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Genshin Impact

Winds of the Past

Matt Chard

How to complete the Archon Quest Winds of the Past

This is designed to help you progress through the main story quest, known as Archon Quests in Genshin Impact. This specific page will guide you through the one-time story domain, Deep Within the Temple of the Falcon.

The Traveler and Amber about to enter the Temple of the Falcon Domain.


Adventure EXP Character EXP Mora Primogem Other Rewards Next Quests
Genshin Impact Screenshot275 Genshin Impact Screenshot1550 Genshin Impact Screenshot3,000 Genshin Impact Screenshot20 Genshin Impact Screenshot3 Crash Course


To stop Stormterror’s siege, you must venture out and eliminate the elemental flows left within the ruined Temples of the Four Winds. Amber is waiting for you at the Temple of the Falcon.


  1. Meet Amber at the Temple
  2. Deep Within the Temple of the Falcon Domain
  3. Explore the temple’s depth

Meet Amber at the Temple

Leave Mondstadt through the main gates, and head southeast along the path until you see the Amber, who is waiting for you. Talk to her and she’ll tell you that this is one of the deserted temples of The Four Winds, she’ll mention that even Stormterror has given up on its own temple, then she’ll tell you to head inside. Enter the temple by interacting with the door. You’ll see Deep Within the Temple of the Falcon Domain in the list, click on it, and you’ll be taken to the party select screen, choose your party and select Start.

Deep Within the Temple of the Falcon Domain

Domain Name Recommended Level Possible Rewards
Deep Within the Temple of the Falcon 4 Genshin Impact Screenshot150 Genshin Impact Screenshot10 Genshin Impact Screenshot3 Genshin Impact Screenshot3

Explore the temple’s depth

As you enter, the door in front will be locked. To the side of it, is a device that you can interact with, do so, and it’ll open the door. Head through it and the first thing you’ll notice, is a chest, covered in brambles. As you move nearer, Amber will mention she can see so far into the temple, walk towards the chest, and you’ll get a tutorial. If you aim and charge up Amber’s bow, it’ll be imbued with Pyro, aim at the brambles, and shoot at them with an imbued shot. This’ll make them disintegrate, and allow you access to the Common Chest, open it, then do the same to the other set of brambles to your left.

Head though the newly created path and your progress will be interrupted by another set of bramble, shoot at it again with an imbued shot and move on. As you get near the Door of Resurrection, a tutorial will tell you about Elemental Sight, and how every element has its own color in there, it’ll also tell you about the element Dendro being weak to Pyro. If you look down into the room below, and use your Elemental Sight, you’ll see that the Hilichurl Guards shield is Dendro, aim at it with a Pyro imbued shot, and release it on to its shield. This will set the shield ablaze leaving the Hilichurl in a state of panic. As the Hilicurl gets close to the ledge you’re standing on, another tutorial will tell you about placing certain Elemental Skills, like Amber’s Explosive Puppet. Hold down the Elemental Skill button and drop her Puppet over the edge, this’ll taunt the enemy and get its attention whilst you shoot away at it, after a while, the Puppet will explode, dealing Pyro damage.

Once you’ve defeated it, drop, and another two Hilichurls will attack you, use the Puppet again to draw their attention, then attack them one at a time. Now open the Common Chest, and head west, up the stairs, into the next room. Here, you’ll notice four Hilichurls, if you look closely to the right, you’ll notice a couple of red barrels, shoot at them, and they’ll explode, dealing major damage to anything near them, use your Explosive Puppert skill to get the enemies’ attention whilst you mop them up. Open up the Common Chest where they were standing, then head into the next room.

In this room, you’ll notice a torch with the Pyro symbol on it, charge up a Pyro attack and fire at it, this’ll unlock a huge wind current and give you a tutorial, double jump into the current and ride it up, across the chasm, on to the next area, as you go into the room, you’ll notice an orb generating power for Stormterror, attack it, and you’ll get a cut scene. After the scene ends, open the Precious Chest and exit the Domain. This’ll end the quest after you leave.

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