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Genshin Impact

The Unexpected Guest

Matt Chard

This is a walkthrough for the Archon Quest, The Unexpected Guest which is the first quest of the Interlude Chapter: Act 2 - Perilous Trail.

A mysterious woman looks down at the group.


Concerned about the situation down in The Chasm, you and Paimon decide to go investigate the area. only to run into someone altogether unexpected there…


  1. Go to the lower levels of The Chasm
  2. Talk to Yanfei
  3. Go deeper within The Chasm
  4. Discuss matters with everyone
  5. Go to where Yelan is

Go to the lower levels of The Chasm

When all the requirements are met to start the quest (or Basic Mode was used). Paimon will tell you that you should check out The Chasm again as there was light shining out of the crater created by the crystal which came crashing down. Make your way down or teleport to the crater in The Glowing Narrows of the Underground Mines, and you’ll notice Yanfei in the distance.

Teleport to the top waypoint in The Glowing Narrows.

Talk to Yanfei

Head over and talk to her for a cutscene, and she’ll be surprised to see you two here. After conversing with her for a while, she’ll ask you for a favor. The favor will be to tell anyone that asks about her that you haven’t seen her then she’ll leave. After a short chat with Paimon, someone will shout over to you. It appears to be Arataki Itto, and one of his gang. They’ll walk over to you, and ask what you’re doing down here, before Paimon asks him who the other person is. Apparently she is his sidekick Kuki Shinobu, and she is the second in command of the Arataki gang.

(1 of 2) Yanfei will ask you a favor, to send anyone away who may be looking for her.

Yanfei will ask you a favor, to send anyone away who may be looking for her. (left), You will later find out that she was talking about Arataki and Kuki. (right)

You’ll talk for a bit before Arataki asks you if you’ve seen a pink-haired mage lady, and Kuki will tell you that her name is Yanfei. These must be the people who Yanfei was trying to avoid. Whilst asking whether you’ve seen her, Paimon slips up because she’s a terrible liar, and Arataki will pick up on that. He’ll tell you that Yanfei helped him out of a jam in Liyue when he was about to get arrested, and he just wants to repay the favor to her, although she turned him down. He’ll ask again if you know where she went, and Kuki will motion towards you to send them in the wrong direction, and you’ll point them the opposite way.

Go deeper within The Chasm

When the scene ends, you’ll regain control, and your next objective will be to go deeper within The Chasm. Head southwest, and glide off the cliff towards the crystal where you’ll see Yanfei standing. As you get nearer, you’ll get a scene. Paimon will greet Yanfei and let her know that you helped her out with her favor. She’ll thank you for your help, and tell you that she’s down here for work. Apparently, she has a will she’d like to fulfil. She came across the will in an old book, which stated that they lost a magical device down here, and they wanted it to be retrieved, but The Chasm isn’t normally a place you can waltz into.

Whilst she’s telling you her reasons for being here, an athletic figure leaps down from above, and starts speaking to her. Paimon lets out a scared squeal, but an unfazed Yanfei tells the mysterious person that she expected her to be down here. It appears they know each other, and Yanfei will tell you that her name is Yelan. Apparently Yelan works within the “Ministry of Civil Affairs” although you feel that’s not the whole truth.

(1 of 2) Glide across the chasm towards the crystal

Glide across the chasm towards the crystal (left), where you will find Yanfei again, and the mysterious figure shortly after. (right)

Yelan will tell you that although you may not know her, she certainly knows of you two. She deduces that you’re all here on business, and it’s her job to oversee operations within The Chasm. According to regulations, she should accompany you, but she’ll tell you she has other things to do. This’ll upset Yanfei a little as she was hoping Yelan would help her out, and she’ll almost beg her to do it for a short while. Whilst they’re negotiating what’s in it for Yelan, an obnoxious shout appears out of nowhere.

That voice sounds familiar… It’s Arataki, and he doesn’t seem too happy that you sent him on a wild goose chase. Yelan will tell him to back up, and he’ll ask her who she is. She’ll tell him that this particular part of The Chasm is restricted to the public, and he’ll complain that he doesn’t see any warning signs. The egotistical pair will go back and forth, and just when it looks like a fight is about to break out, the floor beneath them will shake, and crumble away with them all falling underground.

(1 of 2) The elemental energies between Yelan and Arataki have caused the floor to crumble away beneath them

The elemental energies between Yelan and Arataki have caused the floor to crumble away beneath them (left), and now they are too deep to climb back up. (right)

Discuss matters with everyone

The entire group has fallen deep underground, with what appears to be no way out. Arataki, and Yelan start to go at it again before Kiku tells him to leave it which will then begin another argument, but this time with Arataki and Paimon. In the heat of their argument, they’ll give each other a nickname, with Arataki being “Bull-Chucker” and Paimon being “Flying Lavender Melon”.

Whilst the group tries to gather their surroundings, Yelan reminds everyone that whatever they see or hear in The Chasm cannot be mentioned to the public. After Yelan looks around for an exit, Yanfei confesses what she is looking for. Apparently, the magical device in the will is called “The Fantastic Compass”, and the person who had this device was last seen in The Chasm. Whilst telling you her story, Kuki starts to cook some Lavender Melons.

Who would’ve thought a Domain would be down here?

Go to where Yelan is

A while later, Yelan returns, and tells you that she may have found an entrance to something. When the group has a look, Paimon will notice that it’s a domain, and questions how long it has been down here. Out of nowhere, Xiao appears. The group asks him how he got here, and he’ll tell you that he came from above after hearing a noise. Paimon will ask him if he wants to team up, but in typical Xiao fashion, he’ll very bluntly tell her that he has something else to do, and he’s looking for someone, then he leaves. Yelan will give one more speech telling everyone to be careful here on out as you have no idea what lies ahead, and Arataki will try to argue with her again before Kuki shuts it down. Finally, the scene will end, and so will the quest with it.

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