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Genshin Impact

Strength Training

Matt Chard

How to complete Strength Training

To begin this quest, go to the Quest menu, then go to the Story sub-menu and then go to the second page. This is where you will find all the Hangout Events in the future. Click on Noelle and confirm, a popup will now appear and ask if you want to spend two story keys to unlock “Chivalric Training”, confirm that, and you’ll get the first quest. To earn Story Keys, you need to complete eight daily commissions.

What are daily commissions?

Daily commissions are the purple quest icon in-game. You get four every day, and they reward you with 250 Adventure EXP for each quest as well as a small amount of Primogems, after eight of these commissions are completed, you’ll receive a story key. The quests themselves are normally short, defeat enemy type quests.

Noelle, Traveler and Belinda triumphant in their defeat of the Stonehide Lawachurl.


Use the Timeline to plan the path you want to take.

This Timeline can help you navigate which branch to take.

Head to the mining site

Teleport to Windwail Highland and head north towards the objective marker, drop down into the canyon and you’ll get a short scene.

Attack the three dark gray deposits with normal attacks.

Shatter the nearby metal ore deposits (0/3)

When the Scene ends, you’ll be in control of Noelle, you’ll have to attack the three ore deposits marked with an arrow.

Defeat the ambushing slimes

As soon as you destroy the last deposit, four Geo Slimes will ambush you. These will go down pretty quickly from your Claymore attacks and shouldn’t cause you any trouble, if you get low on health, use her Elemental Skill which will grant you a shield and then heal you for every attack whilst you are shielded.

Normal attacks are more than sufficient for dealing with these Geo Slimes.

Continue looking for mining sites

Once they’ve been dealt with, continue southeast down the path and you’ll be greeted by an enemy.

Defeat the Blazing Axe Mitachurl

The enemy in question is the Blazing Axe Mitachurl, use your Elemental Skill for the shield and then use your Elemental Burst, this will increase your ATK based off your DEF, increase the range of your attacks as well as make all attacks turn into GEO damage. If it isn’t available, use normal attacks and it’ll still go down quick. After the fight is over, a rockfall will occur.

Talk to the Knight of Favonius next to the rockfall

When you’re back in control, head south a little and speak to Belinda. She’ll mention that it’s the first time a rockfall of this magnitude has happened since she’s been patrolling. She’ll then say… Did you guys see anything suspicious? You’ll be given two choices but they both lead to the same outcome.

Destroy the obstructing rocks

Attack the rockfall with Noelle and after a few hits, it will disintegrate, showing a Stonehide Lawachurl behind it.

Make sure to use your Elemental Skill to protect you from the Lawachurls attacks as the can hit hard.

Defeat the Stonehide Lawachurl

It should go down pretty easy as Noelle is pretty strong just make sure to use your Elemental Skill for the shield. Once the fight is over, your objective will update.

All the Crystal Ore can be seen in this image, destroy them all to complete the quest.

Shatter the nearby Crystal ore (0/6)

Attack the Blue Ore deposits, there are three on your left and three on your right, as you shatter the last one, you’ll get a scene, Noelle will say… “…Job done“. This’ll give you two more choices that lead to the same outcome, once the dialogue finishes, so will the quest. This’ll give you Ending 2 - A Maid Above Ground.

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