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Genshin Impact

Varuna Gatha

Jessica Dillon

Varuna Gatha is arguably the most tedious quest in the Aranyaka questline. This quest has several areas where you must repeat actions three times each to progress, and if you skip over any of the tutorials, it can be a bit easy to get lost. The guide below is here to help you get through Varuna Gatha.


A few Aranara in Apam Woods could use some help…

Starting Varuna Gatha ( Dendro Recommended)

You will need to complete The Aroma of Homecoming in the An Unwavering Culinary Dream questline to start Varuna Gatha. As soon as you do, Arapandu will move locations from his cooking pot, to the start area for Varuna Gatha. Speak with him here to start the quest.

The first part of Varuna Gatha has you clearing out Fungi. Make this a bit easier by using Dendro on the Clusterleafs to activate Four-Leaf Sigils that let you easily make your way between the quest markers. Defeating them will have you proceed on to the second part of the quest where you must solve a short puzzle involving four stones.

Follow the Dendro trails and turn the leaves to point at the stone in the middle as shown in the video above. After this you will proceed onto Memory of Stone where you will do this process again.

Memory of Stone

Branch and Leaf puzzle cave location in Varuna Gatha.

You will need to follow the quest marker to find an Aranara named Aranakula. This is a skittish fellow, so you will want to speak with him without alerting any nearby enemies. Once you speak with him, you will start a small escort mission. You will need to walk between quest markers with Arankula following you without being noticed by enemies.

This is rather easy to do, just observe your surroundings and walk around them. If you do get attacked, defeat the enemies and return to the former quest marker to pick Arankula back up and proceed onward. You will eventually get to a spore-covered stone, and interact with it to clear the stones. Drop down behind the stone, and enter the cave to find another branch and leaves puzzle.

The only difference between this puzzle and the last is that the leaves are located outside of the cave. Follow the Dendro trails to each one and turn it in the direction of the cave. The last leaf can be a bit tricky to find. It is on top of the cliff next to the formerly spore-covered stone. Once you are done, head back into the cave and speak with Aranakula to move to the next quest.

Irate Iron Chunk

Arabalika triggering a Dendro reaction in Varuna Gatha.

To get to the next Aranara, use the waypoint located near the map’s edge south of Apam Woods. You will now head down to the** Ruins of Dhari** where you will meet Arabalika. This section will have you fighting three different Ruin Guards. Arabalika will be applying Dendro to them, so be sure to make use of reactions.

Once you work your way into the heart of the ruins, use the marked cube mechanism to drain the water from the pool in the middle of the area. Hop down into the hole. You will find another leaf and branch puzzle inside. This time the leaves are in the same cave, so just follow the Dendro trail and activate them. Doing so will wake up two Ruin Graders.

Defeat them and speak with Arabalika to move on to the next part of Varuna Gatha.

Slumbering Roots

Kazuha gliding above the Grove of Dreams entrance in Varuna Gatha.

You will want to head to the Grove of Dreams for this part of the quest line. This quest marker is a little tricky, as it doesn’t show the location of the cave all that well. Go to the edge of the circle marker as seen in the map above. When you see the Four-Leaf Sigil use it to quickly move over the entrance of the cave and drop in.

Once inside, you will need to go to the marked location and play the Vintage Lyre to find Arakunti. Go to the branch in the middle of the room. It won’t be active. You will need to head to the nearby Silapna Stone and play your Vintage Lyre to switch into dream mode. Once this is done, simply follow the Dendro trail and turn the leaves towards the large tree in the middle of the room. A Ruin Drake will be near one of the leafs, be ready to fight him to finish up this part of the quest.

Once the leaves are turned, go back to the Silapna Stone and play your Vintage Lyre. Once you are back in the normal realm, go back to the branch and speak with Arakunti.

A Prayer for Rain on the Fecund Land

Varuna Gatha final Fungi fight.

Head to Varunastra where the Aranaka will open the path underground. You will want to drop down the hole in the middle of the location and grab the nearby waypoint. Go to the location marked on the map to clear away the invasive spores. This will make a large Fungi enemy spawn. Fight the enemy until it runs away, and begin to pursue it throughout the cave until you can defeat it.

Return to where you started and speak with the Aranara to complete Varuna Gatha. If you are on a PlayStation console, you will now unlock the Journey: “The Rain Seeps Into the Soil” trophy.

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