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Genshin Impact

Andrius Lupus Boreas, Dominator of Wolves

Claire Farnworth
Matt Chard
Location Respawn Time Element
Wolvendom, Mondstadt Weekly, Every Monday at 04:00 (Real Time) Cryo (Phase 1) Anemo (Phase 2)

A noble soul that watches over Wolvendom. When the safety of the wolves is threatened, it will take the form of a wolf and show its fangs and claws. It is said that its powers were given to it by an ancient archon.


Level AR Common Ascension Material Artifacts
I 25 55 6,375
II 30 60 6,675
III 35 60 7,100
IV 40 65 7,600
V 45 70 8,000
VI 50 70 8,100

There is also a chance it will drop certain Northlander Prototypes (Sword, Bow, Claymore, Catalyst, Polearm).


Your first encounter with Andrius is as Boreas during the Razor story quest Act I: The Meaning of Lupical and once you’ve defeated him there, this Trounce Domain will become available. This is a difficult battle that can be repeated weekly for high quality rewards, increasing in rarity based on what Level you take on. This is indicated by your current Adventure Rank, unlocking a new version every 5 levels.

Phase 1 Attacks

Cryo Swipe

Backup when you see its paw raise up to avoid the attack.

Andrius will raise its front right or left paw in the air and will Swipe from its right to left for its right paw and left to right for its left paw, backup or dodge backwards to avoid the attack.


When you see a blue ice circle on the floor, dodge out as quick as possible.

Andrius will emit a gust of wind around itself indicating a pounce on top of you is incoming, this is shown as an icy blue circle, dodge any direction to get out of it.

Phase Dash

After one quarter of its health is gone, the screen will turn dark and Andrius will go into a transition phase where it will run around the arena and then dash in a straight line towards you. Keep tracking it as it runs around the arena and when it stops, dodge to either side just as it gets near to you.

(1 of 2) Dodge to either side just as it gets close to you

Dodge to either side just as it gets close to you (left), after two Phase Dashes, Andrius will pounce on top of you. (right)

Phase Jump

After two dashes, you’ll see an icy blue circle in the center of the arena, Andrius will jump in the air and land down on that circle, just make sure you’re not in it.

Phase 2 Attacks

After the first transition phase, Andrius will transform.

At certain Health thresholds throughout the battle, Andrius will run around the arena and then dash at you, it does this two times with the third being a jump in to the center which is indicated by a icy blue circle. After the first threshold Andrius will transform into an Anemo version with more aggressive attacks whilst still retaining its Cryo damage on top.

Tail Swipe

If you attack Andrius from the rear it will lift its back paw up and slam it down and follow with a Tail Swipe from your left to right, to avoid this either don’t attack it from the rear or if you do get a couple of attacks and then dodge to its side away from the swipe.

(1 of 2) If you attack from the rear, Andrius will lift its paw up and slam down and swipe its tail at you

If you attack from the rear, Andrius will lift its paw up and slam down and swipe its tail at you (left), Icicle Rain is shown by the small AoE markers (right)

Icicle Rain

Quite often throughout the second phase, Andrius will use the Icicle Rain spell, this will rain down icicles indicated by the small circular markers around the floor dealing moderate damage with every hit. If you’re being passive, you can just run around (not using sprint) in a small circular area to avoid them, if they get too close then use dodge. If you’re being aggressive, then run up to Andrius’ side and do a 2-3 hit combo and dodge your side when the marker is above you then dodge back when it appears underneath you again back to your original place.

Ice Claw

Andrius will freeze the floor in front of it and follow it up with ice spikes that travel along the path, simply dodge/run away from the frozen path.

(1 of 2) Ice Claw attack will show a Frozen path on the floor, dodge off to the side to avoid the attack

Ice Claw attack will show a Frozen path on the floor, dodge off to the side to avoid the attack (left), Anemo Swipe has more range and comes quicker than the Cryo version. (right)

Anemo Swipe

Similar to the Cryo Swipe just faster, longer reach and with an Anemo element, dodge backwards or to its side to avoid.

