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Genshin Impact

Temple of the Lion

Ben Chard
Claire Farnworth
Matt Chard
, &
Shane Williams
How to Unlock Location
Reach Adventure Rank 18 Falcon Coast, Mondstadt


This used to be a temple devoted to the Lion of the South, but it has long been abandoned. Folklore tells that the dandelions commonly seen riding on the winds across Mondstadt symbolize the blessing of the Lion of the South.

Name Secret Hideout trial
Type Advanced Domains
Location Falcon Coast, Mondstadt
Adventure Rank: 18
Recommended Party Level: 30
Recommended Elements: Genshin Impact Screenshot


Icon Name Challenge
Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Hydro Slimes, Cryo Slimes, Large Cryo Slimes, Large Hydro Slimes, Cryo Hilichurl Shooters, Hydro Abyss Mages Defeat 20 enemies with no longer than 15 seconds between each kill, Defeat 7 enemies and must not be Frozen more than 5 times.

Recommended Party

You will need to bring along, one Electro, one Pyro and one Cryo character to make this Domain easier. The Pyro member should have access to AoE skills because the enemies are huddled together.

First Challenge

After interacting with the Electro torch to start the challenge you will have a timer of 15 seconds to defeat 20 enemies, each enemy defeated will add a few seconds on to that time. Start the battle off with an Electro skill which will trigger Superconduct on the Cryo Slimes and Electro-Charged on the Hydro Slimes which will deal continuous AoE Cryo and Electro damage, switch to your Pyro character and cast your AoE skills at the groups to take them down quickly, Pyro can also be used to break the Large Cryo Slimes shields.

(1 of 2) Keep moving to avoid being Frozen

Keep moving to avoid being Frozen (left), Pyro will also make their shield break but not as quickly as Cryo (right)

Second Challenge

After they have been defeated, a second challenge will immediately appear and will require you to defeat seven enemies without being frozen more that five times. The trick to this is to always be moving and to take out the Cryo Hilichurl Shooters as soon as possible, a Pyro attack or a charged melee attack will make quick work of them. The Hydro Abyss Mage can be a tough opponent if you can’t take its shield down, you can strip their shield down quickly if you use your Cryo skills on it, Cryo will also freeze them in place for a few seconds. Once they are dead, that will end the trial.

Secret Hideout Rewards

Primogems Mora Other Rewards Adventure Exp
Genshin Impact Screenshot40 Genshin Impact Screenshot20,000 Genshin Impact Screenshot1 Genshin Impact Screenshot1 Genshin Impact Screenshot6 Genshin Impact Screenshot3 Genshin Impact Screenshot400


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