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Follow the Wind

Matt Chard

This is a walkthrough for the Archon Quest “Follow the Wind” which is the final quest in Chapter 2 - Prologue: Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves. You’ll find the quest rewards as well as directions on how to complete the quest.

Kazuha and his friend in Inazuma.

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Requirements Next Quests
Genshin Impact Screenshot700 Genshin Impact Screenshot34,075 PrimogemItemsGenshinImpact.png60 GuidetoProsperityMaterialsGenshinImpact.png2 GuidetoGoldMaterialsGenshinImpact.png2 GuidetoDiligenceMaterialsGenshinImpact.png2 Genshin Impact Screenshot3 Genshin Impact Screenshot6 AR 36, Complete: The Crux Clash Setting Sail

The grand final of the Crux Clash is about to begin, and you will soon meet your opponent. Victory is but one step away… After some delay, it seems that not only is your opponent for the final round a no-show, but that the Masterless Vision has been suddenly stolen. Kazuha seems to have caught wind of a clue in the matter and formulates a plan to recover the Vision with your help.


  1. Enter the arena to fight the final round
  2. Go check the box containing the Vision
  3. Follow Kazuha to track down the Vision
  4. Go to the wind current location
  5. Proceed to the small island ahead and search for clues
  6. Confirm the clues with Kazuha
  7. Continue the pursuit
  8. Defeat the Treasure Hoarders blocking the way
  9. Talk to the Treasure Hoarder who stole the Vision
  10. Defeat the Treasure Hoarder
  11. Return to the Guyun Stone Forest arena

Enter the arena to fight the final round

Head into the center of the arena to get a scene with Beidou, she’ll introduce the finalists to the crowd, but when she gets to your opponent, he’s nowhere to be found. Beidou will say that the match has to be postponed if he doesn’t get here soon. Kazuha feels something is awry, and suggests checking on the prize.

Go check the box containing the Vision

Go to Zhuhan, and check the box on the table, and it appears it’s been stolen. Kazuha tells you that there’s no need to worry, “even the craftiest sleight of hand does not escape nature’s watchful gaze” he says. Apparently, the theft has only just happened, and the thief is nearby, he’ll then ask you to come with him.

Follow Kazuha to track down the Vision

Heal up if needed, and head over to Zhuhan to start the next round, the semi-finals!

Go to the wind current location

Head over to the wind current, which can be found at the north of the island and jump into it, this’ll start the challenge “Ride the wind to proceed onward”. Follow the wind accelerators on to the small island.

The Fatui Pyro Agent can be a tough foe if you're not prepared.

Proceed to the small island ahead and search for clues

When you land, follow the path to the west, on your way, you’ll face a Fatui Pyro Agent, these have a few moves you need to be wary off:

Invisibility: He can go completely invisible for several seconds, making it, so he can’t be attacked by ranged attacks or any other skills which require a target. Using Elemental Skills which provide an elemental status to him will put a blue outline around his silhouette.

Spinning Knife Guard: This skill will make three blades rotate around him, dealing Pyro damage to anyone it touches, standing away from him when he does this to avoid being hit.

Charge attack: Whilst invisible, he will dash towards and slash at you for major damage, stay on the move and dodge to avoid this or take him out of his invisibility.

Having someone to buff your defenses like Zhongli can help, as can Mona and Ganyu with their taunting abilities. Once it’s defeated, your quest log will update.

Confirm the clues with Kazuha

Continue west until you get to the beach, interact with the golden glow to activate another wind current.

Continue the pursuit

Once again, jump on the wind current for another challenge, follow the wind accelerators to the next island.

Take out the Cryo Potioneer first, as their pot flinging ability can be frustrating to deal with.

Defeat the Treasure Hoarders blocking the way

When you land, head around the corner of the mountain, and you’ll have a battle against one Treasure Hoarder Scout, one Treasure Hoarder Marksman, and one Treasure Hoarder Cryo Potioneer, these aren’t that tough, but focus on the Potioneer as they can be quite frustrating, knocking you down if their potions hit you.

Talk to the Treasure Hoarder who stole the Vision

With the Treasure Hoarders defeated, you’ll find your thief waiting by a pool of water, as you get closer to him, you’ll get a scene. He’ll ask how you kept up with him, he even had a boat prepared in advance, Kazuha explains that no boat could match the speed of the wind, and that although he’s skilled at concealing himself from a crowd, he knows little about hiding himself from nature’s gaze. Furthermore, Kazuha notices that the Vision wouldn’t work on the thief.

Paimon realizes that this thief was meant to be your opponent in the final, the thief explains he was trying to win the tournament legitimately but when he saw you in the tournament, he knew he had no chance, so he decided to steal the prize instead. After you tell him to hand over the Vision, Kazuha tells the thief what becomes of thieves according to the laws of the sea. This results in a battle with you.

Defeat the Treasure Hoarder

Fei fights similar to Raptor, a Treasure Hoarder you fought in Act I: Outrider Style, he fights similar to a marksman, and can jump away when you get close, if he goes uninterrupted, he’ll fire bolts of Pyro at you. The strategy of this battle is to close the distance, and keep attacking him with melee attacks, and he’ll go down in no time. After the fight ends, it appears Kazuha has no intention of punishing him, and was using it as a test to see if he would get the Vision. Paimon will ask him about what’s the deal with the Vision and Kazuha will explain it to you.

Fei shouldn't pose much of a threat, just make sure to keep close to him.

Return to the Guyun Stone Forest arena

After the scene ends, teleport back to the Guyun Forest waypoint, and head to the arena. When you get there, it appears Beidou is nowhere to be found, and Zhuhan will explain that she was summoned by Ningguang. Kazuha will tell Zhuhan what transpired and declare you the champion, he’ll then go on to tell you that Beidou will keep her word, but it’ll take some time for the Alcor to get fitted for the journey, and you’ll be told when it’s ready. This’ll end the prologue for now.


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