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Genshin Impact

Act 1: Foregone Conclusion

Matt Chard

This is a walkthrough for Yelan’s Story Quest “Foregone Conclusion” which is the final quest in the Umbrabilis Orchis Chapter: Act 1, Calculated Gambit. Here, you’ll find a complete walkthrough for the entire quest.

Yelan and Zhiyi cross each others’ path.

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Previous Quest Next Quests
Genshin Impact Screenshot750 Genshin Impact Screenshot44,000 Primogem_Items_Genshin_Impact.png60 Guide_to_Prosperity_Materials_Genshin_Impact.png5 heros_wit_Items_Genshin_Impact.png5 Genshin Impact Screenshot10 Act 1: Candidature Analysis


You decide to announce that Zhiyi has passed the selection to make him lower his guard. Now all that’s left to do is wait…


  1. Wait until 09:00 - 11:00 the next day
  2. Go to Yuehai Pavilion to announce the results
  3. Go to Feiyun Slope and follow Zhiyi
  4. Go to Xinyue Kiosk to investigate
  5. Go to Xigu Antiques to investigate
  6. Go to Yanshang Teahouse after 20:00
  7. Go to Qingxu Pool / Go to the place Yelan pointed out
  8. Enter the underground ruins
  9. Listen to Zhiyi and Yusupov talk
  10. Wait until after 08:00 the following day / Go to Yanshang Teahouse

Wait until 09:00 - 11:00 the next day

This quest starts off with you needing to wait. Go into the menu, and click on the clock icon. Make sure you choose the time within 09:00 - 11:00 the next day. Once that has been done, you’ll need to head to the Yuehai Pavilion to announce the winner.

Go to Yuehai Pavilion to announce the results

Make your way to the Yuehai Pavilion, which is west from the upper Liyue waypoint. When you get there, you’ll get a scene. Yelan will go through each candidate, and tell them their weaknesses before she announces Zhiyi as the winner.

Yelan will tell Zhiyi the good news at the Yuehai Pavilion.

He graciously accepts the recommendation, and he even offers to work with both Qianwei, and Mingbo in the future. When you finally get both Qianwei, and Mingbo to leave, Wenyuan will tell Yelan that Zhiyi has gone towards the Feiyun Slope, and Yelan will tell everyone to follow him.

Go to Feiyun Slope and follow Zhiyi

Head southwest to the Feiyun Slop, and you’ll get another scene. It appears that Yelan’s assistants have lost him. They’ll tell you that although he won the recommendation for Tianshu, and his guard has dropped a little, he is still perceptive enough to know when he’s being watched. Yelan will ask them the last place they saw him, and they’ll tell you that he went into Xinyue Kiosk, but they never saw him leave. They did see someone dressed differently come out, but they couldn’t confirm if it was him or not without alerting him. With the only clue being Xinyue Kiosk, Yelan will suggest you go in there to see if you can find anything out.

Go to Xinyue Kiosk to investigate

Go through the door to your east for a scene. It appears that Wupei is arguing with the waiter there, and asks him why they didn’t stop Zhiyi leaving after he changed into a new set of clothes. The waiter will tell you that changing the way you dress is not a cause to stop someone. You’ll ask him what he ordered, and the waiter will tell you he ordered an expensive bottle of fiery liquor a while back, and he’s only just come to pick it up. Somehow, Yelan deduces that he must’ve purchased wineware, and suggests you head to Xigu Antiques.

(1 of 2) Wupei isn’t happy that the waiter in Xinyue Kiosk didn’t stop Zhiyi.

Wupei isn’t happy that the waiter in Xinyue Kiosk didn’t stop Zhiyi. (left), You’ll find out that Zhiyi ordered two wine glasses from Ms. Linlang of Xigu Antiques. (right)

Go to Xigu Antiques to investigate

Leave Xinyue Kiosk, and head to Xigu Antiques which is just across the street, and talk to the owner of the establishment, Ms. Linlang. After some clever questioning, Yelan will find out that Zhiyi ordered two wine glasses. Now you know that Zhiyi is planning to have a celebratory drink with one other person. Once again, Yelan deduces without much information, that the person who’ll be drinking with Zhiyi, would have to be someone who likes expensive hard liquor, and that they have a high status hence the expensive looking wineware.

She’ll get her assistants to keep an eye on all known Fatui places of work, and she’ll assume that they’ll meet up with Zhiyi at night. As there is nothing to do until then, she suggests you meet her at the Yanshang Teahouse at night.

Go to Yanshang Teahouse after 20:00

Once again, change the time of the day to anything after 20:00 then head to the teahouse for a scene. Apparently, it is perfect timing on your part as the Fatui Ambassador, Yusupov just left the embassy alone according to her assistant Wenyuan. Furthermore, it looks like he is heading towards Qingxu Pool, the same place that Zhiyi mentioned in his manifesto.

