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Genshin Impact

The Ocean Pearl

Ben Chard
Claire Farnworth
Matt Chard
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Shane Williams
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  1. Demand an invitation from those aboard the ship.
  2. Talk to Qiu’ge
  3. Fetch 3 Qingxins for Qui’ge’s tea
  4. Talk to Qiu’ge
  5. Talk to Luoxia
  6. Talk to Pinghai

Finding the Pearl Galley

This Quest isn’t accepted like the majority of the quests. To begin this quest you will need to fly over to the ship Pearl Galley which will instantly give you a cut scene when you get on the deck.

(1 of 2) The Pearl Galley can be found east of Liyue Harbor

The Pearl Galley can be found east of Liyue Harbor (left), (right)

You will not make the distance by traditional means due to the lack of stamina, there are a few ways to get around this. By bringing two Anemo characters, this will give you a buff which decreases stamina consumption by 15%. Bringing Amber will decrease stamina consumption when gliding by 20%, bringing some Delicious Northern Smoked Chicken which restores stamina by 60 and can be used whilst gliding or swimming. Another way to get to the island is by using Cryo characters such as Kaeya or Chongyun to freeze the water and walking across but this can be time consuming, the easiest way to get on to the ship is by gliding over from the cliffs to the east of it, and using the rope to climb on to the deck.

Demand an invitation from those aboard the ship.

As you get to the Pearl Galley and onto its deck, you’ll have a cut scene which will start the quest. You’ll find out from Luoxia that you need an invitation to be on board, speak to the crew and see if they need help with anything. No-one will give you the time of day other than Cui’er, she wants you to deliver a letter to her lover back in Liyue Harbor, Chaoxi. Teleport back to Liyue Harbor and you’ll find Chaoxi on the bridge dividing the two sections of the Harbor, head back to Cui’er once you are done. This is all optional.

(1 of 2) Chaoxi can be found on a bridge dividing Liyue Harbor

Chaoxi can be found on a bridge dividing Liyue Harbor (left), you can find a Luxurious Chest at the back of the ship. (right)

Talk to Qiu’ge

The first step can be skipped if you bring Qui’ge three Qingxin flowers.

Qui’ge can be found at the front of the ship.

Fetch 3 Qingxins for Qui’ge’s tea

These can be found on top of the mountains around Qingce Village or purchased from Herbalist Gui at Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbor.

Talk to Qiu’ge

Speak to Qiu’ge again once you have procured the Qingxins then go and talk to Luoxia.

Talk to Luoxia

Luoxia can be found on top of the ships balcony which can be reached by climbing onto the fencing with lights hanging from it and then jump on to the roof in front of it.

(1 of 2) Luoxia is on the balcony overlooking the deck

Luoxia is on the balcony overlooking the deck (left), use the fence above the boatman to climb up and then jump to the roof in fron to reach her. (right)

Talk to Pinghai and return to Liyue Harbor.

Talk to Pinghai, the boatman below Luoxia and this will complete the quest. You can now use the boatman at Liyue Harbor to come back to the ship whenever you want.

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