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Genshin Impact

Anemo Hypostasis

Ben Chard
Claire Farnworth
Matt Chard
, &
Shane Williams
Location Respawn Time Element
Stormbearer Mountains, Mondstadt 5 minutes (Instant, if you teleport away and back again) Anemo

Code name: Beth. A high-purity Anemo entity.Elemental hypostases are life forms which have completely abandoned their former appearance and biological structure, making them able to reach the highest level of elemental purity. Research into hypostases is mainly led by scholars of Sumeru Academia, but due to the level of danger that they pose, little of the substance is known about hypostasis beyond their scientific name and code name.


World Level Boss Level Common Ascension Material Artifacts
I 37 30 3,450
II 41 30 3,650
III 50 35 3,850
IV 62 35 4,125
V 72 40 4,450
VI 83 40 4,725
VII 91 45 5,200
VIII 93 45 6,000


The Hypostasis family are your go to place to obtain your character Ascension Materials because they will always drop two of them depending on what Hypostasis (or Regisvines) you fight including some artifacts. The Hypostasis are huge cubes which act as an impenetrable armor to their glowing core hidden inside it, these can only be damaged when the core has been exposed.

Anemo Clap

The Hypostasis will fly towards the player and manifest into a large wall like structure, it will then fold in the middle forming into a pair of hands that simulate a clapping motion to damage you for minor damage, to avoid this, dodge when the “hand” is about to connect on to you by dodging sideways.

(1 of 2) Dodge either backwards or to the side to avoid the clap

Dodge either backwards or to the side to avoid the clap (left), stay on the move to avoid the blasts. (right)

Crystalfly Blast

It will fly into the air and manifest into a giant Crystalfly, following up with two blasts of Anemo at you that deal damage in a large AoE, dodging towards the Crystalfly as it shoots the projectiles makes this easier to dodge.

Anemo Missile

It will get its distance from the player and hover in the air, using parts of its shell, it will launch a barrage of missiles at you, pick a direction and keep walking that direction to avoid, there is no need to use dodge for this attack and you can save your stamina.

(1 of 2) Keep running either side to avoid the missiles

Keep running either side to avoid the missiles (left), when the meteors hit the floor, they will leave behind updrafts which you can use against the boss to avoid its attacks. (right)

Anemo Meteors

Hovers into the air and launches three concentrated blasts at you which will explode on impact, when they connect with the floor, they will leave updrafts for each one. Avoid this by simply moving around, try to get the blasts to hit around the center, so you can use them later.

Shockwave Pulse

The Hypostasis will teleport right next to you and manufacture a spinning dome formation with its shell absorbing any Anemo Orbs around the arena. It will then pulsate an arena wide shockwave every few seconds for major damage, this will happen for a total of three shockwaves. To avoid this, jump over them just as it’s about to hit you, stay on the very edge of the arena or use the updrafts if they’re available.

(1 of 2) You can avoid this by, timed jumps over each pulse, use a shield to negate the damage or stand at the edge of the arena

You can avoid this by, timed jumps over each pulse, use a shield to negate the damage or stand at the edge of the arena (left), the arenas edge is the safe spot . (right)

Anemo Tornadoes

The boss will fly up high into the center of the arena and conjure up multiple tornadoes, simply run to the edge of the arena and wait the attack out.


The Hypostasis will fly next to you and manifest shell pieces around itself in a ring like shape, after a few seconds, it will send them outwards and a vacuum will start pulling you towards its core, if you get to the core, it will explode violently dealing major AoE damage. Avoid this by repeatedly dodging away from its core as soon as the vacuum forms.

(1 of 2) Make sure to dodge away from the boss, out of the AoE marker to avoid major damage

Make sure to dodge away from the boss, out of the AoE marker to avoid major damage (left), you’ll have to collect the Anemo Orbs when the boss is nearly dead otherwise it will replenish its health with each Orb. (right)

Second wind

When the Hypostasis is almost defeated, it will make its way to the center of the arena where it will have four Anemo Orbs in the air surrounded by updrafts, this last for about 15-20 seconds and the goal here is to use the updrafts and collect the Orbs before the attack finishes, if you don’t then it will recover 10% - 15% health per Orb left uncollected.


Bringing along a party that has a lot of high burst damage is ideal due to the nature of the fight, and the boss’s inability to move when its core is exposed. Party members like Diluc, Klee, Razor and Keqing would give you the most damage when its vulnerable, whilst members like Noelle and Zhonglican provide the defense with their shields.

(1 of 2) In this state, the boss is Invulnerable

In this state, the boss is Invulnerable (left), when the core is visible, you’ll have a few seconds to pile on the damage, high burst characters are key here. (right)

The best thing to remember for this battle is, is the boss’s location. If it teleports to you, it will use the Shockwave Pulse attack, if it gets out of range of you, Anemo Missle or Anemo Meteors, if it teleports to the center of the arena, Anemo Tornadoes, and if it flies instead of teleporting to you, then expect either the Anemo Clap, Crystalfly Blast or Vacuum. The boss’s location is the secret to the strategy and after avoiding the attacks that it throws at you, it will expose the core inside it, this makes it vulnerable to damage and roots it in place, lifeless. You will have approximately 3-5 seconds before it becomes invulnerable, so hit it with your hardest attacks in this time frame.


Use the Original Resin to obtain your rewards.

Upon completion you must touch the Trounce Blossom and spend 60 Original Resin to claim the boss rewards. The drops consist of Artifacts and Character Ascension Materials. You’ll only have to wait five minutes to attempt the boss again or you can teleport to another location and back again for an instant respawn.


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