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Genshin Impact

Sister Victoria's Vexation

Matt Chard

How to complete Sister Victoria’s Vexation

To begin this quest, go to the Quest menu, then go to the Story sub-menu and then go to the second page. This is where you will find all the Hangout Events in the future. Click on Barbara and confirm, a popup will now appear and ask if you want to spend two story keys to unlock “Wellspring of Healing”, confirm that and you’ll get the first quest. To earn Story Keys, you need to complete eight daily commissions for one Key.

The Traveller and Sister Victoria overlooking the view of Mondstadt.

Talk to Sister Victoria

Teleport to the upper Mondstadt waypoint and glide northwest, towards the Cathedral, Sister Victoria is waiting just outside it, admiring the view. Talk to her and she’ll let you know that she’s worried about Barbara because she went out earlier and is yet to return. She asks if you could find her and that Barbara mentioned Wolvendom to her.

Search for Barbara

Head to Wolvendom via the Teleport waypoint and head southwest, near to the Andrius Boss arena and you’ll find Barbara, waiting by the tree, near the edge of the Boss Arena, near a Pyro torch.

(1 of 2) Barbara is standing by a tree, near a Pyro torch

Barbara is standing by a tree, near a Pyro torch (left), at this exact location on the map. (right)

Talk to her, and she’ll tell you she’s looking for some Red Wolfhook Berries but she can’t find any. After some dialogue, someone will begin calling her name, and she’ll ask you to be quiet, here, you will get your first choice “Because… Well, just because”.

Use the Timeline to navigate what branch you are on.

“Just wait here, we’ll go send that person away.”

This choice ends the current quest and then leads to Branch 1-A and the quest Sudden Shouting.

“Let’s go deeper into the forest and wait for them to leave.”

This choice leads to Branch 1-B “Temporary Relief From the Fanfare”

Look for the person calling for Barbara

Head north a little and the camera will pan to Albert, the man who has been shouting

Branch 1-B: Temporary Relief From the Fanfare.

Follow Barbara

Follow Barbara west a little to hide behind another tree and you’ll get a scene, ask her “Why are you trying to avoid being seen?”. She’ll tell you that she performs songs across Teyvat and that she’s become more popular because of it and people keep harassing her for autographs, which she doesn’t mind most of the time but she likes to have some time alone. After some more dialogue, she’ll say “I guess that’s all we can do for now. Although, it certainly isn’t nice to treat someone that way…But today, I simply wish to keep to myself.” This will give you these three choices:

“Wouldn’t your family worry about you picking herbs all alone?

“So what made you decide to join the Church, Barbara?

These two choices lead to the same outcome and give you some back story about her family, as well as the Church. After some dialogue, she’ll mention “There’s nothing wrong with the Holy Lyre der Himmel… is there? This will lead to two more choices:

(Look at Barbara with an innocent gaze.)

“Th–The Holy Lyre? Oh… Um, I wouldn’t know…”

Both choices lead to the same outcome, her brushing aside the question about the Lyre. She’ll then say that the person shouting for her, should be gone by now, and that she still needs to get the Red Wolfhook Berries. Finally she’ll say “…I can’t seem to find any of the red variety anywhere…“. This will give you two more options:

“I’ll lend you a hand.”

This choice leads you to Branch 2-C: Of Wolfhooks Red.

“We can go look together.”

This choice also leads you to Branch 2-C: Of Wolfhooks Red.

Branch 2-C: Of Wolfhooks Red

Search for Red Wolfhooks (0/5)

There are two Red Wolfhooks to the east of you, under a hollowed out log, one more south east of them, in a tree stump. The last two can be found under another hollowed out log in the center of the objective marker, south east of Barbara. After you’ve collected all five, talk to her to end this quest and it’ll unlock the next quest The Church’s Affairs

(1 of 3) The first two Red Wolfhooks can be found, east of you, under a hollowed out log

“It’s alright, this is a perfect place for two people to spend some time together.

This choice will put her on the spot and embarrass her, ending the quest.

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