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Genshin Impact

Sudden Shouting

Matt Chard

How to complete Sudden Shouting

Sudden Shouting is the second quest of Barbara’s Hangout Event “Act I: Wellspring of Healing”. You get this quest if you chose the option “Just wait here, we’ll go send that person away.” when someone is shouting her name at the beginning of the quest “Sister Victoria’s Vexation”.

Albert, looking for Barbara in Wolvendom.


Use the Timeline to plan the path you want to take.

This Timeline can help you navigate which branch to take.

Use the Timeline to navigate what branch you are on.

Convince Albert to leave

Go north a little, and you’ll see Albert standing beside a tree stump, approach him and then speak to him and ask “What are you shouting about?” He mentions that he heard Barbara was looking for Red Wolfhook Berries and that they grow around here, he’ll also mention that he’s part of the “Barbara Fan Club” and that he can’t let her go around wandering a dangerous place alone whilst also picking the berries along the way. You’ll now get a choice with two options:

“Oh, so you picked all the berries…”

“Hold on, what’s the Barbara Fan Club?”

Both choices lead to the same outcome but slightly different dialogue. He’ll then say: sigh I don’t really even know if Barbara-sama is anywhere around here.“ This will give you three more options to choose from:

“Wolvendom is a large area, it would be difficult for you to cover it alone. You should find some others to help you search first.”

(- 1 Points)

“It is dangerous here, there are lots of monsters roaming about.”

(+ 0 Points)

“Barbara isn’t here anymore, you’d better head back to the city.”

(+ 1 Points)

He’ll then say: “Since Barbara-sama came here to pick those red Wolfhook, we could just follow the trail of those specific berries to lead us right to her.” Which will give you three more options to choose from.

“I think you’ve already searched most of the areas where red Wolfhooks grow.”

(- 1 Points)

“How can you be certain that she’s out picking Wolfhooks? She might not even be anywhere nearby here.”

(- 0 Points)

“There might be some other areas where Wolfhooks grow that you haven’t heard about, perhaps Barbara went somewhere else?”

(+ 1 Points)

Finally he’ll say: “By the way… You didn’t happen to see any sign of Barbara-sama when you arrived, did you? Perhaps I was hearing things…” Which will give you another three options:

“But do you still hear her now? Barbara-sama may have already left the area a while ago.”

(- 1 Points)

“I’ve been here clearing the area of monsters all day, but I didn’t hear anything.”

(- 0 Points)

“There are all sorts of monsters in Wolvendom, and not to mention wolves… That must be what you heard.”

(+ 1 Points)

You can earn between -3 to +3 Points.

**If your score is equal or greater than 0, go to Branch 2-A **

If the score is negative, head to Branch 2-B.

Branch 2-A - Albert Never Gives Up

Follow Albert and Paimon will begin shouting over the top of Albert to drown out his voice, keep following him and he’ll eventually come to a stop, talk to him and he’ll end up saying “Al-cough…Alright. My throat won’t hold up much longer…” Which will give you two choices:



These both lead to the same conclusion and after some more dialogue, you’ll reassure him that Barbara is nowhere to be found. This will result in you getting Ending 1.

Branch 2-B - Albert is Amenable To Reason

After some convincing, Albert will give up his search and hand over to you the Red Wolfhook Berries that he had picked for Barbara. This will end the “Sister Victoria’s Vexation” quest and your objective will now update to “Report back to Barbara”.

Go back and speak to Barbara, after some lengthy dialogue of her feeling bad, the quest “Sudden Shouting” will end as well and you’ll receive a new quest The Church’s Affairs

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