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Chasm Spelunkers

Matt Chard

A walkthrough for the World Quest, “Chasm Spelunkers” in The Chasm. The quest is mandatory to progress the Archon Quest “In the Depths, an Unexpected Reunion”. This is the second part of The Chasm Delvers World Quest series.

Jinwu and Zhiqiong reminiscing about their time in the mines.

Chasm Spelunkers Rewards

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Next Quests
Genshin Impact Screenshot200 Genshin Impact Screenshot20,000 PrimogemItemsGenshinImpact.png30 heroswitItemsGenshinImpact.png2 LumenstoneOreItemsGenshinImpact.png1 The Heavenly Stone’s Debris


Now that you have destroyed the Bedrock Keys, the seal on The Chasm has now come undone. It is time to venture into the depths below. Having entered The Chasm’s lower layers, you can see the great infrastructural works within and comprehend how lively this place must once have been, despite its current desolation… Regardless, it is an adventurer’s duty to explore the area.


  1. Enter the mines of The Chasm
  2. Go to the designated location to investigate / Investigate the Lumenspar near the camp
  3. Look for clues as to Uncle He’s whereabouts (0/3)
  4. Tell Jinwu about what you’ve discovered of Uncle He’s whereabouts
  5. Go to the exploration team’s camp
  6. Look for Zhiqiong, who went off on her own
  7. Complete Zhiqiong’s commission (0/2)
    7a. Meeting New People… and Foiling Some Bandits
    7b. First Miasmic Contact
  8. Return to the exploration team’s camp

Enter the mines of The Chasm

This quest is unlocked immediately after completing “Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering”. Now that you have destroyed the seals to the mine, you now have the opportunity to explore them. Make your way to the center of the area where “The Chasm’s Maw” is on the map, and drop in the hole which has now been opened up.

The Underground Mine is in the center of The Chasm.

You’ll get a short scene with Zhiqiong and Jinwu reminiscing on their previous delves. Jinwu will notice that the Lumenspar has grown all the way down here too which wasn’t the case the last time they were down here. After the scene is over, your objective will be to investigate the Lumenspar near the camp.

Go to the designated location to investigate / Investigate the Lumenspar near the camp

Make your way southeast towards the gleaming blue crystal. This is a Lumenspar. When you collect it, you’ll get a short scene and Paimon will mention that the Lumenspar looks just like your Lumenstone Adjuvant and suggests you take a look. They react to each other due to the Adjuvant being made with materials from the Lumenspar, explains Jinwu before she tells you that they need to set up a temporary camp.

Furthermore, she’ll tell you that if you find anything strange nearby make sure to tell her. Zhiqiong will then bring up a story from the past about “Uncle He”. Apparently he was a senior in the mines and disappeared several years ago. She believes him to still be alive due to his knowledge of mines and their safety precautions. She’ll ask for a favor from you and tell you if you could search for any clues that could explain where he went.

Look for clues as to Uncle He’s whereabouts (0/3)

Whilst Zhiqiong and Jinwu prepare the camp, you’ll have to find three clues about Uncle He’s disappearance which can be found in the vicinity.

  • From the waypoint, follow the wooden platform to the west until you reach a bridge. Go across the bridge, heading southeast. As you reach the end of the bridge, turn south to an area covered with purple goo. There’ll be a couple of wooden crates against the wall with the diary fragment being on the one on the right.

  • From the waypoint, drop off the edge to the southwest, near where the crane elevator is, you’ll see a wooden structure. The diary fragment will be on the side of an ore crate on the shelf there.

  • On the bottom floor, southeast from the waypoint, a broken crate next to the white tent with a lumenlamp next to it will contain a diary fragment. This tent will originally be guarded by Treasure Hoarders.

(1 of 3) The first Diary Fragment can be found on the crates near the purple goo.

Tell Jinwu about what you’ve discovered of Uncle He’s whereabouts

Make your way back to Jiwun and tell her what you’ve found out about Uncle He. Black Magma, Lumenstone, and mushrooms doesn’t sound particularly healthy, and Jinwu suggests heading back to the encampment.

Go to the exploration team’s camp

You can find the exploration team’s camp by dropping to the floor, and heading southeast through the cave. At the end of the path, glide down to the northeast where you’ll find a broken wooden bridge with a Lumenspar on the other side. Glide across the gap and pick the Lumenspar up and follow the path northeast. Follow the wooden path until you find a waypoint to unlock. From the waypoint, head north, and you’ll get a scene.

It appears that Zhiqiong has disappeared, but Jinwu tells you not to worry as she is probably off somewhere charting her maps, but it’s probably best to check up on her anyway. After the scene ends, a part of the map will uncover itself, and you’ll be able to upgrade the Adjuvant by collecting Lumenspar and talking to Jinwu. From this point onwards, you can recharge the Lumenlamps to provide some light in this dank place.

