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Further Observation

Matt Chard

This is a walkthrough for the Archon Quest, “Further Observation” which is the second quest of Chapter 3: Act 1 – Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark which was added with version 3.0.

Collei isn't happy that she can't come on patrol today.

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Previous Quest Next Quest
Genshin Impact Screenshot575 Genshin Impact Screenshot22,775 heroswitItemsGenshinImpact.png2 Genshin Impact Screenshot4 A Forest of Change Chronic Illness


You can’t be said to have really settled into rehabilitation at Gandharva Ville yet, but you can still ask Collei for some information.


  1. Find Collei
  2. Check the lamps along the path
  3. Go to the Statue of the Seven
  4. Meet up with Collei
  5. Return to Gandharva Ville
  6. Wait until 08:00 the following day

Find Collei

Make your way over to Collei, who can be found at the top of the wooden path in Gandharva Ville, and you’ll get a short scene. Collei and Tighnari will be having a conversation and she’ll tell him that she hasn’t received the patrol logs for the day. Tighnari will tell Collei that because the patrol will be a long one, so she shouldn’t come along. After they continue on for a bit, he’ll mention that there could be a chance encounter, although this won’t make any sense to you right now.

You can find Collei talking to Tighnari in the center of the village.

This upsets Collei who claims she has a vision too, and it doesn’t make any sense that she’s not considered for the patrol too. As Tighnari tries to calm her down, you and Paimon will interrupt their conversation and offer them any help with their patrols if they need any. Tighnari will propose that you head out on patrol with Collei to the southern area of the rainforest. Amir will call out to Tighnari to tell him that they’re ready to head out, and he’ll leave any further details to Collei.

While Collei tells you what you’ll be doing on patrol, Paimon mentions that cleaning the Statue of the Seven doesn’t really seem like a Forest Ranger duty, but Collei will explain to her that the Forest Ranger’s responsibilities can be diverse, as she tells you what that in entails.

Check the lamps along the path

When the scene ends, and you regain control. Head out of the village, and follow the path east where you’ll find the first lamp to check which is near the pack mule on your right. Continue traveling down the path, and you’ll find the next lamp will be on your left. Finally, the third lamp will be a little further down on your right. Once you’re finished checking all the lamps, it’ll be time to head towards the Statue of the Seven.

(1 of 3) The first lamp will next to the pack mule.

Go to the Statue of the Seven

The Statue of the Seven will be on top of the large rock formation to your south. As you approach it you’ll get a short scene. Collei will show you where the large rock formation is that the statue sits upon. She’ll let you know that if you don’t want to climb up there due to its height, Tighnari would be OK if the statue doesn’t get cleaned. You’ll tell her that you’re fine with it as you’re a pretty good climber anyway.

Before you go on your rock-climbing expedition Paimon will ask if Collei knows anything about the Dendro Archon. Collei inquiries which Archon that you’re talking about, Greater Lord Rukkhadevata or Lesser Lord Kusanali. This surprises Paimon for a split-second before she confirms with Collei that the Greater Lord Rukkhadevata was the previous Dendro Archon. Apparently, this Dendro Archon was responsible for creating the lush rainforests in Sumeru as well as the Wall of Samiel which surrounds the desert which provides a peaceful life to its citizens.

Furthermore, Greater Lord Rukkhadevata was not only seen as a symbol of wisdom in Sumeru, but a symbol of kindness also, but unfortunately she disappeared in the great calamity a few hundred years ago. The sages later found a newly born Dendro Archon and took her back to Sumeru which is how Lesser Lord Kusanali came to be. Paimon asks Collei what happened next, and she’ll reveal that she’s not sure. Paimon will ask Collei if this may be because she’s speaking to strangers, but Collei quickly informs you it’s nothing like that, and she doesn’t consider you two as strangers.

Collei shows a lot of enthusiasm when speaking about Amber, it appears she really admires her.

She’ll change the subject, and ask if you know Amber. When you tell her that you do, Collei reveals that she lived in Mondstadt for a while, and she became good friends with Amber during this time. The conversation turns Collei into a complete fangirl of Amber as she explains in great detail the way she looks up to her. Paimon will query how Collei knew that you knew Amber, and she’ll explain that they keep in touch via letters regularly after her stay in Mondstadt, and Amber mentioned to her how a blonde traveler, and their floating companion protected Mondstadt from a fearsome dragon.

