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Genshin Impact

Act 2 - Archon's Rival

Matt Chard

Unlock Criteria

Location Prerequisites
Windwail Highland, Mondstadt Reach AR 20, Complete: Archon Quest Prologue: Act II - For a Tomorrow Without Tears, Princeps Cretaceus Chapter: Traveler Observation Report, Act 1 - Festering Desire

Four Event Phases:

Event Schedule Start Time End Time
Act I - Festering Desire 2020/12/23 2020/01/05
Act II - Archon’s Rival 2020/12/25 2020/01/05
Act III - Raiders Amidst Snow Mist 2020/12/28 2020/01/05
Act IV - Uninvited Guests 2020/12/31 2020/01/05


The Chalk Prince and the Dragon is a Limited Timed Event and it first appeared on the 23rd December 2020 with it running through until the 5th January 2021. It consists of four phases which will unlock on different dates. The event is essentially a story quest for Albedo.

Act 2 - Archon’s Rival


  1. Meet with Albedo
  2. Go to the investigation site
  3. Defeat the assailants
  4. Investigate the ley line disorder
  5. Defeat the attacking monsters
  6. Archon’s Rival Event

Meet with Albedo

Head over to Albedo’s Campsite and speak to him, he’ll tell you about some unusual signs and that you should investigate it.

Go to the investigation site

Go to the northern edge of the Snow-Covered Path, where the investigation area is an speak to Albedo’s once again, after a scene, your talk will be interrupted by Treasure Hoarders.

Defeat the assailants

You will now have to defeat two waves of enemies, the first being some Treasure Hoarders, in this group, you’ll face two Scouts and two Pyro Potioneers, a combination of Pyro and Electro and Hydro will make this easier. After the first wave has been dealt with, you’ll have to fight a second group of Treasure Hoarders, this time consisting of, one Crusher (Hammer), one Gravedigger (Shovel) and two Marksmen (Crossbow). The same tactic as above applies here, Pyro and Electro with a bit of Hydro chucked in for fun, be careful of the Crushers attacks because although slow, it can hit for major amounts of damage.

(1 of 3) The first group are full of ranged attackers, close the distance and stay on the move to avoid their attacks

As soon as you think you are done, another group comes in the form of the Fatui Skirmishers, this consists of one Hydrogunner Legionnaire, one Cryogunner Legionnaire and one Anemoboxer Vanguard, these can be tough, especially at higher World Levels.

Take out the Hydrogunner first as it will heal its allies, start by attacking it with Electro because that will strip away its shield and then follow it up with Pyro for the Overload status which will increase your damage against it, keep alternating between the two elements and it will soon be defeated.

Take down the Anemoboxer Vanguard next due to their unique ability to bring back a teammate, as they are the Anemo element, they don’t have a weakness which makes taking them down a little tougher, on the plus side, they don’t have a strength either.

The Anemoboxer Vanguard has the ability to absorb the first element that comes into contact with their shield, once this happens, be prepared for a powerful punch that can draw you towards them and deal major element damage based on what they absorbed, once this happens, keep dodging away from the enemy to avoid it. Being agile and attacking from range is the best way to deal with these by using combinations of different elements. Hydro and Electro will set the Electro-Charged status on it dealing AoE Electro damage over time.

Lastly take out the Cryogunner next as you’ll be able to take it down quicker due to it being extremely weak to Pyro. The Cryogunner has a few nasty attacks to be aware of. They will start spraying a constant barrage of frost from their cannon whilst they slowly walk towards you, keep your distance and attack with Pyro and be aware of their leap attack which deals AoE damage similar to the Slimes leap. Once these have been dealt with, you’ll get a cut scene.

Investigate the ley line disorder

Once the scene has finished, head west and you’ll find a red marker sticking out of the ground, interact with this to start a challenge. This challenge has you protect three totems whilst defeating six Hilichurcls.

Defeat the attacking monsters

There’s nothing special to note about this particular group of enemies other than they are weak to Pyro and Electro and the last enemy is a Lawachurl, just make sure you stop them from attacking the totems because if they are destroyed, you’ll fail the challenge. Once this has been completed, you’ll have a cut scene and then the quest will end, which in turn, will start the event.

Archon’s Rival Event - Act 2

(1 of 2) The event locations are shown as a red cross symbol on the map, once one is completed, another will pop up somewhere else

The event locations are shown as a red cross symbol on the map, once one is completed, another will pop up somewhere else (left), you’ll need to do at least 16 challenges to reap all of the rewards. (right)

This event called the Testing Grounds and it’s basically what you did at the end of the last quest with the totems. You will go to a red marker icon around Dragonspine and interact with it to start a challenge, this will have three totems to protect whilst you defeat the enemies, which in turn will reward you with a new currency called Glimmering Essence, you can use this in the Event Shop to purchase a variety of items but most importantly, the Festering Dragon Marrow, this is a refinement material specifically for the Festering Sword and will increase its power. The challenge appears at different locations in Dragonspine which you can see when you go to your map.


Adventure EXP Mora Primogems Other Rewards
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