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Genshin Impact

Act I: Shadow of the Past

Matt Chard

This page is designed to guide you through Eula’s story quest “Shadow of the Past” which is the first quest in Act I of her quest line “The Spindrift Shall Never Return to the Sea”.

Action shot of Eula dodging a bullet.

Unlock Criteria

Location Requirements
Knights of Favonius Headquarters, Mondstadt Adventure Rank 40, 1 Story Key.
Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards
Genshin Impact Screenshot375 Genshin Impact Screenshot22,000 heros_wit_Items_Genshin_Impact.png2 Genshin Impact Screenshot5


Master Jean has a special task for you. Head to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters to find out more. You try to connect with a member of the Lawrence Clan, but to your surprise, you are turned away. You then run into Amber. She recommends that you get in touch with a fellow Knight of Favonius, Eula Lawrence, who is currently out in the wild on an assignment.


  1. Talk to Master Jean
  2. Look for the former aristocrat in the city
  3. Return to the Knights Headquarters and discuss the counterplan
  4. Go to Stormbearer Mountains and find Eula
  5. Defeat the Fatui nearby

Talk to Master Jean

This quest starts off with you needing to speak to Jean, who can be found at the Knights of Favonius Headquarters, in Mondstadt. You are warned that he can be difficult to get along with. Teleport to the Waypoint above it, and enter the HQ. Take the first door to the left, and approach her for a scene. The Knights need your assistance regarding the Lawrence Clan, and apparently they don’t see eye to eye, which is where you come in. According to multiple reports, someone within the Lawrence Clan is having dealings with the Fatui, but the Knights can’t intervene without concrete proof, she’ll tell you that you need to speak to Schubert, who can be found taking strolls by the northern walls of Mondstadt. You are warned that he can be difficult to get along with.

Look for the former aristocrat in the city

Exit the HQ, and head northeast, towards the City Reputation coordinator, Hertha. Schubert can be found over the wall behind her. Approach him, and you’ll get a scene. Paimon greets him, but he doesn’t seem to be fond of the way she went about it. It appears he lives in a bygone era where nobles were to be greeted with proper etiquette, something which Paimon clearly lacks. He refuses to talk to you due to your lack of manners, and goes on his way.

Schubert will refuse to talk to you after being offended by your lack of etiquette.

Return to the Knights Headquarters and discuss the counterplan

It seems you need to think of a different way to talk to him, teleport back to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters, and as you approach the door, you’ll get a scene. You’ll find Amber exiting the HQ, and she’ll greet you. You tell her your predicament, and she’ll suggest speaking with her friend Eula, who also happens to be a part of the Lawrence Clan, but she is the black sheep of the family, and doesn’t get on with them. Apparently she should be on patrol in Stormbearer Mountains.

Amber will suggest speaking to her good friend, Eula.

Go to Stormbearer Mountains and find Eula

Teleport to the Stormbearer Mountains, and head west, over the mound, and you’ll have to fight a group of Fatui.

Defeat the Fatui nearby

You’ll have to fight two groups here, the first consists of one
Geochanter Bracer, one Pyroslinger Bracer, and one Anemoboxer Vanguard. These can hit quite hard, so having someone like Noelle or Zhongli for their shields helps a bit.

The Fatui Skirmishers can be tough opponents if you don’t know what order to take them out.

Take out the Anemoboxer first as it can protect its allies by generating a shield which will negate any damage from the direction the shield is facing, they can also absorb elements from your attacks, and use them against you. They have no particular weakness, so use a combination of elements like Cryo and Electro for the Superconduct debuff, this’ll reduce its physical resistance, making it easier to take out.

Make the Geochanter your next victim as it can protect its allies with a giant Geo dome, when it does this, it won’t be able to perform any actions, use this time break its shield with Claymores or other explosions like the Overloaded effect (Electro and Pyro), Geo will also help take their shield away, another reason to bring Noelle or Zhongli along.

Finally, take out the Pyroslinger Bracer, these can do a lot of damage with their three-shot Pyro attack, thankfully this leaves them open for an attack, sprint/dodge behind them, and attack with a Hydro user, this’ll take their shield down quickly, giving you some time to take it out.

The Electrohammer Vanguard hits hard, but a Cryo user will take it out in no time.

After the first group is down, your next group is a singular Electrohammer Vanguard, although they hit hard, it’s probably the weakest out of the Skirmishers. A Cryo user will take them down in no time, the only attack to really watch out for is its Hammer Slam combo, it’ll start the attack with two hammer swings, and follow it up with a slam. When they’re all defeated, you’ll get a scene. Eula will appear out of nowhere, and save your hide. She’ll reprimand you for taking her targets, and vow vengeance against you, which leaves Paimon worried. You’ll tell her the reason you’re here, and she’ll agree to help you, if only to prove Schubert’s innocence, and it being an assignment from Jean. Paimon is left confused after dealing with her, due to her threats without any anger, but brushes it off with her being a “weirdo”. After the scene ends, so will the quest.

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