Go to Qingxu Pool / Go to the place Yelan pointed out

Teleport to the Qingxu Pool waypoint, and glide northwest until you land in the middle of the objective area for a scene. She’ll mention work being done here in the past, but the place is still a labyrinth inside, and that she can’t guarantee your safety. Thankfully, the workers left an emergency access route for you!

Enter the underground ruins

Enter the Domain “Qingxu Pool Underground Ruins”

First things first, the Domain recommends a Hydro character, but this won’t be necessary as you will have Yelan as a trial character. You will want a Geo character as there are Vishaps in there, and they can be a pain without one.

Once you’ve picked your party, start the Domain. When you arrive inside, you’ll be in control of Yelan. You can find out what her skills do by heading here. Straight in front of you will be a group of enemies. This group will consist of:

Icon Enemy Icon Enemy Icon Enemy
Blazing_Axe_Hilichurl_Enemies_Genshin_Impact.png1 Mitachurl Pyro_Abyss_Mage_Enemies_Genshin_Impact.png1 Pyro Abyss Mage Hilichurl_Fighter_Enemies_Genshin_Impact.png2 Hilichurl Fighter

There isn’t anything to worry about here, especially if you use Yelan’s Elemental Skill. Hold the skill button in, and run around each enemy to mark them. Once that’s done, release the button to make the marked targets explode and take Hydro damage. This has a chance to reset her Breakthrough state, which’ll decrease her charged shots as well as make them hit an area instead of a single target.

This Common Chest is almost impossible to miss.

Once you’ve dealt with them, head east, and open the Common Chest. When you make your way towards the southern doorway, you’ll get a short scene of Yusupov walking through a gate. This is where you need to go, but you’ll have to complete a couple of puzzles first to gain access to it.

Qingxu Pool Underground Ruins Lamp Puzzle

When you regain control, head south, and go on to the circular stone platform in the water. This’ll elevate you to another area. Head over to the small ball of fire, and place it in the nearby lamp. Jump across the gap towards the next group of enemies that you’ll need to defeat which are the following:

Icon Enemy
Geovishap_Enemies_Genshin_Impact.png2 Geovishap

These shouldn’t cause you too much of a problem. If they do, make sure you have a shield skill on you because when they charge at you, it’ll briefly stun them. The easiest way to deal with these are to use Yelan’s Elemental Burst, and then repeatedly use normal attacks.

Once they’re dealt with, head west and open the exquisite chest whilst also picking up the second ball of fire. Take this back to the lamps, and light the second lamp. With both lamps alight, the platform will rise which’ll drain the water below, opening up a small passage for you.

(1 of 4) Take the circular stone elevator up

Drop to the floor below, and head through the hole in the wall to your east. Just to the north will be another stone platform that’ll elevate you to a new area. When you reach the top, head south across the gap for another battle, this time you’ll be fighting:

Icon Enemy Icon Enemy
Hilichurl_Fighter_Enemies_Genshin_Impact.png1 Hilichurl Fighter Pyro_Hilichurl_Shooter_Enemies_Genshin_Impact.png2 Pyro Hilichurl Shooter

This will be a trivial battle, just rush over to them and take them out with Yelan’s Elemental Skill, and mop them up with her normal attacks if that doesn’t finish them in one hit. When you’ve dealt with them, go in the doorway behind, and interact with the wall to the west to move it. Now interact with the southern wall to move that, and pick up the ball of fire. Now head west a little, and interact with the northern wall for a Common Chest. Go back into the corridor, and interact with the eastern wall. Continue west, and move the southern wall at the end. In the next room you’ll have another battle, this time fighting:

Icon Enemy Icon Enemy
Pyro_Abyss_Mage_Enemies_Genshin_Impact.png1 Pyro Abyss Mage Hilichurl_Fighter_Enemies_Genshin_Impact.png3 Hilichurl Shooter

Another easy battle, once again Yelan’s Elemental Skill will make short work of them. When you’ve defeated them, move the northern wall, then the western wall to find a hidden Common Chest. Head back into the corridor, and move the other western wall, and pick up the ball of fire. This should be the second you’ve picked up now. Go into the next area, and open the Exquisite Chest to your west. Now you’ll need to push the two blocks to the side of the chest before you can move to the northern door. Walk up, and interact with them to push them back.

Move the northern wall, and you’ll have gone full circle, but you’ll have the two balls of fire. Light up the two lamps to the west, and this will lower the platform, releasing water into the area below. Drop to the floor below, and you’ll have one more puzzle to solve.

Moving Lamp Puzzle

You can use the image above to navigate how to do the puzzle. The orange lines are for the orange lamps.

You’ll have three orange lamps, and three blue lamps. This puzzle requires you to move the orange lamps on to the three orange spots of light, but you’ll have to move the blue lamps out of the way to get some of them there.

This looks more complicated than it actually is. You can move the lamp any direction by standing on the opposite side you want it to go depending on if there is somewhere for it to go. Move the first lamp north into the first orange light. Now move over to the second lamp to your right. Push the first blue lamp east, and then the second blue lamp behind it east. This will give your orange lamp space to move south uninterrupted. Now head over to the last lamp at the back.

