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Act I: Teucer's Terrific Tour

Matt Chard
Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards
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The Snezhnayan boy that you met by chance while investigating the Ruin Guards turned out to be Childe’s younger brother Teucer. Childe requests that you keep his “identity” a secret, and that you give the boy a tour of Liyue.


  1. Take Teucer out to the toy store
  2. Bring Teucer to Wanmin Restaurant
  3. Bring Teucer to the wharf
  4. Bring Teucer to where Childe is
  5. Complete the Treasure Hoarder’s test by obtaining the treasure
  6. Talk to the member of the Treasure Hoarders
  7. Go to Childe’s location to look for Teucer
  8. Defeat all the Fatui recruits

Take Teucer out to the toy store

Childe will give you a pouch of 35,000 Mora to spend on his brother, you’ll take him to three places where you can haggle the price down, any remaining Mora will be yours.

Head down the red stairs, go southeast, across the bridge to where Granny Shan the toyseller is and you’ll get a cut scene, it appears Teucer wants a custom built kite, after some dialogue, a Barter box will appear, the lowest you can haggle Granny Shan down to is 8,000 Mora.

You can haggle Chef Mao down to 7,000 Mora.

Bring Teucer to Wanmin Restaurant

After that, you’ll take him east, around the corner from the Toyseller, to Wanmin Restaurant, talk to Chef Mao and after a short scene, you’ll get another Barter box, the lowest he’ll haggle to is 7,000 Mora which leaves you with a profit of 20,000.

Bring Teucer to the wharf

Paimon feels that you haven’t done enough to show Teucer Liyue and suggests you take him to the wharf, head east, to the docks and you’ll get another scene. Teucer will run off to the big metal hook which has piqued his interest, another short scene and he runs off again but this time to Uncle Gao’s Fishmonger, another scene ensues. Head to the boats with Teucer and he seems a little down, and he’ll say he misses his brother, Paimon suggest meeting up with Childe by the river near Qingxu Pool.

Bring Teucer to where Childe is

Go northeast from the Teleport Waypoint and glide down to the top of the hill, as you reach its peak, you’ll get a scene with Childe talking to the Treasure Hoarders, Teucer will interupt him and he’ll improvise with his cover story as a Toy Seller and after some back and forth, he’ll have to pass a test to show his worth to the Treasure Hoarders.

Complete the Treasure Hoarder’s test by obtaining the treasure

You’ll have 80 seconds to complete the test, start off by gliding north, through the accelerator ring then ride the wind current up, continue through the next five rings onto the next wind current. Head east and go through four more rings onto the third wind current, ride this up and then follow the rings counter-clockwise to one last wind current, ride this up through the last ring to reach the peak of the mountain where the treasure chest lies.

Talk to the member of the Treasure Hoarders

After completing the test, you’ll get a cut scene and the Treasure Hoarders have a discussion amongst themselves and come to the conclusion that Childe is not one to mess with and agree to pay the debt.

Go to Childe’s location to look for Teucer

Childe gets interrupted and has another errand to do which leaves Teucer dispirited, after a small chat with Paimon, you notice that he’s run off again and you know just where to, follow the path to the northwest and you’ll get a scene where Childe is talking to the Fatui recruits, once again he notices Teucer and changes his tune and tells the recruits that a training session should occur.

Defeat all the Fatui recruits

In this battle you’ll get to play as Childe as a trial character, his Elemental skill lets him switch between melee and ranged whilst his Elemental Burst will perform differently depending what stance he’s in.

In this battle, you’ll fight two groups of Fatui Skirmishers, the first group will consist of one Pyroslinger Bracer, one Cryogunner Legionnaire and one Electrohammer Vanguard, there is no immediate threat to take care off as they are all fairly tough but the Electrohammer can hit for major damage if it connects, so start with that, attacking it with Cryo will take down its Shield, once its Shield is down, it will be stunned momentarily.

Take out the Cryogunner next, these have a Cryo Mist skill where they’ll walk up to you whilst spraying you for moderate damage, attack from range with Pyro to break its Shield which will again, stun it for a few seconds. Finish the Pyroslinger last as they have nothing special to contend with other than some Pyro infused projectiles, break their Shield with any Hydro skills.

(1 of 2) The Electrohammer Vanguard hits hard, avoid its hammer slam at all costs

The Electrohammer Vanguard hits hard, avoid its hammer slam at all costs (left), take out the Hydrogunner first as it can heal its allies. (right)

The next group you’ll fight consists of one Anemoboxer Vanguard, one Hydrogunner Legionnaire and another Pyroslinger Bracer. You will want to prioritze the Hydrogunner first as it can and will heal its allies, strip its shield with Electro which will stun it, and then mix up some Pyro attacks for the damage bonus. Next up is the Anemoboxer, these are the quickest out of the lot and also have the ability to heal their team mates but not as often as the Hydrogunner, the strongest move to watch out for is when they put a vortex of Anemo on the ground which will pull you towards it and perform a punch that will deal elemental damage based on the element that they absorbed, lastly they can also bring back a downed enemy.

Use a combination of elements to trigger various statuses on to them as they don’t have any significant weakness. Once they’ve been defeated, you’ll get a cut scene and after it’s finished, the quest will end.


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