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Genshin Impact

Rite of Descension

Matt Chard

How to complete the Archon Quest Rite of Descension

This page is designed to help you progress through the main story quest, known as Archon Quests in Genshin Impact. This specific page is the first quest of Chapter 1, Act 1: Of the Land Amidst the Monoliths, and will guide you where you need to go, and who you need to talk to.

The Traveler’s first time in Liyue Harbor.


In the land of Liyue by the sea, a city sits atop the solid bedrock. That city is Liyue Harbor, and it has flourished under the protection of its guardian Morax — also known as “Rex Lapis,” the Geo Archon you have been looking for. You could not have arrived at a more fortuitous time, as the annual “Rite of Descension” has just begun. Every year on this day, Rex Lapis graces this land with his prophecy, giving guidance on the economic path Liyue should follow in the coming year.


Adventure EXP Mora Primogems Other Rewards Next Quest
Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot An Impromptu Change of Plan


  1. Go to Liyue Harbor
  2. Talk to the locals (0/3)
  3. Go to Yujing Terrace
  4. Pray and make a wish at Yujing Terrace (0/2)
  5. Join the crowd and wait for the Rite to begin
  6. Escape from the Millelith
  7. Talk to Childe at the Northland Bank

Go to Liyue Harbor

This quest has you go to a new region, Liyue. The easiest way to get there, is by teleporting to the western Dawn Winery waypoint, and following it west until you get past Stone Gate, then follow the path all the way to the south, until you reach Liyue, make sure to unlock any teleport waypoint on your way, to make easier for you to traverse later. Use the map below to help you navigate.

(1 of 2) Starting near the Dawn Winery, follow the path west to the Stone gate

Starting near the Dawn Winery, follow the path west to the Stone gate (left), then take the southern path all the way down to Liyue. (right)

Once you have arrived in Liyue, head across the large bridge, and your objective will be east of the upper Liyue Harbor waypoint. When you get there, you’ll get a scene, and Paimon will tell you that, if seeing the Geo Archon was your goal, now is the only time to do it, otherwise you’ll need to wait for another year. She’ll also suggest asking some locals to find out when the Rite of Descension begins.

Talk to the locals (0/3)

You’ll need to speak with three of the locals to be exact, these people are, Linlang, Guanhai, and Bolai.

  • Linlang - She can be found by running south until you reach the stairs to the west, then follow the stairs up, and she’ll be talking to Gentry De’an to your right.

  • Guanhai - Continue on, up the stairs, and you’ll see Guanhai in front of you.

  • Bolai - Bolai can be found just north of Guanhai.

After talking to all three, you’ll find out some lore about the Rite, and Liyue in general, it appears that the Rite will be happening today, and Yujing Terrace is the place, where it’ll be happening.

Go to Yujing Terrace

Yujing Terrace can be found in the southwestern part of the upper half of Liyue. The quickest way to get there, is by teleporting to the upper Liyue Harbor waypoint, heading west a little, until you reach the stairs with the two guards, then follow the path northwest, and take the south path, at the crossroad. Follow that all the way up, then walk north.

Pray and make a wish at Yujing Terrace (0/2)

As you reach the terrace, you’re objective will update, asking you to pray, and make a wish. Head northeast, and place an incense at the censer for a short scene involving Ivanovich, a traveling merchant, apparently Rex Lapis, the Geo Archon, sometimes makes an appearance at the Rite of Descension. After the scene ends, head north, and do the same there, for another short scene, this time with another merchant, Changshun, she’ll give you another incense for the censer, so you can make another wish.

Join the crowd and wait for the Rite to begin

Head back to the crowd, and as you walk up to the center, you’ll get a scene. You’ll see Ningguang for the first time here, and she’ll perform the Rite. As she performs it, things go wrong, and Rex Lapis, crashes down in the center of the terrace. Ningguang checks on its vital signs, and tells the guards that Rex Lapis has been killed, and demands that all exits be sealed.

Escape from the Millelith

The guards are arresting anybody who was too close. Paimon tells you that you was also too close, and between the two of you, you decide to make a run for it. Whenever you’re near a guard, an eye icon will start filling up, if it fills up completely, you’ll be caught. You can make a mad dash straight forward, through all the guards, and with a bit of luck, you won’t fully alert them, if that is too risky for you, slowly navigate your way north, whilst avoiding the Millelith. Once you get to the objective marker, you’ll get a scene. In the scene, you’ll get spotted, and run away from the Millelith. At the bottom of the stairs, you’ll get surrounded, and you’ll pull out your sword to fight them, before you know it, you’ll be saved by a mysterious stranger who’ll take out the Millelith for you, and run off to a more secluded spot.

Paimon will ask the stranger who he is, and he’ll tell you to call him Childe. After some mocking from Paimon, he’ll tell you that the name he gave you is only an alias, and then he’ll ask if you came by someone called Signora in Mondstadt. Paimon will come to the conclusion that he is, one of the Fatui, and a Harbinger at that, but he’ll tell you he’s not looking for a fight. Childe will tell you that he heard of your deeds in Mondstadt, and because of that, he had his eyes on you the entire time, and knows that you didn’t kill Rex Lapis, but he can’t tell the authorities as he’s a Fatui envoy from Snezhnaya, and there’s no way that they would trust him with something on this magnitude. Finally, he’ll mention that if you want to clear your names, head to the Northland Bank. After the scene ends, you’ll be rewarded with the achievement “Outlandish Behaviour”.

Talk to Childe at the Northland Bank

Northland Bank can be found by walking south, and then taking the red stairs up, follow the path up a few more flights of stairs, and you’ll see Childe waiting for you at the top, outside the Bank, talk to him for a scene, and he’ll hand over a sigil of permission to you, this will protect you from the “mighty and illuminated adepti” from bringing harm to you. You’ll find out a bit more about the Adepti, and where they reside, which is a stone forest known as Jueyun Karst, in the northwest of Liyue. Finally, he’ll tell you to seek them out, and ask for justice, shortly after, the scene will end, and so will the quest.

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