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Genshin Impact

Let the Wind Lead

Matt Chard

How to complete the Archon Quest Let the Wind Lead

This page is designed to help you progress through the main story quest, known as Archon Quests in Genshin Impact. This specific page will guide you where you need to go, and who you need to talk to.

The Traveler following Venti to the great tree of Windrise.


The mysterious fellow claimed to be a bard named Venti, but left on his own accord before you could get him to explain his relationship with the dragon. You follow him to the giant tree at Windrise.


Adventure EXP Character EXP Mora Primogems Other Rewards Next Quest
Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Venti’s Plan


  1. Go to Windrise
  2. Talk to Venti
  3. Defeat the creature

Go to Windrise

Venti has gone to the large tree, southeast of Mondstadt. Teleport to the Windrise Statue of the Seven, and you’ll see Venti standing by the base of the tree.

Talk to Venti

Head over there and as you approach him, you’ll get a scene. He asks why you wish to know about the God of Anemo, and if it has something to do with Dvalin. Just as he finishes saying that, you are interrupted by an enemy.

Defeat the creature

Here you’ll face The Eye of the Storm, this can be a challenging battle if you’re unprepared or under leveled. Being an Anemo enemy, it’s immune to Anemo so avoid using that, if you don’t have any ranged characters you will have to dodge the attacks it does until it hovers above and slams down on you.

The Eye of the Storm has three attacks starting with a charging spin that can hit for major amounts of damage, to avoid this just simply dodge to either side as it approaches you. The second attack it will do is to hover above you and then slam down on top of you, as it does this it will also pull you into the AoE marker on the floor. To avoid this, just keep dodging out of the marker until it hits the floor, this is also the best time to attack it as it will be stationary for about five seconds. The combination of Hydro and Cryo works great here as you can set the Wet status on it with Xingqui’s: Guhua Sword - Fatal Rainscreen and follow it up with Chongyun’s Spirit Blade: Chonghua’s Layered Frost which will set the Frozen status and stop it from moving as well as lower its defense, if you use Pyro whilst it’s Frozen you will cause the status Melt for bonus damage. You can use any of the characters from the respective elements to execute this combo so don’t feel the need to take Xingqui and Chongyun in particular.

Its last attack will create an Anemo barrier in a large circular area around you which will trap you inside of it, this will deal continuous damage whilst you are on the floor. When it’s doing this attack there will be random wind spouts within the circle that when double jumped on will let you ride the current for a couple of seconds, the idea here is to rotate to the different wind spouts as your current one begins to vanish. As it disappears, stay where you are and a wind spout should spawn near you to glide on top off. This is a better way to do this because if you chase the wind spouts they might disappear as you get to them which will leave you on the floor to take damage. If you do have ranged characters you can strike the boss whilst it’s doing this attack which will immobilize it for a few seconds.

(1 of 4) Float on the wind spouts to avoid taking damage on the floor

Once its defeated, you’ll get a scene, and Venti will ask, who told you about the dragon, to which you’ll reply, Lisa. He’ll agree that she’s not wrong about the conflict, and then he’ll talk about the Abyss Orders hatred for mankind. Furthermore, you’ll find out more about him and Dvalin, then he’ll tell you that he’s off to the Cathedral in Mondstadt to claim the Holy Lyre der Himmel. After the scene ends, so will the quest.

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