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Genshin Impact


Matt Chard
Sophia Hayes
Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, Fontaine, Natlan, Snezhnaya, and Sumeru as well as other nations like Celestia, Dragonspine, and Khaenri’ah.

World Map of Teyvat.

Source: Genshin Impact Official Website

Interactive Map

Please check out our Teyvat Interactive Map. Please note, this is currently a work in progress.

Major Nations

Emblem Element Nations Archon Theme
Genshin Impact Screenshot Anemo (Wind) Mondstadt Barbatos (Venti) Germany
Genshin Impact Screenshot Geo (Earth) Liyue Rex Lapis (Zhongli) China
Genshin Impact Screenshot Electro (Lightning) Inazuma The Immortal Shogun (Baal) Japan
Genshin Impact Screenshot Dendro (Nature) Sumeru God of Wisdom Middle East/India
Genshin Impact Screenshot Hydro (Water) Fontaine God of Justice France
Genshin Impact Screenshot Pyro (Fire) Natlan Murata Unknown
Genshin Impact Screenshot Cryo (Frost) Snezhnaya The Tsaritsa Russia

Other Nations


Dragonspine was originally known as Vindagnyr during the period before “Durin’s Fall”. Situated at the southern point of the Mondstadt region. It’s known for its harsh climate, and it’s dangerous nature, which is why it’s often ignored by the people of Mondstadt. Said to host many secrets and peculiarities like how the snow never melts regardless of the weather it’s having.

Before Durin’s Fall, Dragonspine was a verdant and lush piece of land, which had a kingdom with a gifted princess who could foretell through her visions and paintings. All this was brought to an end when the Skyfrost Nail, found at the peak of Dragonspine, came crashing down and destroyed the silver ley line tree on the mountain, this in turn, caused the lush climate it originally was to dramatically change it to the harsh frozen climate it is currently known for.


Khaenri’ah was an ancient civilization that was destroyed 500 years ago with the fall of the Eclipse Dynasty. Little is known about the country, except that it was an underground civilization that relied on the Art of Khemia (a form of life-giving alchemy) to survive. For unknown reasons, it’s said to have been destroyed by the gods who reside in Celestia as well as the current seven Archons. After speaking with Dainsleif, an immortal royal guard of the Eclipse Dynasty during the Archon quests in Chapter I: Act IV - We Will Be Reunited , you’ll find out that monsters were created by an Alchemist going by the name “Gold” which wreaked havoc among the citizens of Khaenri’ah. As of right now, it’s not known which of these catastrophes happened first.


Not much is known about Celestia other than it’s a mysterious location, which many people don’t understand. According to rumors, it’s suggested that it’s a heaven like place where the gods reside. Also, rumors suggest that mortals who perform heroic feats can ascend, and obtain godhood. Any human with a Vision is considered to have the potential to reach such lofty goals.

In certain areas in Teyvat like Mondstadt’s statue in the plaza, Stormterrors Lair, Minlin, and Qingyun Peak, Celestia can be seen far above the sky as a floating island.


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