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Cleansing Defilement

Shane Williams

This is a walkthrough for the World Quest, Cleansing Defilement, which is the third part in the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual Questline. It will navigate you through the necessary steps to finding and destroying all three Torii Gates.

Torii Gate locations.

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Next Quests
Genshin Impact Screenshot500 Genshin Impact Screenshot50,000 PrimogemItemsGenshinImpact.png60 Genshin Impact Screenshot8 Genshin Impact Screenshot5 Yougou Cleansing


Kazari says that in order to complete the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual, one must break the barrier in 5 places and destroy the “defilement incarnate” that will then come forth. Besides Kona Village and the abandoned shrine, there are three other places where the barrier surrounds the Thunder Sakura roots: Chinju Forest, Araumi, and below the tidal flats outside the Kamisato Estate. She says that she will await you at the Thunder Sakura root below the well in Konda Village.

Chinju Forest

Find Three Tanuki / Report back to Ioroi

Once you’ve completed Sacrificial Offering, head to Chinju Forest then follow the path up to statue, Ioroi. Speak with it, then you’ll need to track down three Tanuki. The first one is the easiest to find, as it’s just down the steps. Follow it until it turns into a torch, then hit it with a Pyro Character. The second can be found inside a barrel on top of a rock across the river. Finally, the third one can be found sitting on a rock at the bottom of the path, follow it down the stream until you find three torches that you’ll need to destroy.

(1 of 5) Attack this Torch with a Pyro Character to find the first Tanuki

Destroy the Barrier

Upon finding all three Tanuki, return to Ioroi and speak with him, then look at your mini-map to find a yellow circle. Head over to it and one of the three Torii Gates will be revealed. In order to activate you’ll have to adjust the totems to display the following numbers.

  1. Bottom Right should display 4
  2. Bottom Left should display 3
  3. Top Left should display 2
  4. Top Right should display 2


Activate Electro Totems / Destroy the Barrier

Upon destroying Torii Gate at Chinju Forest, travel up to Arumi which is located at the north of the island. Here you’ll want to switch over to an Electro Class and activate all totems by performing an attack on it, then drop down into the broken tower and scan all the glowing kitsune statues with the Memento Lens.

Activate the three mechanisms behind the statues to open the path below, then interact with the Electrogranum to pass through the barrier. Shoot the kitsune with an electro attack, then pick up the Ward before activating a second Electrogranum to pass through the gate once more. Place it in the totem in front of the Torii Gate, then interact with the other totems to display the following numbers.

(1 of 4) Shoot the totems with an electro character to be able to access the pedestal

  1. Left Side should display 3
  2. Back Left should display 2
  3. Back right should display 2
  4. Right Side should display 3

Kamisato Estate

Collect the Ward / Destroy Torii Gate

Once you’ve defeated the boss and destroyed the Torii Gate in Araumi and Chinju Forest, head over to the north of Kamisato Estate to find a large Kitsune Statue alongside a small one, use a Memento Lens on the small one, then attack the large with an electro character. Collect the Ward, then use the nearby waverider and sail over to the small island northeast of your current location.

Use the Memento Lens on the glowing Kitsune Statue to reveal an area underground. Drop down, then keep using the Electrogranum to prevent taking damage. Here you’ll want to make the totems to display the following numbers to activate the gate.

(1 of 3) Shoot the Kitsune Statue with an electro character and collect the Ward.

  1. Left Side should display 3
  2. Back should display 2
  3. Right Side should display 3.

After this final gate has been destroyed then the Cleansing Ritual Quest will be completed.


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