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Genshin Impact

A Herald Without Adherents

Matt Chard

How to complete the Archon Quest A Herald Without Adherents

This is a walkthrough for the Archon Quest “A Herald Without Adherents” which is the second quest in Chapter I - Act IV: We Will Be Reunited. You’ll find the quest rewards, as well as directions on how to complete the quest.

Paimon, Dainsleif and the Traveler watching the Abyss Mages search the Ruin Guard for something valuable.

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Requirements Next Quests
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After fleeing from those creepy ruins, you meet Dainsleif by chance. You follow him and begin your pursuit of the Abyss Herald through those ruins once more…


  1. Look for traces of the Abyss Order (part 1)
  2. Look for traces of the Abyss Order (part 2)
  3. Look for traces of the Abyss Order (part 3)

Look for traces of the Abyss Order (part 1)

You’ll need to teleport to the Minlin, Liyue Waypoint and head northwest, and you’ll see some enemies that consist of, one Cryo Abyss Mage, one Hydro Abyss Mage and two Hilichurl Fighters. As always, take out the Hydro Abyss Mage out first due to its healing abilities and then focus on the Cryo Abyss Mage. Use Cryo to break the Hydro Abyss Mage’s shield and Pyro to break the Cryo Abyss Mage’s shield, once they have been broken, they’ll go down in no time.

Always take out the Hydro Abyss first whenever there is an option to do so, otherwise they’ll heal their allies.

With them defeated, you’ll get a scene, and Paimon seems to think that you were ambushed by them but Dainsleif corrects that and tells you they were digging through abandoned Ruin Guards looking for something of value. After some more dialogue, he suggests you continue the search.

Look for traces of the Abyss Order (part 2)

Head southeast through the ruins, and as you get to the top of the stairs, you’ll see some more enemies, this time you’ll fight, one Cryo Abyss Mage, one Hydro Abyss Mage, one Hilichurl Fighter, one Pyro Hilichurl Shooter, one Electro Hilichurl Shooter and one Ruin Hunter.

This is a tougher fight than the last mainly due to the Ruin Hunter, once again, focus on the Hydro Abyss Mage, and then the Cryo Abyss Mage whilst avoiding the dangerous attacks from the Ruin Hunter. Once they are down, it’s time to take out the Ruin Hunter, it has a few attacks to be aware of:

  • Drill Thrust - This attack normally occurs if you stray too far from the enemy, this can take you down in one hit, so be prepared to dodge it. It’ll start off by changing its right arm into a drill and after approximately 2 seconds, it will charge at you, dodge as the attack comes in to avoid it.

  • Slash Combo - The Ruin Hunter will do a two slash attack followed by a spinning slash at the end, once again, this can do major damage and is best avoided by dodging to the side of it as the attack happens.

  • Bombardment - With this attack, it’ll launch eight missiles into the air before they crash down to the floor covering quite a lot of the area. Keep mobile to avoid this or shoot at its weak point (eye) to momentarily stun it.

It has a few more attacks, but these are the worst of them, having Zhongli or Noelle in the party for their shield capabilities is recommended, and it’ll make the battle a lot easier. Once they’ve been defeated, you’ll get another scene.

(1 of 2) Be prepared to dodge when the Ruin Hunter raises its arm with a drill attached!

Be prepared to dodge when the Ruin Hunter raises its arm with a drill attached! (left), It will often do a spinning slash at the end of its melee combo. (right)

Paimon has noticed that whenever you find an Abyss Mage hideout, Ruin Guards are normally roaming nearby but thinks it’s maybe a coincidence. Dainsleif will tell you how nothing is a coincidence and that it’s fate. He’ll then mention that both the Abyss Order and the Ruin Guards both originated from an ancient nation called Khaenri’ah which was destroyed 500 years ago, he’ll tell you a bit about the place and the Traveler will mention that he has memories from there and after some hesitation, tells Paimon and Dainsleif about the sea of flames and the god they encountered 500 years ago. They’ll talk a bit more about Khaenri’ah and then Dainsleif will tell you to continue the search, and he’ll talk more about it later.

Look for traces of the Abyss Order (part 3)

Head southwest, over the mountains on to the cliff in Cuijue Slope. As you reach your destination, you’ll get another scene, and you’ll see a Ruin Guard with some Abyss Mages near it. Paimon asks if Khaenri’ah had a lot of ruins that needed to be guarded due to the abundance of Ruin Guards and Dainsleif will explain that they were called Field Tillers back then, and that the people of Khaenri’ah would normally give their weapons a codename. Once the city was destroyed, the Ruin Guards wandered aimlessly over the centuries until they settled by old ruins. Once the scene ends, you’ll have to battle some more enemies, here you’ll fight, one Pyro Abyss Mage, one Cryo Abyss Mage, one Pyro Hilichurl Shooter, one Cryo Hilichurl Shooter, two Hilichurl Guards and one Ruin Guard.

This easier than the last fight and more similar to the first battle other than you’ll have a Pyro Abyss Mage instead of the Hydro Abyss Mage and a Ruin Guard to deal with. The Pyro Abyss Mage’s shield can be broken by using Hydro against it, for the Ruin Guard, focus on its weak point to stun it with a bow user or use a combination of Hydro and Cryo to keep it Frozen. Once they are defeated, you’ll get a scene and Paimon will notice that the Abyss Mage has dropped a talisman, and that it contains a message. Dainsleif can read parts of it, and it looks that the Abyss Order are planning something big. Dainsleif deduces that their operation involves Osial and the ancient technology of the Ruin Guards, and that they can use the technology to control the subdued god.

Apparently the Abyss Order have been looking for the first Field Tiller for its special core that it houses, so they can put it in the inverted Statue of the Seven you found earlier, after a bit more dialogue, Paimon will suggest asking for information on the first Field Tiller at the Cathedral in Mondstadt. You’ll get the achievement Sneering at the Power of Gods and this’ll end the quest, giving you the next quest: Dishonorable Trial.

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