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Genshin Impact

The First Chilibrew Ingredient

Matt Chard

How to complete The First Chilibrew Ingredient

This page is a walkthrough for the quest “The First Chilibrew Ingredient”, it will navigate you through all the choices to get all possible endings using our Timeline images to help you with the navigation.

Traveler enjoying the view of Liyue whilst gathering Fresh Jueyun Chilis.


Use the Timeline to plan the path you want to take.

This Timeline can help you navigate which branch to take.

Barbara’s Home-Made Chilibrew

Barbara tells you that you can find the Fresh Jueyun Chilies near the Stone Gate.

The Stone Gate can be found west of Dragonspine.

Collect Fresh Jueyun Chili

Teleport to the Stone Gate Waypoint and head southeast along the platform, and you’ll see a circular pressure pad, stand on it to release an updraft of wind and ride it across to the mountain in front of it, climb up and as you reach the top, the camera will pan towards the Chilies, gather the six Chilies and your objective will update.

(1 of 2) Near the Stone Gate waypoint, a circular pressure pad can be found, standing on this will generate a small updraft of wind

Near the Stone Gate waypoint, a circular pressure pad can be found, standing on this will generate a small updraft of wind (left), the camera will pan around to the Chilies as you reach the top of the mountain. (right)

Meet Barbara in the Whispering Woods

Teleport to the Waypoint outside Mondstadt and head north along the path, as you reach your objective, Paimon will say…“Well, let’s wait here a while, she’ll probably be back soon.”

A Meeting Mysteriously Missed

As you wait a while, Barbara is still nowhere to be found and Paimon suggests looking for her, you’ll have a couple of choices here but they both lead to the same outcome, which is you looking for Barbara.

Search for Barbara

Continue walking north along the path into the Whispering Woods for a while, and the objective will update.

You’ll eventually find Barbara standing by a tree if you keep following the path north.

Talk to Barbara

She still can’t be found but continue walking north along the path, and you’ll see her, waiting by the tree on the corner. Approach and talk to her, and you’ll give her a brief scare. She’ll tell you that she saw some Treasure Hoarders harassing a merchant and that she’s been trailing them, she’ll eventually say…“I followed them this far, but it seemed like they knew somebody was following them, so I didn’t go any further”. This will give you two choices which both lead to the same outcome:

“That was risky, what if you’d been discovered?”

“Best to go back and get the Knights of Favonius involved.”

You’ll get some more dialogue, and then she’ll “So… Honorary Knight, maybe you could, uh…” Which leads to another two choices which lead to the same outcome:

“Say no more, I’m sure these Treasure Hoarders will respond well to a little “direct intervention.”

“I try to refrain from intervening too directly whenever possible.”

The bottom option gives a little more dialogue, so you may as well go with that, either way, this quest will end and Knight and Deaconess, Ready for Battle! will become available.


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