayato will tell you that their next move will be imminent, and that you should devise countermeasures.

As you leave the cave, Matsuura will be waiting outside for you. He’ll accuse Ayato of attacking his men, to which Ayato will reply and tell him he heard someone was taking the law into their own hands, and he couldn’t let that happen. Matsuura will try to twist the story, and blame Shinnojou for creating false accusations about the wedding. They have a little back and forth when Ayato will plant a seed of false information to Matsuura to get them to misstep in the future. When they leave, he’ll tell you to check out how things in Inazuma City are.

Check the current situation using the city Bulletin Board

It appears that the public are talking about the potential marriage between Kujou Kamaji and Lady Chisato.

Once the scene has ended, teleport to the upper Inazuma City waypoint, and head south to the bulletin board for a short scene. You’ll overhear a couple of people talking about the wedding which leads to the conclusion of Matsuura’s claims about the news being spread to the public. Ayato concedes that Matsuura is doing what he told him he would do, but tells you that you can beat them at their own game if Kamaji will agree to it. If you read the bulletin board in front of them, you’ll find out what is being said about the wedding.

Talk to Kujou Kamaji

Now it’s time to get help from Kujou Kamaji. Head south, across the bridge, and make your way to his estate. Head over to Kamaji who is waiting by the tree for a scene. You’ll brief him on the situation, and Ayato will tell him that if he proceeds with the wedding, the repercussions would probably be minimal for him, but they could be catastrophic for Lady Chisato. After a bit of convincing from Ayato, he’ll agree to his plan.

Kamaji will be by the tree in the middle of the estate.

This is where his seed of misinformation comes into play. He told the Kanjou Commission that the marriage isn’t going to unify the Kanjou Commission and the Tenryou Commission. On the contrary, it’s a terrible idea that will marginalize the Kanjou Commission. The context of this is based on their attempt to force the marriage through to bring down the Hiiragi Clan whilst not receiving any resistance from the Tenryou Commission. Apparently, for this plan to work, they’ll need to become the antagonists, and it could have huge risks.

The plan is to make them think that since the affairs of the Vision Hunt Decree, the Tenryou Commission has been planning to make a move against the weakened Kanjou Commission… For this reason, Kamaji would’ve sought out the Yanshiro Commission to marry her so that he wouldn’t feel guilty about making said move. This will change Lady Chisato’s position from a burden to an indispensable asset. This, in theory, should make their adversaries panic, and come out of the shadows, and use one of their informants to keep an eye on things. After a short while, Ayato’s ninja located one of the informants, and he suggested that they go see if they took the bait.

Go observe the Kanjou Commission informant / Follow Hideo and do not be discovered

Make your way or teleport to the northern part of Inzauma City, and head to the informant’s location. Ayato will confirm that Hideo is the informant, and that you should follow him, but be careful not to be seen. By now, you’ve done these stealth mini-games a few times, and this one isn’t any better. If you get too close, or you’re in the line of sight of the informant, an eye icon will start to fill up. If it fills up completely, you’ll fail the mission. Likewise, if you’re too far from them, you’ll lose sight of them, and also fail the mission.

When the mini-game starts, stand by the edge of the house whilst Hideo listens in on the shop owners. According to them, Kujou Kamaji just came past with a large group of guards, and he looked serious. After the conversation, Hideo will move on. Stay where you are, and watch him, and when he gets near the end of the path, he’ll make a dash down the stairs. Keep up with him, but make sure you don’t get too close as he’ll turn around. If he does spot you, run out of his line of sight by standing to the side of the stairs.

(1 of 4) Stand by the corner of the house straight in front of you until Hideo moves

When he continues on, he’ll move forward a bit before kneeling down and begins listening in on Yamaue and Tokunaga. They confirm the story of Kamaji and his guards coming past, and add to it that they rushed to Ritou. You can wait in the bush to the side of the stairs whilst this happens. After their little chat, Hideo will continue walking, run to the side of the house in front of you, and keep an eye on him. As he gets past the large tree, he’ll make another dash, chase after him, and you’ll get a scene.

Hideo will approach the guards as he plays himself off as a businessman, and asks them if anything has happened to cause so many guards here. They tell him that the wedding will be happening any day now and Kamaji has decided to send for Lady Chisato right now. They’re here just for protection. This confuses Hideo, and makes him panic as he tries to deduce Kamaji’s motives. He decides that he must tell his Master right away.

Observe from Afar

The group is watching Hideo from Afar.

With the seeds planted, all there is to do is watch. Paimon questions whether the perpetrators are really going to own up, and Ayato tells her that if she’s curious, wait a couple of days and visit the Hiiragi Clan in Ritou. With that said, Ayato departs, the scene ends, and so will the quest.

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