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Matt Chard

This page will show you all the currently available fish in Genshin Impact. This includes what bait you need to get them on your hook! At the moment there are twenty fish split into five different species of Fish, not including event-exclusive fish.

There is also a chance that each fish can be to be an “Ornamental Fish” which means they can be taken back to your housing realm via the Serenitea Pot, and be placed in the Pool of Sapphire Grace, and be kept as pets. Ornamental Fish can be found at Fishing Points that emit a blue glow, in these Points, a fish will be seen jumping in and out of the water, which makes it easier to spot.

An image of the various fishs


Icon Name Description
AbidingAngelfishFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Abiding Angelfish A rare and valuable butterflyfish variant from Liyue. At present, it can only be found near water bodies around the abodes of the adepti. Its pale white lines are very striking, and it has greater longevity than other members of the species and is thus regarded to be a lucky fish blessed by the adepti. Most people from Liyue will refuse to eat this fish on principle, given the common respect for the adepti, but some fear no such superstition and claim that eating these fish can help one extend one’s years.
BrownShirakodaiFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Brown Shirakodai A gentle, elegant butterflyfish variant. It has a lovely, streamlined dorsal fin, and has the nickname “Queen of the Waters.” Earthen-colored patterns run across its body, and its temper is also as steady as stone. They can go a bit overboard, however, and will sometimes lie at the bottom and not move an inch, just like a rock, leading some buyers to think that they’ve bought some hopelessly moribund old fish.
PurpleShirakodaiFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Purple Shirakodai A gentle, elegant butterflyfish variant. It has a lovely, streamlined dorsal fin, and has the nickname “Queen of the Waters.” Lovely purple patterns run across its body, and they love to swim together in schools to fend off natural dangers and predators. But once this quirk of theirs was grasped by seasoned fisherpeople, they realized that all one needed to do was to lure a single fish into the trap, and all the rest would follow.
RaimeiAngelfishFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Raimei Angelfish A rare and valuable butterflyfish variant from Inazuma. It loves water bodies suffused with Electro, and seems to derive joy from electric currents. It is said that these fish were once from the same line as the Abiding Angelfish of Liyue, until traveling merchants exported them to Inazuma. There, their behavioral patterns underwent an unexpected shift. At present, some researchers have begun to use them in conjunction with Electro Slimes for experiments. “Ma… Mah… Mah tung ith numm…” — A certain greedy gourmet after trying a Raimei Angelfish dish.
TeaColoredShirakodaiFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Tea-Colored Shirakodai A gentle, elegant butterflyfish variant. It has a lovely, streamlined dorsal fin, and has the nickname “Queen of the Waters.” Tea-colored patterns swirl around this inquisitive fish that seems strongly interested in everything around it. Unfortunately, its method of expressing interest in anything is to have a nibble to see if it can be eaten. This isn’t a malicious move by any means, but it has landed this species in hot water many times all the same.


Icon Name Description
GoldenKoiFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Golden Koi A large fish said to be the descendant of dragons. With the horn on its head and its scaleless form clad as if in golden armor, it looks every bit like a king underwater. In truth, its bloodline and behavior could not be more different from that of a dragon — it can neither call forth the wind and rain nor the power of domination and is actually often the victim of food-snatching due to its weak character. A real shame, of course, that it looks so very majestic. As such, it lost the nickname “Descendant of Dragons,” and is now termed the “False Dragon” instead.
RustyKoiFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Rusty Koi A large fish said to be the descendant of dragons. This is a variant species of Koi, and is sometimes termed the “awakened dragon” amongst them. In stark contrast to its rather shabby appearance, the Rusty Koi has shed its opulent gold tabard in exchange for a hard armor of rusty bronze. Very strong-willed, it will fight any interloper that dares to steal its food or enter its territory. In terms of pure fighting capability, it is even a match for smaller sea monsters and has thus been given the nickname “Ironbone Dragon” in honor of its strength, which is considered the backbone of its species’ future revitalization.


Icon Name Description
AizenMedakaFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Aizen Medaka A lively, energetic fish famous for its petal-shaped tail. Long ago, there was a funny story that said that you could get Aizen Medaka by throwing normal Medaka into a pot of blue dye. This was most likely born from a child’s over-active imagination, but has nonetheless given rise to not a few unscrupulous fish hawkers. This in turn has given rise to some conversations that go something like “Hey, is it just me, or is the blue on your fish washing off?” In response, the Ministry of Civil Affairs specifically posted this notice: “The market is a wet and wild place. Beware of influxes of blue fish.”
CrystalfishFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Crystalfish A rare Medaka that glitters like crystal. Its patterns are very intricate indeed, to the point where it is often called the “Medaka Aesthete.” Some merchants will claim that these Medaka will lay a crystal pearl under certain extreme conditions, and that this pearl is both an item of great price and a sign of quality. This has made these fish very sought after by people from all walks of life and caused their market value to soar. However, this is just amusing to the fishermen, who know the inside story: That object is merely a Loach Pearl that the fish ate by mistake. It rolled into the fish’s salty intestines, only to spat back out of the mouths of merchants with an agenda. Some grounds for a price hike that is!“
DawncatcherFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Dawncatcher A rare species of Medaka that has a brilliant sheen. It seems like a variant species of the normal Medaka, but it has a very different appearance and living habits. There is a rumor that these fish have the mystical ability to predict the weather. If they leap out of the water to catch the dawn’s first light as it pierces the skies, then there will surely be a fine, sunny day to come.
GlazeMedakaFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Glaze Medaka A lively, energetic fish famous for its petal-shaped tail. This Species has inscrutable behavioral patterns, and they can often be seen bursting into struggling fits out of the blue, as if bearing some sort of unseen pain. This Phenomenon, however, does not occur at all when they are alone. Some researchers believe that this peculiarity stems from their natural desire to perform.
MedakaFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Medaka A lively, energetic fish famous for its flowery patterns. Most such creatures lived out their lives peacefully as ornamental fish. But when it was discovered that their meat was flavorful, less bony, and very fatty, they would also come to find themselves carefully prepared and served up on meal tables.
SweetFlowerMedakaFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Sweet-Flower Medaka A lively, energetic fish famous for its petal-shaped tail. It might be because this fish has a sweet tooth, but every bone in its body seems to serve as an antenna to seek out sweet treats. Following this absolute ideology, they swim through every creek and river in Teyvat in search of tasty sweets. True egalitarians, they will never reject any morsel, and certainly not because there’s a hook attached. Have bait, will bite, as they say. Beginner-friendly.


