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Genshin Impact

To Treat the Well-Meaning Well

Matt Chard

This is a walkthrough for the Archon Quest “To Treat the Well-Meaning Well” which is the sixth quest in Chapter 2 - Act I: The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia. Here, you’ll find a complete walkthrough for the entire quest.

The Traveler and Paimon talking to Kurosawa in Inazuma City.

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Requirements Next Quests
Genshin Impact Screenshot800 Genshin Impact Screenshot38,100 Primogem_Items_Genshin_Impact.png30 Genshin Impact Screenshot4 Genshin Impact Screenshot7 Complete: The Meaning of Meaningless Wait A Swordmaster’s Path Is Paved With Broken Blades


How did the samurai who lost his Vision become stuck in a quagmire of troubles brought upon him by the people?


  1. Find the next person who lost their Vision
  2. Talk to Kurosawa
  3. Go and stop the Treasure Hoarders from looting Kurosawa’s house
  4. Talk to Aoi in the general goods shop and find out what happened
  5. Talk to Kurosawa

Find the next person who lost their Vision

For this quest, you’ll need to find the next person who lost their Vision. They can be found in Inazuma City, southeast of Konda Village. Teleport there if you have the waypoint, and the person you’re looking for can be found west of the blacksmith. Head over to the group of people causing a commotion for a scene. It looks like the citizens are asking the guard if he plans to withhold this month’s emergency provisions, and that they count on that food to survive. Kurosawa exclaims that he doesn’t know anything about any emergency provisions. The citizens don’t believe him, but before he can reply, you interrupt the argument.

The Traveler and Paimon overhearing a commotion in Inazuma City.

They ask if you can help get to the bottom of this situation, and explain to you that Kurosawa is a Samurai, and a member of the Shogun’s Army. Apparently they issue provisions to each area, and Kurosawa is responsible for Inazuma City. They claim that he’s keeping the provisions for himself, leaving them to starve. Paimon tells you that she thinks he’s the one you’re supposed to help, but why would Ayaka want to help someone like him.

Talk to Kurosawa

When the scene ends, speak to Kurosawa for another. He still claims that he’s never head of the emergency provisions, even with the citizens gone. He tells you that if he was hoarding the provisions, why is he still poor, and that he and his family are struggling like the rest of them. You’ll tell him that you heard he lost his Vision recently, and he’ll tell you that it’s the first piece of truth he’s heard today. Apparently, the Shogun’s Army told him that he was slacking off, and he wasn’t worthy of having a Vision.

After a bit more conversing, you’ll find out that like Tejima, he can’t remember anything, and he feels like someone owes him something. To top his day off, his house was robbed by the Treasure Hoarders, and if you don’t believe him about the stolen emergency provisions, then find them and see if they found any in his house that they robbed.

Go and stop the Treasure Hoarders from looting Kurosawa’s house

Once the scene ends, head northwest, and you’ll find the Treasure Hoarders by a tent on the beach, next to the cliff side. As you approach them, you’ll get a scene. The Treasure Hoarders seem pleased with their efforts today, except Kurosawa’s house, which barely had anything. After a bit more gloating between themselves, Paimon will tell you to teach them a lesson.

(1 of 2) The Treasure Hoarders can be found behind the cliff northwest of Inazuma City.

The Treasure Hoarders can be found behind the cliff northwest of Inazuma City. (left), Because they’re on the beach, there is water nearby, take advantage of this with a Cryo user. (right)

When the scene ends, you’ll have a battle with the three of them. You’ll be facing two Treasure Hoarder Scouts, and one Treasure Hoarder Pyro Potioneers. These shouldn’t cause any problems for you, but if you’re having trouble, a Cryo user will help due to the water nearby causing them to freeze.

After the battle, you’ll ask them about Kurosawa’s house and the missing provisions, and they’ll tell you that it had nothing in it, and that it was a mess. The only thing they found, were IOUs, and a lot of them at that. It looks like they are for the general goods store owner, Miss Aoi. Paimon suggests you talk to her, and the scene will end.

Talk to Aoi in the general goods shop and find out what happened

Miss Aoi’s general good shop can be found at the bottom of the stairs in Inazuma City.

Teleport back to Inazuma City, and head to the general goods shop to the southwest of the waypoint at the bottom of the stairs. Talk to Miss Aoi, and you’ll get a scene. You ask her about the IOUs, and ask her what they’re for. She explains to you that Kurosawa would often come and buy large quantities of foodstuffs, and he’d put the payment on his tab. Recently, though, the prices have skyrocketed, and the salary he’s on can’t pay for it.

So that’s why there are IOUs. Paimon asks why he can’t just order less, but Miss Aoi explains that if the people were expecting a certain amount of food each month, the people would calculate how much they would need for everyone to get through to the next month. Kurosawa didn’t want to disappoint them, so he opened a tab. She’ll then further go on that if he can’t pay the tab soon, he’ll have to sell his sword that his father gave him. Before you leave, she’ll ask if you can pay the tab, it’s 2000 Mora, but you won’t lose any.

Kurosawa dealt with the citizens causing the commotion, although it didn’t feel good to him.

Talk to Kurosawa

Head back to Kurosawa for another scene, and you’ll ask Kurosawa where everyone has gone, and he explains to you that he gave them a choice, leave, or he draws his sword. It appears that they chose the former option. You’ll tell him about your encounter with the Treasure Hoarders, and your conversation with Miss Aoi. It comes to a surprise that he is a kind person, but he mentions that it didn’t feel right with him when he threatened the citizens. Once again, it seems that having your Vision taken away, causes you to lose your memory, hopes and dreams, and in Kurosawa’s case, leaving him with no idea who he is as a person. Paimon tells you that you should speak to Thoma at some point to cover the expenses of Kurosawa’s debt. When the scene ends, so will the quest.

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