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Genshin Impact


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How to complete the Archon Quest Wangshu

This page is designed to help you progress through the main story quest, known as Archon Quests in Genshin Impact. This specific page is the third quest of Chapter 1, Act 1: Of the Land Amidst the Monoliths, and will guide you where you need to go, and who you need to talk to.

Xiao overlooking the balcony at the top of Wanshu Inn.


You came across an adeptus, “Moon Carver.” Seeing the keepsake you bore, he lent you his aid and protected you from the Millelith soldiers pursuing you. Upon learning of Rex Lapis’ passing and the unjust accusations laid against you, Moon Carver expressed disdain for the Qixing’s actions and began to suspect that they were behind what happened. He has sent you to find several other adepti and deliver a message to them.


Adventure EXP Mora Primogems Other Rewards Next Quest
Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Moulder of Mountains


  1. Go to Wangshu Inn
  2. Ask the boss lady about Xiao
  3. Talk to the chef
  4. Go to the kitchen
  5. Tell Smiley Yanxiao about what happened
  6. Seek help from Verr Goldet
  7. Observe the painting
  8. Find a place where you can see the whole Witness Sigil
  9. Chase the ghost
  10. Defeat the Ruin Hunter
  11. Tell Smiley Yanxiao what happened
  12. Talk to Xiao

Go to Wangshu Inn

Make your way to Wangshu Inn, either by walking there, or if you have it unlocked, you can teleport there. From the teleport, head inside, and go up the flight of stairs for a scene. Paimon will mention that he’s not here, and then out of nowhere, Xiao appears. Rather bluntly, he’ll ask why you keep involving yourselves in matters beyond you, and he’ll tell you to leave. Paimon frustratingly tells you to speak to the boss lady of the inn about how she talks to the adepti.

Ask the boss lady about Xiao

Go back down the stairs, and the proprietor of the Inn, Verr Goldet, will be behind the counter there, walk over, and talk to her, and ask her about the adeptus, and she’ll explain to you, that you’ll need to speak to Xiao when he’s in a good mood, and to get him in that good mood, speak to the chef for a bowl of Almond Tofu, and something that you’re good at cooking, Paimon will ask you what you think is the best thing you can cook, answer with a Satisfying Salad, and head to the chef.

Talk to the chef

The chef can be found just around the corner from you, overlooking the balcony, head over, and talk to him. He seems kind of grumpy, but you’ll tell him it’s for the boss, Verr Goldet, and he’ll tell you he doesn’t have a choice. He’ll go on to tell you that he head the Inn is haunted, and that’s what has him on edge, until that’s dealt with, he won’t be able to cook the Almond Tofu.

Go to the kitchen

Head back in, and head down the stairs to find the kitchen, and as you get in there, you’ll get a scene. In the middle of Paimon telling you she doesn’t see anything, a ghost runs past.

Tell Smiley Yanxiao about what happened

Head back to the chef, and explain to him what happened, and it appears that he won’t go back into the kitchen. Paimon will tell you to ask Verr Goldet for help.

Seek help from Verr Goldet

Go back to the counter, and speak with Verr Goldet, and she’ll tell you to make sure the ghost doesn’t go around scaring anyone else. She’ll tell you that she’s not trying to order you around, but if you can’t deal with a ghost, you won’t be able to deal with an adepti. You’ll ask her how you’re meant to deal with a ghost, and she’ll explain about the Witness Sigil, which is a calligraphy painting in the inn, and to go take a look at it.

Observe the painting

Go up one flight of stairs, and the painting will be hanging on the wall underneath the next set of stairs, walk over to it, and interact with it, and the quest will update.

Find a place where you can see the whole Witness Sigil

Head back out to the balcony, and jump over, gliding down to the floor. You’ll see a few rocks with parts of a golden sigil on them, what you need to do is line all the sigils on the three rocks up, so they join up with each other. The easiest way to do this is by moving back a bit, and face the small rock by the lamp post, then slowly rotate your camera until they match up. When you’ve done that, you’ll see a ghost run off.

Chase the ghost

Follow the ghost south, along the path, over the bridge, and then head southeast, and you’ll get a scene. The camera will pan over to the broken down Ruin Hunter, and then the ghost will run over to it, which will trigger a fight with a Ruin Hunter.

Defeat the Ruin Hunter

These are one of the tougher enemies in Genshin Impact, and they have several dangerous moves to avoid:

Swipe Attack: The Hunter will raise its claw above its head and swipe from its left to its right, dodge towards the raised arm and get behind it.

Spinning Swipe Combo: It will start of with what looks like a normal swipe attack but it will then spin in place, dodge backwards to avoid this.

(1 of 6) The Swipe Attack will start from the Hunters left and end up to its right

Charging Lunge: It will raise its right claw and then lunge at you with its claw spinning, dodging towards it and its left arm is the best way to mitigate this.

Aerial Bombardment: Hovers in the air and will have four turrets around it and will fire several volleys of missiles which will be indicated on the ground with an AOE marker, dodging in a circular motion or towards the enemy will help with avoiding these as they can deal substantial damage.

When the Hunter is using the Aerial Bombardment move, you can shoot at its core twice with a charged strike from an Archer to stun it and knock it down, where you can get a nice bit of damage whilst it recovers. Electro and Pyro work well against these because Overload ignores physical resistance, Superconduct from Cryo and Electro will lower the physical resistance of the enemy by 50.

Once you’ve defeated it, you’ll get a scene with the ghost, Dusty Ming. She’ll be singing and ignoring you, then Paimon will shout at her, and she’ll agree not to tease the travelers at the inn anymore. This will reward the achievement “Silly-Billy Churlish Ghoul”.

Tell Smiley Yanxiao what happened

Teleport back to the top of Wangshu Inn, and talk to the chef, and tell him what happened. He’ll be impressed with you that you got the ghost to agree to stop haunting the inn, and he’ll make you the bowl of Almond Tofu.

Talk to Xiao

Go all the way to the top of the inn, and talk to Xiao, he appears to be displeased to see you again, but Paimon will hand over to him the two dishes. You’ll explain the situation whilst he’s eating, and he’ll be shocked to hear about Rex Lapis, and what Liyue would be without the Geo Archon. Furthermore, he’ll tell you that he’ll seek the other adeptis, and get them to make a decision, you’ll also find out about why the ghost resides here. When the scene ends, so will the quest.

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