Icon Name Description
BitterPufferfishFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Bitter Pufferfish A rare pufferfish variant. As the name suggests, this creature spreads bitterness wherever it goes in the underwater world. Its water cannon projectiles are slower and smaller than those of its ordinary counterparts, but the power of such attacks is undiminished due to the incredibly bitter pheromones within. During their courtship phase, an observer might bear witness to the curious sight of males and females of this species blasting each other with these water cannons. Perhaps passing on the bitterness of life is also a manifestation of love.
PufferfishFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Pufferfish Round and short pelvic fins, a plump body, and a plain face make up most people’s first impression of the pufferfish. This is by and large an accurate assessment of its character as well: dull, slow, and lazy. However, few people know that this rather silly exterior hides a killer technique — this fish is capable of sucking water into its body before expelling it like a cannon from its mouth with such force and pinpoint accuracy that even fishermen might be stunned by it. Truly, it is a first-rate killer in the water. “Pufferfish ahead? Watch for spittle!” — Angler’s Atlas, Pufferfish Chapter


Icon Name Description
AkaiMaouFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Akai Maou A stickleback with a fierce appearance and a manner to match. It will fight anyone and anything under the sea for food — a veritable and much-feared robber in red. Its fiery-red coloration seems to have much to do with Pyro, for while they cannot quite become flame generators, they do have some control over high temperatures. They can convert energy from their food and focus it on their dangerous snouts, making them underwater scoundrels indeed. “Need to drill wood to make a flame? This is your best friend.” — Angler’s Atlas, Akai Maou Chapter“.
BettaFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Betta A swift, fierce fish with spiny fins whose spiny mouth can pierce the current when it swims at full speed. Its capabilities have earned it the nicknames “The Cutter” and “Hard-To-Get.” Among sticklebacks, this sort would either count as the proudest, or a rather close second place. They are especially prickly during courtships, where even the slightest breeze or smallest ripple might trip their fuse. A hobbyist once observed one such specimen charging at waving seagrass, as if such flagrant dancing was some major provocation against the stickleback king or something. “If you encounter one underwater, do not look it in the eyes.” — Angler’s Atlas, Betta Chapter“.
LungedSticklebackFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Lunged Stickleback A swift, fierce fish with spiny fins whose spiny mouth can pierce the current when it swims at full speed. Its capabilities have earned it the nicknames “The Cutter” and “Hard-To-Get.” Unlike others of its kind, the lunged stickleback can live in dried, muddy pools for a long time. Other than its gills, it can also breathe through its degenerated scales, which is a feature much more similar to that of amphibians. As such, apart from dealing with uninvited anglers, it also has to deal with an academic vote of no confidence in it still being a stickleback.
SnowstriderFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Snowstrider A rare stickleback that only dwells in snowy, mountainous regions. It is quite possibly due to this that it has a much cooler temperament as compared to other sticklebacks. This species has a unusually great love for the bitter cold, almost as if they were parent and child. Though they can live in warmer waters, but any removal from such conditions is like striking a spiritual blow to them, and they will become depressed and refuse to multiply. “Not a recommended catch.” — Angler’s Atlas, Snowstrider Chapter.
VenomspineFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Venomspine Fish A swift, fierce fish with spiny fins whose spiny mouth can pierce the current when it swims at full speed. Its capabilities have earned it the nicknames “The Cutter” and “Hard-To-Get.” The Venomspine Fish’s most well-known trait is its poisonous spines, which contain a neurotoxin that is fatal to smaller prey but proves far weaker against large organisms, mostly only causing mild confusion or hallucinations. “Fill ’er up, Rex, my good lad! Fill ’er up to the brim for big brother!” — A certain fisherman from Liyue who was accidentally pricked.

Event-exclusive Fish

Icon Name Description
MoonfinFishFishingGenshinImpact.png Moonfin A valuable Ornamental Fish that may be kept as a pet in the Pool of Sapphire Grace. A rare butterflyfish that emits light admits the pitch-dark ocean. They love to swim in schools, and when gathered together, they firm the image of a moon that has fallen into the sea, which is the origin of the “Lunar Leviathan” legend. This characteristic once attracted a great number of light-seeking creatures, and in some sense, also guided people who had descended into the darkness.


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