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Genshin Impact

Chamber 1

Matt Chard


Starting from this floor, things will start getting tougher, you’ll need to have two capable teams because for each chamber, there are two paths and for each path you’ll have to use two completely different teams which is what makes this tough as most people won’t have multiple characters leveled to a high enough level, what makes this even tougher is, that you can’t change the party between each Chamber, so you’ll have to plan ahead.

Ley Line Disorder:

  • When your character’s HP is greater than 50%, ATK and DEF are increased by 25%.
  • When HP is greater than 80%, Normal Attack SPD is increased by 20%.
  • When HP is greater than 80%, Movement SPD is increased by 20%.
  • When HP is greater than 95%, CRIT Rate is increased by 10% and CRIT DMG is increased by 20%.


Completing each challenge awards you with an Abyssal Star and for every three stars you’ll be rewarded with 100 Primogems and some Mora, these are a one-time only reward for Floors 1-8.

  • Remaining challenge time longer than 420 seconds.
  • Remaining challenge time longer than 300 seconds.
  • Remaining challenge time longer than 180 seconds.

Chamber Challenge

  • Path 1 - Defeat 20 enemies within 600 seconds.

  • Path 2 - Defeat 2 enemies within 509 seconds.

Enemies - Path 1

Icon Name Level Quantity
Cryo Slime 55 5
Large Cryo Slime 55 12
Electro Hilichurl Shooter 55 3

Enemies - Path 2

Icon Name Level Quantity
Pyro Abyss Mage 55 2

Best Teams - Path 1

Premium Team (5-star)

Main DPS Sub DPS Sub DPS Support
Diluc Klee Jean Zhongli

Free to Play Team ( 4-Star)

Main DPS Sub DPS Sub DPS Support
Bennett Xiangling Beidou Sucrose

Best Teams - Path 2

Premium Team (5-star)

Main DPS Sub DPS Sub DPS Support
Ganyu Mona Albedo Qiqi

Free to Play Team ( 4-Star)

Main DPS Sub DPS Sub DPS Support
Kaeya Xingqui Fischl Diona


First Path

Due to the Ley Line Conditions giving you various buffs the higher your Health is, you’ll want to keep yourself topped up via healing and shields, so starting with the Premium Team, begin the first path as Zhongli and use his Elemental Skill: Dominus Lapidis, to give your party a shield, keep this up at all times by switching over to him when it disappears, this will help keep your Health at max or as near to it as possible, then switch over to Klee and use both of her Jumpy Dumptys via her Elemental Skill and then change over to Jean and use her Elemental Skill: Gale Blade to pull the enemies into Klee’s mines to deal additional damage, finally switch over to Diluc and use all his abilities of cooldown and then DPS as him whilst swapping in Klee for her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst whenever they’re off cooldown, if you’re health starts dropping, use Jean’s Dandelion Breeze to top yourself back up.

For the Free to Play Team, start the path as Xiangling and use her Elemental Skill: Guoba Attack then immediatley change over to Bennett and DPS as him whilst using his skills off cooldown, although if you’re taking a lot of damage, you may want to save his Burst for healing. Use Sucrose to spread the Pyro damage around via her skills which will also boost your teams Elemental Mastery (Magic Attack) from one of her talents, use Beidou for her shield which is granted from her Elemental Skill: Tidecaller if you have her constellation 1 unlocked .

Second Path

With the Premium Team, start this path as Mona and use her Elemental Skill: Mirror Reflection of Doom, this will taunt the enemies to attack it and bring them closer together whilst periodically dealing out Hydro damage, switch over to Ganyu and proceed to use her Elemental Skill Trial of The Qilin which will initially hit for Cryo damage and then taunt the enemies much like Mona’s skill and then it’ll explode for more Cryo damage after a set period of time, between Mona and Ganyu, the enemies should go down fairly easy as the Abyss Mage’s shields are weak to Hydro, switch over to Qiqi if you need any healing or some extra Cryo damage, you can also switch over to Albedo to create some crystals via his Elemental Burst which will shield your party, negating some damage when picked up.

For the Free to Play Team, start the path as Diona and cast her Elemental Skill: Icy Paws which will shield the party negating a set amount of damage as well as cleansing any debuffs you may have, switch over to Fischl and use her Elemental Skill: Nightrider which will summon her raven Oz who will continuously shoot Electro projectiles at the enemies, finally, alternate between Kaeya and Xingqui whilst predominantly DPSing with Kaeya and using Xingqui to take down their shields.


Adventure Exp Mora Other Rewards
200 15,000 6 8 5 1


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