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Genshin Impact

A Soul Set Apart

Matt Chard

How to complete the Archon Quest A Soul Set Apart

This is a walkthrough for the Archon Quest “A Soul Set Apart” which is the final quest in Chapter I - Act IV: We Will Be Reunited. You’ll find the quest rewards, as well as directions on how to complete the quest.

The Traveler and the Abyss Herald have one final showdown.

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Requirements Next Quests
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You continue searching for “the first Field Tiller,” following the information you’ve obtained from Barbara and the Great Wolf King of the North…


  1. Talk to Dainsleif
  2. Go to Stormterror’s Lair
  3. Enter the ruins again
  4. Search for the Defiled Statue
  5. Defeat the Abyss Herald

Talk to Dainsleif

As the new quest begins, you’ll need to talk to Dainsleif, he can be found standing right next to the Wovendom Teleport Waypoint. Teleport there and talk to Dainsleif for a scene. You’ll tell him all the information you have gathered from Boreas and Dainsleif will deduce that Stormterrors Lair is the location of the first Field Tiller.

Go to Stormterror’s Lair

Once the scene ends, teleport to the Stormterror’s Lair Statue of the Seven, and use the wind to glide over to the platform, then up the dilapidated path. As you reach the top, a scene will occur. You’ll use your Elemental Sight to see if you can find the core from the first Field Tiller, but it’s nowhere to be seen, Dainsleif will then try to do the same and succeeds. He tells you that using Elemental Sight on a Field Tiller won’t work because they’re not powered by the Elements. He’ll then tell you he’ll guard the core himself, because he doesn’t trust the Church of Favonius, and then suggests you destroy the inverted Statue of the Seven, back at the ruins.

Enter the ruins again

Teleport back to the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domain and head northeast again, and enter the ruins.

Search for the Defiled Statue

Once you’re in the ruins, head up the stairs, and the door to your left will open up, head through, and follow the stairs down, past the Door of Resurrection, and you’ll notice a long chasm with bubbles floating everywhere. What you need to do, is glide through to the end whilst avoiding the bubbles, if you get caught by one, you’ll drop into the chasm and will have to start from the beginning.

(1 of 3) If you get trapped in the bubbles, they’ll drop you into the chasm, making you start from the beginning

Start by gliding over to the right alcove, when you see and opening, glide towards the left alcove, where you’ll find a Common Chest, open it up, then repeat the process again until you’re on the next alcove on the left, once again, you’ll find another Common Chest, once you’re done with that, glide down to the platform in front of you. As you follow the path down the stairs, you’ll get a scene, it appears that the Abyss Herald is waiting for you, after a bit of back and forth, you’ll have to battle it once again.

Defeat the Abyss Herald

This fight is a little tougher, due to the Abyss Mages that accompany it. The best way to handle this battle, is to take out the Abyss Mages first whilst dodging the Abyss Heralds attacks. Start with the Cryo Abyss Mage first and attack it with Pyro to take it down as quickly as possible, now attack the Pyro Abyss Mage with Hydro, which should result in them being defeated relatively quick.

The Abyss Herald has the same attacks as the previous battles which are:

3-Hit Combo

It will lean forward with one sword raised in the air whilst the other aims towards the floor. It will then perform three slashes that are imbued with Hydro at you.

Abyssal Roar

It will lower its swords to its side, and they will get imbued with Hydro, then it will launch in the air, performing a forward spinning attack towards you, it can do this attack three times in quick succession.

(1 of 7) The Abyss Herald will perform three quick slashes towards you whilst its swords are imbued with Hydro


It will lower one sword towards the floor and then pull it back, before unleashing a ranged Hydro attack at you.


It will raise its swords in the air, and cross them over each other and unleash a hydro attack towards you in a cross-shaped pattern.

Hydro Shield

When its at low health, the Abyss Herald will cast a Hydro Shield on itself which acts like a second health bar, normal attacks work fine against it, and the Herald will be more susceptible with Cryo attacks due to being Hydro.

The End is Nigh

When its Hydro shield is present, it will channel a series of spells with its sword before unleashing Hydro energy around itself in a circular pattern, make sure to have a shield up from Zhongli or Noelle to negate the damage or be ready to avoid it with dodging.

Once you have taken down the Hydro shield, the battle will end, and a cut scene will occur, once the scene ends, so will the quest, and you’ll get the “We Will Be Reunited” achievement.

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