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Genshin Impact

Of Ballads and Brews

Jessica Dillon

A new festival awaits players in Mondstadt. The event celebrates making wine for Venti and is packed full of ways to earn Primogems. Below is a guide to the events and running the event store.

Cryo User Mika is revealed during Of Ballads and Brews.

Run Time and Eligibility

September 29, 2022 10:00:00 AM – October 17, 2022 03:59:59 AM

  • Must be Adventure Rank 21 or above.

  • Complete the Archon Quest “Prologue: Act III - Song of the Dragon and Freedom.

  • Complete the Story Quest “Lupus Minor Chapter: Act I - The Meaning of Lupical.


The harvest season is coming soon, and all of Mondstadt is abuzz with preparations for Weinlesefest. You and Paimon have also returned here on account of a commission from the Adventurers’ Guild…

How to Start

Mondstadt Adventure’s Guild

After meeting the above requirements, speak with Katheryne at the Mondstadt Adventurer’s guild. You will be informed that the Knights have an important announcement. After a brief cutscene, head to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters. Once inside, a new Cryo character named Mika will read a letter from Grand Master Varka.

You will then be instructed to find Jean in her office, where more about Razor’s parents will be revealed. Upon agreeing to find Razor, you will head to the base of Wolvendom, where you must use your elemental sight to follow an Electro trail to the character. It’s here that you will inform Razor about his parents, and after a bit of dialogue, head back to Mondstadt, where he opens a box left by his mother and father.

After inhaling the scent of the wine, he decides to try out winemaking to learn about his parents. After this, simply wait two days until 8 am, and head to the designated area outside of Springvale to start Of Ballads and Brews. After a bit of dialogue, you will be able to speak with several different NPCs to unlock the smaller events and a shop management mini-game.


Fecund Blessings event dashboard.

There are four events, including the shop management portion of the festival. By participating in events, you earn Festival Fever, which you can redeem for exclusive rewards, and you will be granted Primogems for hitting certain event goals.

Here are the three events that take place across Mondstadt:

Event Name Event Overview
Highwind Trial Collect Sublime Anemograna to trigger powerful puffs and subdue hordes of enemies in combat.
Autumn Crisis Capture and defeat wild animals to help control the population in Mondstadt and help a Sumeru researcher find the Snowboar.
Fecund Blessings Read clues to locate decorative barrels hidden across Mondstadt.

Out of these events Autumn Crisis’s capture portion has the most interesting mechanics as it uses stealth mechanics. Plays must use a combination of cover, lures, and smoke screens to capture wild animals using nets. This is similar to the 2.3 events Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog, where you had to capture stolen animals.

You will need to use Omni-Ubiquiti Net mechanics along with situational awareness not to chase targets away. Luckily, even if you do, another area will appear, and the timer for the event is quite long

Charity and Creativity

Making Fairbrew Jellies for your shop.

The most unique event is located right in the heart of the Weinlesefest. Here you will help a Favonius Knight named Bernhard run a charity shop. Charity and Creativity is divided into three different sections and contains small story events that include playable characters such as Mona, Fischl, and Albedo.

You can start the event by speaking with Bernhard at the stall as soon as Of Ballads and Brews official unlocks. He will ask players to collect funds so that the shop can be opened. He will send you to the Angel’s Share Stall to negotiate a fruit order. You will keep the extra Fairbrew Jellies from the deal. These will go towards opening your shop.

After dealing with Georg, you will need to do a bit of extra running to ensure that the shop is opened.

Opening Your Shop

To open your shop, you must complete a short list of tasks that will briefly cause you to visit Liyue. There are two major ways that you will be gaining these funds. The first can be done by staying in the festival center, provided you already have the ingredients needed to sell. This part is called Purchase requests. You can only sell five sets of each requested item, all of which can be found within the Mondstadt region.

First, you will need to visit the Angel Share stall and sell the following items:

Item Fairbrew Jellies Per Item
Apple 240
Berry 165
Sweet Flower 190
Valberry 600
Wolfhook 600
Sunsettia 165

Secondly, you will need to visit the Cat’s Tail Stall to sell the following ingredients:

Item Fairbrew Jellies Per Item
Snapdragon 275
Horsetail 240
Mint 140
Dandelion Seed 600
Pinecoin 190

Finally, you will need to complete the following Proxy Purchases in order to finish gathering Fairbrew Jellies for your shop.

  • Beverage Shop on the Pier
  • Mountain Mixologist

During these, you will need to head to both Qingce Village and Liyue Harbor. You simply speak with the indicated NPC, then head back to the appropriate festival stall to negotiate a deal. You keep any extra Fairbrew Jellies you earn by lowering the purchase price.

After gathering 32,000 Fairbrew Jellies, you will be able to open your shop.

Shop Management

The start of a shop cycle.

Shop management is divided into two different phases. The first is Charity Stall where you will be managing a single shop. For the most part, this event is pretty easy, and can be done even by younger players who may not fully grasp the mechanics. In essence, it’s pretty simple, you make Fairbrew Jellies and then invest them into your shop to turn a bigger profit. There are ten customer cycles during this phase, and the more you balance your shop, the more profit you will make

Here are the five mechanics you need to use to make a profitable stall:

Shop Asset Effect
Usable Funds This is the extra Fairbress Jellies you have earned. You can put these towards increasing product quality, business efficiency, and holistic service.
Shop Assistants Choose a friend to help you manage your stall and give a bonus to one of your shop categories.
Emergencies and Unexpected Situations You can activate these between customer cycles to earn Shop Stratagems.
Strategic Inspiration A shop currency earned by hitting milestones, they are used to unlock slots for Shop Stratagems.
Shop Stratagems Special abilities that can be used to buff your shop.

After hitting your tenth cycle, the final part of the event Charity Alliance will unlock. This will add on a flower shop and general goods store that you will manage at the same time as your original snack shop. At this point, you will be making larger profits, so managing all three shops is much easier than it first seems.

Customizing Your Shop

You will also be able to customize the look of your stall. This is directly connected to the Fecund Hamper part of the event. By opening the barrel chests, you will learn Shop Components that are used for decoration. To unlock this feature, simply find all eight chests in the first portion of Feund Hamper, titled** When The Music Sounds**.

After this, you can simply speak with Bernard to decorate and manage your shop.

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