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Genshin Impact

Over the Moon

Matt Chard

This page will walk you through all the steps of the Lunar Realm Event Quest “Over the Moon” in Genshin Impact.

The Traveler, Paimon, and Kujirai find a school of Moonfins.


Kujirai Momiji invites you all over. She seems to have come to some conclusion… After the plan to draw out the Lunar Leviathan failed, Kujirai Momiji left the shore in frustration. But today, she has asked you to come and join her once more — has she got her head back in the game or, does she have something else planned?


  1. Talk to Kujirai Momiji
  2. Go to the beach that Kujirai Momiji mentioned at night


Mora Other Rewards
Genshin Impact Screenshot10,000 Moonstringer_Rod_Fish_Fishing_Genshin_Impact.png Adventurers_Experience_Items_Genshin_Impact.png4 Glowgrass_Bait_Fishing_Genshin_Impact.png20

Talk to Kujirai Momiji

(1 of 2) Kujirai can be found northwest of Inazuma City, at the Inazuma Fishing Association

Kujirai can be found northwest of Inazuma City, at the Inazuma Fishing Association (left), and she has one final thing to show you. (right)

This is the last quest of the Event, head over to the Inazuma Fishing Association, northwest of Inazuma City, and speak to Kujirai for a scene. She’ll tell you that she has thought things through, and to meet her at the western beach tonight, so she can show you something.

Go to the beach that Kujirai Momiji mentioned at night

You’ll need to head to Kannazuka Island, and head north, from the northern Tatarasuna waypoint. When you arrive at the waypoint, glide north until you reach the objective. As she said to meet you at night, you’ll need to change the time between 19:00 - 22:00. When the times correct, you’ll get a scene. She’ll talk about growing up, and how her father would never let her join him fishing just because she was a girl. The more he didn’t want her to fish, the more she wanted to become a fisherman, and now, she hopes to surpass him, which is why she wanted to hunt the Lunar Leviathan. Since the divine fish isn’t here, she writes a wish, and puts it into a bottle and throws it into the sea, then she tells both you and Paimon to do the same.

Paimon spots a school of Moonfins.

She apologizes for all the time she’s taken from you over the Lunar Leviathan, and compensates you with some gifts. Just as she does that, a huge school of glowing fish comes to where the bottles were thrown. Kujirai tells you that they are called Moonfins, then she has an epiphany! These Moonfin are the Lunar Leviathan! Paimon questions her, and she explains to you, that this is what they saw when they all got stranded many years ago, the night when Jiawei was going to end his life, and he dropped the drift bottle into the ocean. She’ll give you her Family Fishing rod, the Moonstringer, because it was meant especially to catch the Lunar Leviathan, and she tells you to fish all those Moonfins up. This will end the quest, and unlock the challenge: Reeling in the Moonlight. Once the challenge is completed, you’ll get another conversation with Kujirai.


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