Look for Zhiqiong, who went off on her own

So where could’ve Zhiqiong went? Start off by gliding east making sure to pick up the Lumenspar resting on top of the wooden plank. Now drop to the floor and continue east where you’ll find Zhiqiong standing by the broken bridge. Head over to her for a scene, and she’ll tell you that she’s studying the terrain as well as drawing a map.

You can find Zhiqiong by the broken bridge to the east.

Apparently, she found the way ahead was blocked by some…strange stuff. She’ll ask you to take some pictures of it after she conveniently dropped her Kamera whilst descending into the mines. This will now give you two commissions that must be completed to continue on with the quest.

Complete Zhiqiong’s commission (0/2)

The two commissions that need to be completed are “First Miasmic Contact” and “Meeting New People… and Foiling Some Bandits”.

Meeting New People… and Foiling Some Bandits

The party release Clitopho from his cage.

As you explore the lower levels of The Chasm, you discover Treasure Hoarders. If they think you’ll let them do things as they please down here, then they’ve got another thing coming!

Go to the campsite that has been occupied by Treasure Hoarders

Start with Meeting New People… and Foiling Some Bandits as that is the closest one to you. Glide southeast towards the wooden platform which has a Lumenspar on it. Pick it up and jump over the southeastern fence towards the waypoint. To unlock it, wait near the eastern fence for a lift to jump on, and ride it to the top. From the waypoint, jump northeast and glide down to the quest location. As you land, there are a group of Treasure Hoarders to defeat.

(1 of 2) As you approach the quest location, you'll find out the area is overrun with Treasure Hoarders and that they have a captive.

As you approach the quest location, you'll find out the area is overrun with Treasure Hoarders and that they have a captive. (left), After the battle, release Clitopho from his cage. (right)

Go to the campsite that has been occupied by Treasure Hoarders

Take them out and open the cage for a scene. You’ll find out that this is the same person that sold fake medicine at the mine. Although he denies it, and tells you his name is Clitopho. The conversation goes back and forth, and it’s clear he isn’t the most trustworthy person. Before you can interrogate him, Zhiqiong will interrupt and tell you to take him back to the camp. He asks you to bring him along and tells you he has a knack for making explosives which could be useful for later.

Go to the second occupied camp

With the first camp dealt with, it’s time to head to the second. Follow the path south and you’ll find another camp with Treasure Hoarders, once again, defeat them to update your objective.

Examine the giant cannon in the depths of the tunnels

In the middle of the camp is a giant cannon, head over to it for a scene. Clitopho will check it over for any problems it may have. Apparently it’s in good condition, great even! But it doesn’t matter as it has no cannon shot. Zhiqiong will tell you about a nearby Storehouse that should have some.

(1 of 2) After the Treasure Hoarders have been dealt with, interact with the large cannon in the camp for a cutscene.

After the Treasure Hoarders have been dealt with, interact with the large cannon in the camp for a cutscene. (left), Head northwest to find the locked Storehouse Gate. (right)

Go to the storehouse in which the cannonballs are stored

Head northwest where you’ll find a large locked gate. As you approach it, you’ll find out that it requires two Storehouse Security Keys to be used in tandem to open it. Zhiqiong suggests telling Jinwu about the gate to see if she knows where to find the keys. After the scene, the commission will end.

First Miasmic Contact

The party notice a mysterious figure where the second anomaly should've been, who could this be?

Investigate the mysterious environs beneath the stone and take pictures related to the black mud.

Head to investigate the site of the first anomaly

For the second commission, teleport to the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel waypoint and make your way south. Head up the wooden platform, and you’ll find a thin rope going across to the other side of the mine. Slowly make your way across there to find a waypoint. Unlock it, and head east, up several flights of wooden stairs until you reach a ladder.

Climb the ladder and head west across the long wooden bridge. Defeat any enemies in your way, and head southwest up another couple of stairs and enter the cave. Follow the mine tracks south whilst avoiding the exploding flowers, and at the end of the track you’ll see a Lumenspar. Interact with it to take a photo, and defeat the two Abyss Mages that spawn.

(1 of 3) Navigate carefully across the thin rope to make it over to the other side of the mine.

Head to investigate the site of the second anomaly

Head southwest until you reach the quest location where you’ll get a scene. Zhiqiong will mention how the anomaly had disappeared before the group notices a suspicious figure leaving the area although Zhiqiong didn’t see it. After the scene has ended, the commission will end. Now it’s time to continue on with the World Quest.

Return to the exploration team’s camp

Head back to the exploration camp by teleporting to the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel waypoint and head over to Zhiqiong. She’ll thank you for your help and reward you with a Lumenstone Ore which is needed to level up the Adjuvant. This will complete the World Quest.


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