Whe she saw you passed out yesterday during her patrol, she immediately realized that you were the people that Amber was talking about in the letters, but she didn’t want to ask you due to the ordeals that you had been through that day. She brought all this up to show why she doesn’t consider you as strangers and the only reason she isn’t telling you more about the Archons. But the reason is because she really doesn’t know anymore than she has already told you as she was away for a while, and she hasn’t read any books about them either since she returned.

Out of nowhere, Collei questions why you want to know about the Dendro Archon, and this causes you to explain your story to her. After you finish telling her about it, she’ll thanks you for trusting her with it, before Paimon suggests you better get on with cleaning the Statue of the Seven.

The deity carved on top of the Statue resembles Lesser Lord Kusanali more so than Greater Lord Rukkhadevata.

Once the scene has ended, climb up the large rock formation any way you want as there isn’t a specific method to do so, and reach the statue for another scene. As Paimon looks to the top of the statue, she’ll notice that the deity carved on top does appear on the smaller side when you think about it, and she’ll ask if you which of the Dendro Archons you think it is, Greater Lord Rukkhadevata or Lesser Lord Kusanali. The answer doesn’t matter so choose whatever you feel is correct. After your brief conversation, it’s time to clean the statue, Paimon will take the top half while you can clean the bottom.

Meet up with Collei

When you’re done with the cleaning, jump off the rock formation, and glide to the north where you’ll find Collei sitting down on a log next to the path. Head over to her for a scene and she’ll propose taking a break as you must be tired from all that climbing. She’ll take out some food and water, and an inquisitive Paimon will inquire what type of food Collei brought. It appears that Collei made a portable dish that the Forest Rangers like to eat called “Pita Pockets”. Yum.

As Collei goes to hand them over to you, she drops them on the floor in typical Collei fashion and this event naturally causes Paimon to panic due to her love for food, but thankfully, Collei reassures Paimon that they’re OK as they have been wrapped in several layers of oiled paper which will protect them. As you enjoy the meal, Paimon will compliment the chef which makes her happy and she tells you that she’ll give you the recipe for it sometime.

Collei appears to be rather clumsy or maybe there is a reason for this?

Once you’ve finished the meal, Paimon will think back to how Collei dropped the food and she rather rudely tells her that for someone so diligent that can be so clumsy. While you conversate with each other Paimon asks Collei if she thinks that Tighnari is a bit too strict with her. She brings this up as she noticed he won’t let her touch anything without permission. Collei reassures her that after some time you’ll come to find that Tighnari is very kind-hearted person. Furthermore, he allegedly comes from an ancient and mysterious race known who are known for their wit and reclusive nature which if true would explain him a bit better.

Another interesting thing about Tighnari is that he keeps getting job offers from the sages from Akademiya which resides in Sumeru City due to his extensive knowledge of plants, but Tighnari doesn’t seem too keen on joining them as he keeps declining their offers. This is because he wants to stay a Forest Ranger, and pass on his knowledge to new recruits like Collei. You continue talking and Paimon brings up that Tighnari was the person who carried you to the village after you passed out yesterday, but he spent the entire time scolding Paimon during the trip.

"Paimonial Wrath" causes Collei to sceam at Paimon as she runs away from her.

Collei makes a little fun of Paimon’s overreaction as she was screaming “is he going to die” repeatedly and this causes you and Collei to laugh. In typical Paimon fashion, she tells Collei that she’ll bring out her “Paimonial wrath”, and starts heading towards Collei, and touches her in a jokingly manner, but for whatever reason, she doesn’t take it this way, and exclaims “Don’t touch me” at Paimion while she runs away to get away from her. Paimon apologizes for scaring her, as that wasn’t her intention and Collei will accept her apology and offer the same sentiment back to Paimon as she didn’t mean to overreact. Collei, who still looks upset suggests that you should head back to the village as it’s getting late before she rushes off back to the village on her own.

Return to Gandharva Ville

When you regain control, head back to the village by taking the path west for another scene. Nasrin will greet you, and you’ll ask if she saw Collei. She’ll divulge to you that she went to her room, and Paimon will tell you that you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to speak to her.

You'll find out from Nasrin that Collei has gone to her room, and you'll need to wait until tomorrow before you can talk to her again.

Wait until 08:00 the following day

When the scene ends, go into the menu, and change the time to some point after 08:00 am. This will complete the quest, and the next quest “Chronic Illness” will immediately start.


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