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Genshin Impact

Act I: The Purging of Evil

Ben Chard
Claire Farnworth
Matt Chard
, &
Shane Williams
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Starsnatcher’s ability to purge evil stems from the Sigil of Permission.
After an unforeseen mishap, you chase a group of hilichurls with an evil aura…


  1. Use Elemental Sight to track down the hilichurls with the evil aura
  2. Enter the Karma-Heavy Cavern

Use Elemental Sight to track down the hilichurls with the evil aura / Enter the Karma-Heavy Cavern

Upon completing Act 1: Glimmers of the Vigilant Yaksha, press [L1+Left D-PAD] to activate Elemental Sight, then follow the purple line which will lead you to Xiao. After the scene has come to a close, follow Xiao into the Karma-Heavy Cavern Domain.

Here you’ll have Bane of All Evil permanently active, so your health will be constantly depleting. To deal with this you’ll want to be sprinting to enemy to enemy whilst taking them out to regenerate your health. During these battles, make use of Xiao’s [R2/RB] Ability to dash out of the way, then hold [Circle/B] to flick the enemies into the air, allowing you to get some hits in without the risk of taking damage.

(1 of 2) Use your Elemental Sight to find Xiao

Use your Elemental Sight to find Xiao (left), then enter the Karma-Heavy Cavern and defeat the enemies. (right)

After defeating the first group of enemies, open the Chest, then proceed deeper into the cavern to find some floating pads. Jump up them and hit the pedestal to spawn another wave of enemies, then defeat them before jumping up some more pads which will lead to the end of the area. Finally, defeat a few more enemies, then collect the Chest before leaving the domain after the scene.


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