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Genshin Impact

How to play Peculiar Wonderland

Shane Williams

How to complete Peculiar Wonderland

This page is a walkthrough for the Windblume Festival gamemode “How to play Peculiar Wonderland’’. It will navigate you through the necessary steps to beat all mini games and how to acquire Peculiar Collab Coupons

Enter Peculiar Wonderland via the portal.

Unlock Peculiar Wonderland

Complete Peculiar Wonderland World Quest

Peculiar Wonderland Rewards

Completing Peculiar Wonderland will reward you with Peculiar Collab Coupons that you can use to purchase items from the Event Shop.

Is Peculiar Wonderland multiplayer?

Peculiar Wonderland can be played with friends or with random players by pressing “match” before entering the domain. This can make the mini games be significantly more fun and will increase your chances off acquiring all blessings for the trial.

Peculiar Wonderland Trial Enemies

Trial Enemy
Peculiar Conqueror 1 Pyro Regisvine
Peculiar Conqueror 2 2x Stonehide Lawachurl
Peculiar Conqueror 3 Ruin Guard, Ruin Grader, Anemo Samachurl, Hydro Samachurl
Peculiar Conqueror 4 Geovishap

Mini Games

Upon entering Peculiar Wonderland, you’ll be given one of the eight following challenges: Windblume Blessing, Stepping Stone Antics, The Great Bubble Crash, Bubble Speedster, One-Way Traffic, Barrage Minuet, No Landing! and Shimmering Path. You’ll need to complete three of these challenges to face the final trial. However, if you manage to collect all the flowers within the challenges you’ll acquire Blessings that’ll buff you in the trial.

(1 of 4) No Landing

  • Stepping Stone Antics

Stepping Stone Antics is a mini game that will require you to keep standing on the stones whilst avoiding the falling ones. To do this, wait until you see certain stones shaking, then move over to a stable one.

  • Windblume Blessing

Windblume Blessing is a mini game that’ll require you to collect as many flowers as possible within the time limit. However, you’ll see red Pyro Flowers which will explode causing you to lose Facundity upon contact.

  • The Great Bubble Crash / Bubble Speedster

The Great Bubble Crash and Bubble Speedster are mini games that’ll require you to collect flowers as you make your way to the end of the path whilst avoiding the bubbles which will cause you to get stuck if caught. To do this, you can hide in the gaps to the side or you can dash through the bubbles due to the invincibility frames.

  • One-Way Traffic

One-Way Traffic is a mini game that’ll require you to memorise the glowing path as well as the location of flowers. Thes best way to do this is by taking a quick screenshot before the path disappears. The less mistakes you make means more Facundity!

  • No Landing!

No Landing is a mini game that’ll require you to stay in the air whilst collecting flowers. To do this, make use of the wind currants to glide up, then keep on the lookout for when the currant changes location.

  • Shimmering Path

Shimmering Path is a mini game that’ll require you to reach the end of the path whilst collecting flowers. However, certain parts of the path will go invisible, but don’t worry as you see where they are by looking for the flowers.

  • Barrage Minuet

Barrage Minuet is a mini game that’ll require you to collect flowers on a circular platform whilst avoiding different attacks from the turret in the center. The easiest way to do this is by bringing the Geo Traveler along and blocking the turret with the elemental skill.

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