(1 of 9) Move the first orange lamp forward.

Push the first blue lamp on the left to the south, then move it again west. Now move the back left lamp east once, the orange lamp south, and the front right lamp west. Finally, move the blue lamp to your left north, and the orange lamp east, then south. This will open the door that Yusopov went through earlier. Head through the newly opened door, but pick up the Common Chest at the bottom of the stairs to the west before you do. Follow the corridor south then west to fight your last battle of the Domain which will be:

Icon Enemy
Stonehide_Lawachurl_Enemies_Genshin_Impact.png1 Stonehide_Lawachurl

When you begin to fight it, pop a shield to help negate any damage coming your way, then make use of Yelan’s Elemental Skill, and Burst to take it down quickly. If you have a Cryo character in the party, you can combine them with Yelan’s Elemental Burst to keep the Lawachurl frozen. Once it’s defeated, head through the gap in the southern wall, and follow it around until you reach some crates. When you approach the crates, you’ll get a scene.

You can keep the Lawachurl frozen by using Yelan’s Elemental Burst, and a Cryo character.

Listen to Zhiyi and Yusupov talk

You’ll find Yusupov talking to Zhiyi whilst sipping on the expensive liquor Zhiyi purchased from Xinyue Kiosk. You’ll find out everything here from what the Fatui wants from Zhiyi, and even how he poisoned Uncle Tian with the Fish Soup! It seems that Zhiyi will do anything to get his hands on that position, probably due to his low self-esteem. Yusupov tells Zhiyi how the Fatui will abuse his power as the Tianshu, but before he can carry on, he drops to the floor in pain.

It appears that Zhiyi has poisoned Yusupov too, and Yusupov will tell him that he won’t get away with it as everything has a record including this meeting. Also, he tells Zhiyi that the Fatui will take vengeance on his betrayal. Unfortunately for Yusupov, Zhiyi is already a few steps ahead, and he has come to an agreement with Yusupov’s second-in-command Theofan who wasn’t too fond of Yusupov anyway, and was already eyeing his job. Furthermore, Zhiyi has already planted evidence linking the new recruits from the Blackcliff Forge to Yusupov, and their bodies are in the corner of this very room. His final act of betrayal happens when he tells Yusupov that this area is rigged with explosives which will bury any other pieces of evidence.

(1 of 2) At first, Zhiyi and Yusupov are just talking

At first, Zhiyi and Yusupov are just talking (left), next thing you know, Yusupov falls on to the floor after being poisoned. (right)

Just as he goes to light them up, Yelan’s arrow will fly through the air, and knock it out of his hand. She’ll walk over and confront Zhiyi whilst the Millelith, and some other guards block the exits. Zhiyi, knowing that the jig is up, tries to bribe everyone in the room, and offers them favorable treatment when he becomes Tianshu, although no-one will accept it.

As Zhiyi tries to make excuses for his actions, Yelan almost brings him to tears over the poisoning of Uncle Tian. You can see the sadness in his face as he begs Yelan to stop. You’ll see a short scene of Zhiyi and Uncle Tian as he reminisces about their time together then Yelan’s assistants will take him away, but not before Yelan whispers to him an opportunity. She’ll tell you that she has some things to do, and that you should meet her at the Yanshang Teahouse tomorrow. The scene will end, and you’ll need to exit the Domain, but before you do, open the Precious Chest.

Wait until after 08:00 the following day / Go to Yanshang Teahouse

Turn your clock forward to 08:00 the following day, and make your way to Yanshang Teahouse. Go up the stairs, and you’ll get a scene. It appears Baizhu is there nursing Uncle Tian from Zhiyi’s poison attack, and it looks like he’ll make a full recovery. Thanks to you and Yelan. You’ll ask him how he’s feeling, and he’ll tell you that he’s feeling a lot better. Yelan will arrive, and tell him that she assumes that the next Tianshu won’t be as immediate as everyone thought.

Uncle Tian will agree with her, and Paimon will ask why Uncle Tian wasn’t surprised by Zhiyi’s treachery. Yelan will tell her not to underestimate Uncle Tian, and the reason she was told to find the next candidate is because he expected something like this could happen. Normally it’d be the Yuehai Pavilion doing the assessment.

Baizhu, who works at Bubu’s Pharmacy is treating Uncle Tian from his poisoning attack.

The group will talk for a bit about Uncle Tian’s thoughts about Zhiyi, you’ll even find out about his secret compartment in the liquor bottle where the poison was. Also, you’ll find out that Yelan offered Zhiyi protection from the Fatui whilst he was in jail if he offered up Theofan, but he disappeared. Finally, it appears that Yelan was doing all this for more information on the Fatui, and with the Fatui Harbinger, Regrator getting involved, it gave her some leads. After the scene ends, so will the quest, although you can talk to Uncle Tian afterwards for more information.

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