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Genshin Impact

How to complete Stage 1

Matt Chard

This page will guide you through completing Stage 1 “Slumber Spirit’s Bridge” of Theater Mechanicus: Stage of Wonders.

An image of the Slumber Spirit’s Bridge map.


This stage is quite easy due to the enemies only coming through one lane, on top of that, they have to cross a bridge which you can open up and let the enemies drop through, this is especially helpful when the Ruin Guards come out at the end.

Recommended Party

Characters What they offer
Genshin Impact Screenshot Sucrose_Character_Icon_Characters_Genshin_Impact.png Can Manipulate the enemies by pushing/throwing them off ledges.
Genshin Impact Screenshot Her bow attacks can target and stun Ruin Guards, and her charged attack can put Cryo on enemies in an AoE.
Genshin Impact Screenshot Travele_Geo_Character_Icon_Characters_Genshin_Impact.png Can place Geo Constructs in the path of enemies.
Genshin Impact Screenshot She can get around the arena quickly by using her Elemental Skill as well as put the Electro status on enemies in an AoE.
Mona_Character_Icon_Characters_Genshin_Impact.png Can help Freeze enemies in conjunction with the Cryo Mechanici.

Recommended Mechanici

Mechanici Name Effects
Cryo_Mechanici_Theater_Mechanicus_Genshin_Impact.png Veneficus Mechanicus: Glacial Bloom Periodically fires a Frost Bullet in a straight line. Deals 50% ATK as Cryo DMG to the first opponent it hits.
Hydro_Mechanici_Theater_Mechanicus_Genshin_Impact.png Veneficus Mechanicus: Rippling Reflections Attacks nearby opponents with Water Cannons that deal 60% ATK as Hydro DMG.
Charity_Mechanici_Theater_Mechanicus_Genshin_Impact.png Recovery Mechanicus: Charity Nearby opponents have their Movement SPD decreased by 20%. When they are defeated, gain 20 extra Veneficus Points. This effect does not stack.
Pyro_Mechanici_Theater_Mechanicus_Genshin_Impact.png Veneficus Mechanicus: Inferno Attacks opponents with Blazing Sparks that explode on hit, dealing 100% ATK as AoE Pyro DMG.
Electro_Mechanici_Theater_Mechanicus_Genshin_Impact.png Veneficus Mechanicus: Furious Discharge Attacks 1 opponent at a time with a Thunder Strike that deals 80% ATK as Electro DMG.

Recommended Wondrous Sticks

Priority Type Element Sticks
1 Fortune_Icon_Theater_Mechanicus_Genshin_Impact.png Fortune_Cryo_Theater_Mechanicus_Genshin_Impact.png Snowdance, Icebreaker, Quickfrost, Frostbite, Sheen.
2 Fortune_Icon_Theater_Mechanicus_Genshin_Impact.png Fortune_Pyro_Theater_Mechanicus_Genshin_Impact.png Pyro Orb, Inflammation, Defrost, Magma, Scorched Earth, Beacon, Wildfire, Embers.
3 Fortune_Icon_Theater_Mechanicus_Genshin_Impact.png Fortune_Electro_Theater_Mechanicus_Genshin_Impact.png Silver Lining, Supercharged, Bombardier, Thunderstrike, Thunderstorm
4 Fortune_Icon_Theater_Mechanicus_Genshin_Impact.png Fortune_Hydro_Theater_Mechanicus_Genshin_Impact.png Flood of Sorrow, Vaporwave, Upsurge, Cascade, Rapids, Maelstrom.
5 Fortune_Icon_Theater_Mechanicus_Genshin_Impact.png Charity_Mechanici_Theater_Mechanicus_Genshin_Impact.png Benevolence, Ingenuity.
6 Mystic_Sticks1_Theater_Mechanicus_Genshin_Impact.png Mecharepair, Mechastrength, Mechapower, Winning Strategy.


Wave Enemies
1 30
2 20
3 20
4 3

Wave 1 Strategy

Place four Cryo Mechanici, and one Hydro closest to the enemy portal.

Monster Types

Icon Name
Genshin Impact Screenshot Hilichurls

The enemies will come from the purple portal in the east, and travel in a straight line to the west. Start by placing five Cryo Mechanici’s on the panels just after the bridge. Finally, place a Charity Mechanici in front of them to slow the enemies down whilst also giving you more Veneficus Points. Don’t waste your Veneficus Points on Wondrous Sticks just yet, because you’ll need them for waves 3 and 4.

Wave 1 Mechanici locations

Wave 2

For Wave 2, place two Pyro, and two Electro Mechanici’s by the bridge.

Monster Types

Icon Name
Genshin Impact Screenshot Hilichurls
Hydro_Samachurl_Enemies_Genshin_Impact.png Hydro Samachurls

This wave is a little tougher due to the Hydro Samachurls who run a lot faster. Let’s bolster our defenses a little more by adding two Inferno Mechanici’s, and two Electro Mechanici’s. This will take out any Samachurls who manage to get past the first chokepoint. Once again, save your Veneficus Points for the next wave.

Wave 2 Mechanici setup.

Wave 3

We only make one change here, add an extra Electro Mechanici closest to the enemy portal.

Monster Types

Icon Name
Genshin Impact Screenshot Rock Shield Hilichurl Guards
Ice_Shieldwall_Mitachurl_Enemies_Genshin_Impact.png Rock Shieldwall Mitachurls
Geo_Samachurl_Enemies_Genshin_Impact.png Geo Samachurls

Now it starts to get tough, the Hilicurls will have shields, Rock Shieldwall Mitachurls come into play, and Geo Samachurls are a bit more tankier, but still run fast like their Hydro brethren. In terms of Mechanici, we only add one more, and that’s an Electro Mechanici placed directly in front of your Clarity Mechanici. Finally, start spending your Veneficus Points on buffing up your Mechanici. Use the Recommended Wondrous Sticks table above to know what priority on them, you should choose. In general, Embers, Wildfire, and Beacon for Pyro. Frostbite, Quickfrost, and Floe for Cryo. Rapids and Cascade for Hydro. Thunderstorm, Thunderstrike, and Blitz for Electro, and finally, Ingenuity and Benevolence for Arcanum. For Mystics, Mechastrength, Mechapower, and Winning Strategy are always great to use.

Wave 3 Mechanici setup.

Wave 4

Here, we bolster the empty spots closest to our portal by adding another two of the Pyro and one of the Electro Mechanici.

Monster Types

Icon Name
Ruin_Guard_Enemies_Genshin_Impact.png Ruin Guards

For this last wave, bolster the backline with another two Pyro Mechanici, then spend the rest of the prep phase purchasing Wondrous sticks. Beacon is especially good for this wave, as it allows your Pyro Mechanici to hit from a further distance. There’ll only be three enemies for this wave, but they’re Ruin Guards, and they have a one-time ability to replenish all their health, which can be troublesome. If they do get their health back, don’t worry, because your Pyro, and Electro army should take them down, if not, you can activate the bridge to make them plummet to the abyss.

Wave 4 Mechanici setup.

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