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Genshin Impact

Hard to Track

Matt Chard

How to complete Hard to Track

To begin this quest, go to the Quest menu, then go to the Story sub-menu and then go to the second page. This is where you will find all the Hangout Events in the future. Click on Chongyun and confirm, a popup will now appear and ask if you want to spend two story keys to unlock “Signs of Evil”, confirm that, and you’ll get the first quest. To earn Story Keys, you need to complete eight daily commissions.

What are daily commissions?

Daily commissions are the purple quest icon in-game. You get four every day, and they reward you with 250 Adventure EXP for each quest as well as a small amount of Primogems, after eight of these commissions are completed, you’ll receive a story key. The quests themselves are normally short, defeat enemy type quests.

Chongyun waiting by the Wharf in Liyue.


Use the Timeline to plan the path you want to take.

(1 of 2) Use these Timelines to help you navigated what branch to take

Use these Timelines to help you navigated what branch to take (left), Ending 5 can’t be seen on this image, but it follows on from Branch 5. (right)

Go to Liyue Harbor’s wharf (Meeting by the Wharf)

Teleport to the lower Liyue Harbor Waypoint and follow the path southeast and you’ll see Chongyun waiting on your left, head over to him and then interact with him and you’ll get a scene. He’ll ask you if you have seen any evil spirits and you’ll ask why, eventually he’ll say… It is my duty to exorcise or destroy them and protect the citizens here from their evil doings. This’ll give you three choices to answer with.

“That is an admirable job.”

“That sounds similar to the work of adventurers.”

“I have also been travelling across Liyue, rescuing people from monsters, and collecting treasures along the way.”

All choices lead to the same outcome, so pick what appeals to you. He’ll then go on about whether you have notice anything strange going on and then he’ll say to you…Cases such as these might actually be worth our attention. You’ll get another three choices:

“Test of Courage… Doesn’t that sound like an advertisement?”

“Sometimes drunkards pass by people’s windows at night, that’s nothing unusual.”

“The shadow in Guili Plains sounds like it may be a Ruin Hunter.”

Once again, the choices won’t change any outcome, so pick what you like and he’ll then say…Do you think I’m not deciphering these clues correctly? You’ll now get two choices that actually matter:

“(They all sound pretty farfetched, perhaps I should just tell him that.)“

If you pick this option, head to Path 1-A

“(Although they all seem farfetched, I’d better not tell him that. He seems like quite the persistent character.)“

If you pick this option, head to Path 1-B

Path 1-A

Chongyun seems taken aback about this choice, but after you apologize, he’ll say it’s fine and then explain a bit, why he’s like that, he’ll then go on to say…Oh no… I’m still feeling quite uncomfortable. There’s heat growing in my chest… I—I can’t breathe. This’ll give you the following three choices:

“Shall I take you to Bubu Pharmacy?”

“How about some water?”

“Shall I try rubbing your Vision on your forehead?”

These are all impactless choices and then he’ll proceed to chomp down on a popsicle and tell you he feels much better now. You’ll get another two impactless choices:

“That’s an unexpected solution.”

“It looked tasty.”

He’ll explain to you that the popsicles are tasteless but they always help him and then you’ll notice a boy watching you two. You’ll get two more choices that lead to the same outcome, answer whatever appeals to you and then the quest will end, giving you a new quest: Distant Gaze which is Branch 1-A, A Curious Gaze on the timeline.

Path 1-B

He’ll mention that the Test of Courage is the most relevant clue he has but you need a party of two to participate, this’ll give you two impactless choices and then you’ll get some more dialogue before he says…You seem to have a good eye for discerning these clues. With your adventuring experience, I’m sure we’ll track down those evil spirits in no time. Again the choices are impactless so once you choose any option, the quest will end, giving you the following quest: Test of Courage which is Branch 1-B, To Take a Test of Courage on the timeline..

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