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Act 1: The Wind Settles

Matt Chard

This is a walkthrough for Kamisato Ayato’s Story Quest “The Wind Settles” which is the final quest in the Cypressus Custos Chapter: Act 1, The Firmiana Leaf Falls. Here, you’ll find a complete walkthrough for the entire quest.

Everyone is at the Kamisato Estate. What could be going on?

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Requirements Next Quests
Genshin Impact Screenshot550 Genshin Impact Screenshot31,125 PrimogemItemsGenshinImpact.png60 GuidetoEleganceMaterialsGenshinImpact.png5heroswitItemsGenshinImpact.png4 Genshin Impact Screenshot7 Adventure Rank 40, Complete: Omnipresence Over Mortals - Chapter 2: Act 3, Reflections of Mortality, Chisato’s Letter World Quest. One Story Key.


Ayato claims that your job is done and all that remains is to wait for the Kanjou Commission’s internal reaction. Will things really proceed as he thinks they will?


  1. Wait for two days
  2. Go to Ritou to check on the situation / Talk to the people of Ritou (0/3)
  3. Meet and talk to Hiiragi Chisato
  4. Go to the Kamisato Estate and meet Ayato / Talk to Kamisato Ayato

Wait for two days

The final quest of Act 1 starts off with you having to wait for two days. Open up your clock, and make two full spins of it to pass two days.

Head to Ritou in the center of the small island after you've waited for two days.

Go to Ritou to check on the situation / Talk to the people of Ritou (0/3)

After waiting for the two days, you’ll need to head to Ritou to check up on the situation. Use either of the two teleports, and make your way to the center of the small island. When you get there, you’ll need to talk to three people. These people are all in Ritou, and more or less near each other. The people that you need to speak to are:

  • Sasano and Kaede - These two will have a conversation amongst each other. They’ll notice that the Tenryou Commission has been there for days now, and Kaede will mention that she thinks they’re here to pick up Lady Chisato. Sasano heard something different, that the Kanjou Commission didn’t want her to leave.

  • Hatanaka - You’ll ask him what the Tenryou Commission is doing here, and he’ll tell you that they’re here to escort Lady Chisato, but the Hiiragi Clan keep delaying things. Furthermore, if they keep delaying, they might get orders to be less accommodating.

  • Hideo and Yasuaki - If you remember Hideo is Matsuura’s informant, and he even looks worried. He tells Yasuaki that his Master (Matsuura) has been on edge the last couple of days. Hideo suggests that they talk to their Master straight away to discuss their plan about Lady Chisato.

(1 of 3) Hideo is worried that his Master, Matsuura had been on edge the last couple of days.

It looks like the seeds that Ayato has planted are starting to take shape. The public aren’t really sure what’s happening, and the Hiiragi Clan is in a state of panic, but most of all, Lady Chisato is at the center of every conversation. This should prove to the Kanjou Commission how important she really is, but Paimon would like to know what Lady Chisato thinks about the situation.

Meet and talk to Hiiragi Chisato

Make your way to the Hiiragi estate, and you’ll find Lady Chisato at the top of the stairs. Speak to her, and she’ll ask you what’s going on. You’ll explain the situation to her after moving to a more secluded area to avoid any eavesdroppers. Lady Chisato will tell you that since the Tenryou Commission arrived, her subordinates have not allowed her to have any contact with them as well as having secretive discussions.

You’ll ask her if she’s made her mind up about marrying Kujou Kamaji, and she’ll tell you that she unfortunately hasn’t. It’s obvious that what Ayato told her is playing on her mind, especially the part about this being her bright and beautiful future. In the middle of your conversation, Matsuura interrupts it, and notices that you were with Ayato the other day. He straight away thinks that you’re trying to lure Lady Chisato away before she explains to him that you are just friends.

Lady Chisato will be at the top of the stairs in her estate.

Out of nowhere, Lady Chisato starts acting like a leader, and puts Matsuura in his place. She tells him that the situation is out of hand, and all she wants is an explanation about his part in this mess, and for him to take responsibility for his action. After a brief pause of silence, Matsuura agrees to her demands, and takes off.

Once he’s gone, Paimon will congratulate Lady Chisato on the way that she handled the situation. A while later, Matsuura will return with his tail tucked between his legs. He’ll tell Lady Chisato, after reflecting on their mistakes, that he’s sorry for their radical and duplicitous actions, and begs you a second chance. You’ll tell him that he’ll have to ask that from Ayato. Matsuura will agree, and tells you that he’ll head to the Kamisato Estate straight away.

Go to the Kamisato Estate and meet Ayato / Talk to Kamisato Ayato

Teleport to the Kamisato Estate, and enter the headquarters. Make your way to the back, and talk to Ayato for a scene. Matsuura immediately starts apologizing to Ayato for his atrocious actions, and Ayato rather rudely tells him that he has no time for small talk, and suggests he gets to the point. Furthermore, Matsuura tells him that they realize their apology won’t mean much to him, but they realize now how important Lady Chisato is to them, and they will support her 100% going forward.

Ayato will make Matsuura squirm for a bit, and make him feel even more guilty than already does, but he’ll agree to help him for the sake of the public in Ritou as well as Lady Chisato. The reason for this is that they are all innocent in this game and don’t deserve it. We all know that this was all part of Ayato’s plan, so he won’t need to do anything as Kujou Kamaji was a part of the plan all along. Matsuura will thank Ayato for his help, and leave you and Ayato alone. The scene will switch, and you’ll be with Ayato and Lady Chisato.

You’ll talk for a bit with the both of them, and Ayato will talk a bit about his past, which’ll explain to you how he knew what to do in a situation like this. Lady Chisato will thank Ayato for everything he’s done, and she tells you that she’ll use this opportunity to take over the responsibilities of the Hiiragi Clan, and then she’ll think about marriage at a later date. This’ll mean she can put less pressure on Kamaji, and that she can support and protect herself without having to be a burden. She’ll thank you all once again before leaving, and you’ll have a little chat with Ayato. He’ll explain to you a bit about the politics of the Tri-Commission before he thanks you for your help. The scene will end shortly after as will Act 1 of Ayato’s story.

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