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Genshin Impact

Geo Hypostasis

Ben Chard
Claire Farnworth
Matt Chard
, &
Shane Williams
Location Respawn Time Element
Stormbearer Mountains, Mondstadt 5 minutes (Instant, if you teleport away and back again) Anemo

Code Name: Grimoire. A high-purity Geo entity. Elemental hypostases are ultra-compact structures with a high mass. Concentrated elemental energy forms a solid shell around the core of the hypostasis, leaving only the core reactive to the elemental stimuli. The glyphic pattern on the shell remains an unexplained mystery to this day.


World Level Boss Level Common Ascension Material Artifacts
I 37 30 3,450
II 41 30 3,650
III 50 35 3,850
IV 62 35 4,125
V 72 40 4,450
VI 83 40 4,725
VII 91 45 5,200
VIII 93 45 6,000


The Hypostasis family are your go to place to obtain your character Ascension Materials because they will always drop two of them depending on what Hypostasis (or Regisvines) you fight including some artifacts. The Hypostasis are huge cubes which act as an impenetrable armor to their glowing core hidden inside it, these can only be damaged when the core has been exposed.

Summon Pillars

The Boss will summon multiple pillars around the arena which it will sit on top of and attack you, these are destructible with Claymores and Elemental Skills. If the boss is on the pillar that you destroy, it will knock it to the ground and stun it for several seconds.

Geo Clap

The Hypostasis will fly towards the player and manifest into a large wall like structure, it will then fold in the middle forming into a pair of hands that simulate a clapping motion to damage you for minor damage, to avoid this, dodge when the “hand” is about to connect on to you by dodging sideways or away from it.

(1 of 3) The Boss will summon these pillars all over the arena, the whole battle revolves around it

Geo Missiles

The Boss will hover above a pillar and have a glyph around it, this indicates a volley of stone pellets will be heading your way, pick a direction and keep running that direction to avoid this.


It will manifest into a hammer like object and slam down, creating an aftershock traveling towards you, dodge sideways to avoid this.

(1 of 2) The Boss will construct into a hammer and slam down towards you leaving an aftershock

The Boss will construct into a hammer and slam down towards you leaving an aftershock (left), back away from the pillar when you see the beam going into it. (right)


The Boss will sit on top of the pillar you are at, and shoot a beam down on to the pillar, this will create a shockwave starting at the pillar, flowing outwards in a circular AoE, dodge backwards as soon as you see the beam to avoid this.


This will send multiple AoE markers over the arena where rocks will fall from, damaging you if you are in any of them, stay out of the markers to avoid this.

(1 of 2) Stay out of the AoE markers to avoid major damage

Stay out of the AoE markers to avoid major damage (left), similar to Shockwave, but all pillars are affected. (right)

Shockwave Combo

Similar to Shockwave but all the pillars pulse shockwaves in unison, stay away from the pillars to this has finished. This does major damage and can wipe your party if you get hit by it.

Glyph Explosion

Conjures glyphs underneath you that explode almost instantly, dodge as soon as the glyph is on you.

(1 of 2) As the Glyph appears underneath you, dodge to avoid some major damage

As the Glyph appears underneath you, dodge to avoid some major damage (left), when the Boss has almost been defeated, you’ll need to destroy three pillars or it will regenerate health. (right)

Terra Resurgence

When the Hypostasis is almost defeated, it will make its way to the center of the arena where it will have three pillars surrounding it, this lasts for about 10-15 seconds and the goal here is to destroy all the pillars, if you don’t then it will recover 10% - 15% health per pillar left.


Bring along a party with access to Claymores, so Beidou, Chongyun, Diluc, Razor and Noelle. Noelle can also fill the position of shield user to negate the Bosses attacks.

(1 of 2) When the Shell is covering the core, the Boss will be impervious to damage

When the Shell is covering the core, the Boss will be impervious to damage (left), when the core is visible, you’ll have a several seconds to pile on the damage, high burst characters is key here. (right)

The quickest way to defeat this particular Hypostasis is to use your Claymore users to lower the pillars health to as low as you can and then destroy it when the Boss is on top of it, this will stun it for about 10 seconds and leave it vulnerable. Sometimes you will see a small yellow object by the pillar when it casts Shockwave Combo, destroy this and it will create a force field around the pillar that negates all damage and allows you to continue attacking the pillar.

Destroying this object will create a force field around you and the pillar negating all damage.


Use the Original Resin to obtain your rewards.

Upon completion you must touch the Trounce Blossom and spend 60 Original Resin to claim the boss rewards. The drops consist of Artifacts and Character Ascension Materials. You’ll only have to wait five minutes to attempt the boss again or you can teleport to another location and back again for an instant respawn.

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