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Genshin Impact

The Mystery of the Girl in Red's Treasure

Ben Chard
Claire Farnworth
Matt Chard
, &
Shane Williams
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You have heard people from various corners weigh in on who the strongest fighter in Mondstadt is, but have yet to get a definite answer. Outside the Knights headquarters, you have an unexpected meeting with one of the candidates for the title - Klee, who is in dire need of help to recover her stolen treasure.


  1. Find the treasure trove in the Whispering Woods
  2. Chase down the Abyss Mage with Klee
  3. Explore the domain and find the Abyss Mage

Find the treasure trove in the Whispering Woods

Following your chance encounter with the mysterious Klee, make your way to the west of Mondstadt and once you reach the target area, climb to a higher elevation to spot the pile of rocks doing a poor job of hiding Klee’s buried treasure. Examine it and you’ll trigger a scene as Klee attempts to recover her treasure.

Chase down the Abyss Mage with Klee

The Abyss Mage has swiped Klee’s treasure and you’ll need to keep up with it if you wish to retrieve it. If, at any point, you fall more than 50 meters away, the Quest will fail so be sure to use your Stamina to keep pace. Once you catch up with it, it’ll sic a group of Pyro Slimes on you, don’t fret, the Abyss Mage is going nowhere so switch to an Electro, Cryo or Hydro based character to cause Elemental Reactions and take them down.

Once they’re defeated, the Abyss Mage will take off once immediately, resume your chase and catch up a second time to force a second encounter. This time around, you’ll need to deal with a group of Electro Slimes, this time around, you’ll want to use Pyro or Hydro for your Elemental Reactions as you trounce another simple group of enemies.

(1 of 3) Make sure you dont fall more than 50 meters behind

Once again, it will take off, give chase and as you climb the ledge, it will seemingly disappear. Thankfully, there’s a rather inconspicuous large rock straight in front of you so head over and smash it to reveal an unlit torch. Use a Pyro based character to light it and you’ll reveal a gateway to a Domain, the most likely location of the missing Abyss Mage.

Explore the domain and find the Abyss Mage

You’ll find yourself in a one-time only Domain where you party makeup serves little difference however consider bringing a healer. More importantly, Klee is a guest character for the Domain and for those of you yet to be lucky enough to obtain her, she’s an incredibly powerful 5 Star Pyro character. Her playstyle revolves around tossing her small bombs around for explosive damage and her Elemental Burst packs a punch, it’s a good idea to use her for this Domain.

Begin by following the linear path through the Domain and as you head down the first stairs, look to your left and break the crates to find a Common Chest. Head down the next set of stairs for your first encounter, a group of Geo Slimes and Pyro Hilichurl Shooters standing near some explosive barrels. This is a great opportunity to get to terms with Klee’s playstyle as you toss around her bombs to defeat this simple group of enemies.

Once the first group is defeated, another group of Geo Slimes will appear followed by one final group of two Large Geo Slimes, this is the perfect time for Klee’s Elemental Burst. With this group of enemies defeated, ignore the objective marker and instead headto the northeast to spot a breakable wall with an Exquisite Chest lurking behind it.

(1 of 6) Head left after the first stairs to find this Common Chest

Retreat out of this passage and follow the marker past a Cryo Hilichurl Shooter and pass into the next area. Geo Slimes lurk here and you’ll need to contend with them as your break the large fallen pillar that prevents further access into the depths of the Domain. Stick with Klee here as she’s small enough to pass under the lasers and then smash the rubble at the end of the wooden bridge. More lasers await here but these will move, still, they should pose little threat to Klee so pass under them and into the next chamber.

You’ll have a Geo Samachurl accompanied by both an Electro and Pyro Hilichurl Shooter and as you may expect, they’ll be on raised pillars from the get go. Consider using Klee’s Elemental Burst here if you have it otherwise switch to a ranged shooter to deal with them.

Defeat them and pass up the stairs to encounter a Rock Shieldwall Mitachurl surrounded by more Hilichurl Shooters. Deal with them first so that you can focus on the Mitachurl and use Klee or a character with a Claymore such as Diluc to break his shield and follow up with Elemental Reactions. You’ll trigger a scene following this and Klee deals with the Abyss Mage, leaving you alone to collect your Treasure before departing from the Domain and concluding the Quest.


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