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Genshin Impact

How to Unlock Fishing

Matt Chard

This page will explain to you how to unlock fishing in Genshin Impact, and what you can do with the fish that you earn.

The Traveler getting ready to fish.

How to Access

To be able to unlock fishing, you need to have the Serenitea Pot. To get this, follow our Housing guide. With the prerequisites out the way, you should have a quest called “Exploding Population” in your quest log.

Exploding Population

Talk to Kathryne at the Mondstadt Adventurer’s Guild.

Talk to Katheryne in Monstadt

This quest will have you talk to Katheryne at the Mondstadt Adventurer’s Guild. Head over, and speak to her, and she’ll tell you that she’s received a commission from the Fishers Association, claiming that the populace of the fish is abnormal. Paimon is delighted to take the commission on as it involves “delicious fish”, and you’re told to talk to Nantuck.

Nantuck can be found just outside Mondstadt.

Talk to Nantuck

Leave through the northeast gate, and Nantuck will be on the coast, fishing. Head over and speak to him, and he’ll explain the situation. Apparently he’s the head of Mondstadt’s Fishing Association, and recently, new species of fish have begun to appear in the nearby waters. He contacted his friends in the other Fishing Associations across the other regions, and the same thing is happening there too. Because of the influx of fish, they’re lacking the manpower, and this is where you come in. Agree to join the Association, and he’ll give you some tips on fishing.

(1 of 2) Throw the hook just in front of the fish.

Throw the hook just in front of the fish. (left), The fish will bite a few times before it is on the hook, be patient until you see the text appear. (right)

Now you’ll get a fishing tutorial, the main tips to take away from this is:

  • Don’t drop your bait on top of the fishes, as this will cause them to panic (seen by them swimming all over the place at an increased speed). If you do this by accident, you’ll have to wait approximately 5-10 seconds for it to calm down.

  • Choose the right bait for the right fish. You can tell if you have the wrong bait because the fish will go towards, look at it, then swim away. If it’s the correct bait, they’ll go towards, and immediately bite.

  • Keep inside the tension gauge until the circular fish marker fills up. If you’re outside it, the gauge will turn red, and eventually the fish will take your bait, and swim away.

After finishing the tutorial, you’ll get Wilderness Rod x1, Fruit Paste Bait x10, Redrot Bait x10, False Worm Bait x10, Fake Fly Bait x10, and Formula: Fruit Paste Bait x1O. Once you get a fish, talk to Nantuck, and he’ll tell you to head to Cider Lake.

Meet Nantuck at Cider Lake

You can find Nantuck north of Springvale, near Cider Lake.

Teleport to the waypoint north of Springvale, south of Mondstadt, and head northwest, towards the lake, and talk to Nantuck. Now you’ll get another tutorial, this time on Fishing Points. If you see a ripple in the water, and fish are in it, that is a fishing point. If you are too close to them, or you’re in combat near them, they’ll scatter, and take a while to calm down. Also, you’ll find out that you can purchase bait, formulas, and Fishing Rods from the different Fishing Associations in each region. Finally, you’ll find out more about the tension gauge, and the intricacies of fishing.

Fish in Cider Lake

Once the tutorial is finished, interact with the fishing point, choose your bait, in this case, the Fruit Paste Bait, and throw your hook into the body of water, try to aim just in front of the fish’s head, to get it quicker. When it bites, wait for the text to “You’ve got a bite” to appear before raising your rod. This fish, in particular, does a quick double bite before it fully commits on the third bite. Hold the button in, and try to stay within the gauge, it’s easier if you stay near the end of the gauge, and slowly let the tension drop to stay in it, otherwise tap the button to keep yourself inside the gauge. When the circular hook icon fills up, you’ll get your fish. When you have the fish, leave the fishing point, and talk to Nantuck.

(1 of 2) To fish efficiently, you’ll need to stay within the tension gauge until the hook icon is full.

To fish efficiently, you’ll need to stay within the tension gauge until the hook icon is full. (left), If you try to catch a fish with the wrong bait, they’ll check it out by going over to the bait, before swimming away. (right)

Talk to Nantuck

Whilst talking to him, he’ll be surprised that you found a new species! According to him, these fish are a bit on the easy side for you, so he has a new challenge for you, to fish an Ornamental Fish. Finally, he’ll tell you that the lake in Stormbearer Mountains has hosted a fair few Ornamental Fishes, and tells you to head there.

(1 of 2) Head to the lake in Stormbearer Mountains, near the waypoint.

Head to the lake in Stormbearer Mountains, near the waypoint. (left), You can tell if an Ornamental Fish is at a fishing spot by watching the fishes’ movement, if they’re jumping out of the lake, there’ll be an Ornamental Fish in there. (right)

Catch an Ornamental Fish in the Stormbearer Mountains

When the tutorial ends, teleport to the Stormbearer Mountains waypoint, and head towards the lake to the east, then interact with the fishing point towards the north. The fish, Medaka is a little tougher to get, but you shouldn’t have any problems with it providing you stay within the tension gauge. When you have the fish, talk to Nantuck again.

Show Nantuck the Ornamental Fish

Teleport back to waypoint north of Springvale, and speak to Nantuck near Cider Lake, and show him the fish you’ve got. He’ll compliment you on your speed, and then tells you to swing by the Fishing Associations if you ever need anything fishing related. When that’s done, the quest will complete, and you can fish to your heart’s content.

How to Fish

  • Cast the fishing rod by holding down the button to aim where the bait will land.
  • Release the button to use the fishing rod.
  • When the fish is on the hook, tap the Raise Hook Button.
  • Hold and release the Raise Hook Button to stay in the Ideal Tension Zone.

What to do with the fish

You can purchase a spear, “The Catch” from the Inazuman Fishing Association. There are a bunch of fishing rods to purchase which makes it easier to get the tougher fishes, and finally, bait formulas, so you can craft bait at the alchemy table. Another nice thing to purchase is the Blueprint: Pool of Sapphire Grace, which allows you to craft a fishing pond in your housing realm, where you can add the fish you’ve got into it. All of these items use fish as currency, so you’ll need to spend some time to get them all.

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