Wolf Familiar

Andrius can summon a few wolves that deal minor Cryo damage, ignore this attack due to its low damage output and keep attacking the boss.

Anemo Slam

Andrius will stand on its hind legs and then slam down with a ranged three- pronged Anemo attack which deals moderate to major damage depending on your stats. Staying close to Andrius and dodging to either side is the easiest way to deal with this, if you are further out, stand behind the Ice Stalagmite around the arena, although it travels through these, it will give you enough time you need to dodge it.

(1 of 4) Andrius will raise on its hind legs and then slam down with this three-pronged attack

Anemo Pulse

Sometimes you will see Andrius charge up and then release a gust of Anemo around itself, this will periodically pulsate Anemo around the arena for several seconds dealing major damage over time, this is its strongest attack which can wipe your party if you don’t deal with it properly. You will see large ice stalagmites around the arena, sprint behind one of these to negate any damage other than some minor Cryo damage from the floor, after a short while, the stalagmites will explode and damage you if you stay within its AoE marker.


Andrius is a lot simpler than its massive frame may lead you to expect because a lot of its attacks are telegraphed. By bringing in two Pyro users for the Fervent Flames Pyro Resonance, you will gain ATK + 25% and be affected by Cryo for 40% less time. Bringing along a shield user like Noelle or Zhongli if you have him, can negate a lot of damage that Andrius throws at you too. Finally bring a healer, preferably Jean or Qiqi over Barbara, because her Elemental skill will make you Frozen due to the arena and Andrius attacks being Cryo. You could also switch one Pyro user out for an Electro user to make the boss more vulnerable to physical attacks by 50% through the Superconduct Reaction, but this will only be useful throughout the Cryo phase at the beginning.

Be careful with Barbara’s Elemental Skill here as it can freeze you.

During the first phase, Andrius will use just the two attacks which will be Cryo Swipe and Cryo Pounce. With the Swipe either dodge backwards or to the opposite side its swiping from, the Pounce can easily be avoided by dodging out of the icy AoE marker. Attack with Pyro or Electro if you brought one and if you are using physical attacks then attack at its side with small combos with dodges when it swipes. Use this phase to get used to its attack patterns because Andrius steps it up after the phase change around half of its health.

Throughout both phases, Andrius will make the arena darken and proceed to run around the arena and then Phase Dash at you for moderate damage if it connects, this is easily avoidable by following it as it runs around and when it stops, dodge either side just as it gets close to you. Andrius will do this twice and then it will jump at you which is incicated by an icy AoE marker in the center. This will end the transition phase.

During phase 2, Andrius will turn to the Anemo element which has no weakness and it make it quicker, stronger and have a lot more tricks to play with. Staying close to the boss makes this easier because a lot of its attack can be tough to dodge at range. Perform small combos (2 to 3 hits) on its side with dodges thrown in to avoid the swipe is the easiest way to take it out.

Andrius’ strongest attacks in this phase is the Anemo Slam which can be avoided easier by staying close and dodging to either side. You will know this attack is coming because the boss stands on its hind legs for a second and then slams down with a three-pronged attack.

Anemo Pulse can wipe your party if you’re not prepared for it. Andrius will charge up and then have a gusts of Anemo envelop it and then it will do continuous moderate damage on every pulse, to avoid this, run to the stalagmites around the arena and hide behind it until the attack has finished, as it finishes the stalagmite will have an AoE marker around it which will explode and damage you, so make sure to dodge out of it.

Icicle Rain is the last attack to worry about because, similar to Anemo Pulse, Andrius will be enveloped by Anemo and then start raining down icicles which are indicated by the small AoE markers, keep on the move and dodge if the marker happens to be underneath you, you can still attack whilst this is ongoing, just make sure to keep moving.


Touch the Trounce Blossom to claim your rewards at the expense of 60 Resin

Upon completion you must touch the Trounce Blossom and spend 60 Original Resin to claim the boss rewards. The drops consist of Artifacts and Character Ascension Materials. You’ll have to wait until Monday 05:00 to attempt the boss again for the current week, additionally, this will complete a condition on the Battle Pass.


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