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Genshin Impact

Primo Geovishap

Matt Chard
Location Respawn Time Element
Tianqiu Valley, Liyue 5 minutes (Almost instant, if you teleport away and back again) Pyro

After many years, the awesomely powerful Ancient Geovishaps grow accustomed to changes in their elemental environment.
Folktales hold that after the great “draconic calamity that led to the ruination of Tianqiu Valley, the overlord of the Geovishaps and Primo Geovishaps was imprisoned deep beneath the earth, and so too did they burrow into deep and unseen places, awaiting their chance to rise once more…


World Level Boss Level Common Ascension Material Artifacts
I 39 55 6,075
II 42 55 6,375
III 51 60 6,675
IV 63 60 7,100
V 73 65 7,600
VI 84 70 8,000
VII 92 70 8,100
VIII 94 70 9,000


The Primo Geovishap is your go to place to obtain the Juvenile Jade which is used to level up Xiao, it is a Character Ascension Material which is only obtainable from this boss. The Primo Geovishap has the capability to infuse itself with Elemental Power and then unleash its signature attack Primordial Shower with whatever element it absorbed.

Attacks and Abilities


The boss will burrow underground towards you, then launch itself up out of the ground and slam down on to you.

Combo Slam

It will swipe towards you twice, left to right first and then right to left after or vice versa, it will follow the combo up with a slam to end it.

Elemental Breath

A breath attack with an Element it’s infused with at the time of the attack.


A singular punch towards you for minor damage.

(1 of 3) Run towards the boss when it burrows and the dodge away from it as it slams


An attack towards you in a swiping motion for minor damage.

Spin Attack

The boss will spin on the spot and attack with its tail after a brief charge for moderate damage.

(1 of 3) The boss will spin on the spot dealing minor damage to anything within its range

Tail Shot

The boss will lean forward and shoot out several rocks from its tail at you. The rocks will stay in the arena for a short time before exploding for moderate damage.

Primordial Shower

Its signature attack, the boss will charge for a short while before unleashing a blast of Elemental Power that it has infused with at the ground causing damage in a large AoE around it for major damage.

Recommended Party

A character capable of creating a shield is a must, this would be Zhongli or Noelle ideally as Geo is better for the fight but Beidou and Diona can substitue for them. A Cryo user like Ganyu or Chongyun and an Electro character like Keqing or Fischl as your Sub DPS to put Superconduct on it to lower its defense via combining their elements together, finally using a Pyro user as your Main DPS like Diluc to get the Overload bonuses created from your Electro Sub DPS.


Like most bosses, the attack patterns will change in relative to where you are. If you are at a distance, fighting at range, it will most likely use the Burrow and Tail Shot attacks, if you are going toe to toe with it and standing at its face, then it’ll either Punch, Elemental Breath or Swipe at you, finally if you are attacking at its rear, then it’ll most likely perform a Spin Attack.

You can fight this boss more aggresively by keeping your shield up and attacking from its rear as its attacks are easier to dodge from here, attack in short two or three-hit combinations and then dodge towards its rear as it repositions itself.

The main mechanic around this battle is, once Primordial Shower is being charged, shield yourself with the correct element that it is infused with, if you have a Geo character, all you need to do is use their shield and it will negate it regardless of the infused element. When the boss has burrowed and is heading towards you, run towards and past it, as it launches from the ground, perform a dodge away from it just as its about to land. With the Elemental Breath attack, dodge towards it and go by its hind legs. The last troubling move can be its Combo Slam, what you want to do hear is, run away from it to avoid its swipes and then time your dodge away from it as its about to slam.

If you prefer a visual guide to its attacks, watch the video below.


Upon completion you must touch the Trounce Blossom and spend 60 Original Resin to claim the boss rewards. The drops consist of Artifacts and Character Ascension Materials. You’ll only have to wait five minutes to attempt the boss again or you can teleport to another location and back again for an instant respawn.


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